Colours of the Zodiac

Spyralle Astera - 12 Signs

Spyralle Astera for Fallen Gods 12th Anniversary

Celebrating a dozen years of imagination, Fallen Gods Inc. joins with friends and fans to mark a special anniversary with a Zodiac theme. Please go to the Fallen Gods Inc. blog for all the information you need. The party continues through the whole month of October.

Spyralle is happy to share the celebration by offering a new exclusive in the anniversary market on the roof of the Temple.  Our fantasy gown Astera features exquisitely painted velvet over a linen undergown. Astera flaunts new renders of one of my favorite fractals in twelve colour palettes, one for each sign of the Zodiac.

Spyralle Astera - 12 Colors

Spyralle Astera – 12 Colors

Astera is available only at Fallen Gods Anniversary Market during October.

Spyralle is also a stop on the Fallen Gods Zodiac Hunt, cruising over 50 stores. You must pick up the free HUD at Fallen Gods to do the hunt.  When you arrive at Spyralle, pay close attention to both the hint given in the HUD and the Armillary Sphere you will see inside the entrance of the store. Take the time to let things rez and look around carefully before you set off hunting. An easier path is before you – with an affectionate shout-out to my favorite game universe.

After you complete the hunt, you will be awarded ALL of the prizes in one glorious heap. Here is a preview of Spyralle’s prize!

Spyralle Vaahtera Zodiac Edition - Nightfall

Spyralle Vaahtera Zodiac Edition – Nightfall

Like our earlier Vaahtera headpieces, Nightfall coordinates with one of our Sylvia dresses. You’ll find Sylvia Night at Spyralle’s main store after 15 October.

Spyralle Sylvia Night Special Edition

Spyralle Sylvia Night Special Edition

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