Shaman, Speaker – Star and Stone

Spyralle Shaman's Robe - The Dreaming

Spyralle Shaman – The Dreaming – Orion and Companions

Our world is a wondrous place. We only have to gaze upon the night sky from a dark wilderness place to know that the cosmos is so much larger than we are, so much more wonderful than we can imagine – to be awed and humbled at the beauty of it all.

Spyralle Shaman's Robe - The Sky

Spyralle Shaman – The Sky

Spyralle’s new Shaman robe is inspired, like its sister Sybil, by that awe and wonder early people must have felt, shown in their indigenous petroglyph art. Shapes inspired by their art, graven upon stone-like surfaces, transformed by color. The Shaman robe is exclusive this October to We Love Role Play.

Spyralle Shaman's Robe - The Danc

Spyralle Shaman – The Dance

The Shaman is my answer to a friend’s request for something “like Sybil but for guys” so this robe is created for male avatars. The design is a full coverage fitmesh with an alpha layer included, so it should be suitable for most male bodies. You will still need head and hands. Bakes on Mesh makes the alpha super convenient for all!

But something astonishing happened after the event opened! I noticed that a number of females were buying this robe! So all I can say is, try the demo!

Spyralle Shaman's Robe - The River

Spyralle Shaman – The River

The fractal base for ‘The River’ uses the same color palette as our Echo Lake pottery series. More colors will be added to the Shaman line later on, but these four are each 25% off at We ❤ Role Play until the event closes.

Skin, shape and eyes are from Fallen Gods.


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