Spyralle Ageless Timepiece - Darkness

Spyralle Ageless Timepiece – Darkness

When Spyralle’s Ageless Timepiece was released, I made four color versions and planned several more, but other projects went to the head of the line. At last, here is the more-or-less Goth version, long-promised! This release is exclusive to the Scare Me Silly event this month, fundraising for the American Diabetes Association, presented by Team Diabetes of Second Life.

I call it Goth-ish because it’s probably not noir enough. But I can’t. I mean, color is what we’re about, right?

Spyralle Orrery Radio 1926 - Carmine

Spyralle Orrery Radio 1926 – Carmine

The other long- promised goth(ish) piece on the waiting list was the Art Deco inspired Orrery Radio. Here it is, Spyralle’s other exclusive donation item at Scare Me Silly.  This object is a parcel stream changer. It only works if you have the right to change the audio stream on the parcel where you place it. It may not work on group-owned land.

Both exclusives are 25% off at the event.

Spyralle is also participating in the 10L Evil Pumpkin Hunt at Scare Me Silly.  All proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association.

Spyralle Halloween Veranda Curtain

Spyralle Halloween Veranda Curtain

This silky curtain is printed with one of my lightning fractals and comes with a wrought iron hanger. The weather may be a little cold and windy for veranda use just now, but you can place the curtain anywhere you wish, resize it – even detach the hanger.

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