Little Shadowbox Theatre

Spyralle Little Shadowbox Theatre - Halloween (photo backdrop)

Spyralle Little Shadowbox Theatre – Halloween

Sort of an experiment, this is. Well, in truth, nearly everything I make is an experiment in some sense. I was trying to do a photo featuring a black silhouette against the sky, which led to some playing around with WindLight – this is pre-EEP, which we sorta-kinda still are, in spite of the sun and moon doing disquieting things in day cycle default.

I found a Windlight preset that worked pretty well, but it ruled out using the SL world sky, so I made a sky backdrop and set it to full bright. That worked nicely. Which led to making some flat “props” to stick into the scene. Which led to the Little Shadowbox Theatre! (I was a Dinkie at the time.)

This Halloween edition is the first Spyralle Little Shadowbox Theatre to be released to the public. You can find it at the La Vie En Pose event this month.  I hope everyone will enjoy it, especially small avatars.

Little Shadowbox Theatre Halloween HUD

Little Shadowbox Theatre Halloween HUD

The Halloween HUD includes 4 backgrounds and 4 silhouette backdrops. One of the backgrounds supplied is a nice chroma key green you can use to add in your own backgrounds. There is also a control to turn the silhouette ‘curtain’ off and on.

One reason I like La Vie En Pose is that it does not assume everyone is a beginner needing every possible feature laid on, at the expense of flexibility. Little Shadowbox Theatre is released with the expectation that SL photographers are well supplied with their own poses, lighting and other resources. This is simply a prop/background to use with your own experience and creativity.

Instructions are included, with this caveat. Different viewer settings and other factors make it impossible to predict exactly the operation of any particular WindLight preset for any individual photographer, so users will need to try different settings to figure out what works for them. Also, I am only minimally conversant with EEP and have not tested this with EEP. When that feature is in wide release, we shall all have to experiment again.

Expansion HUDs are planned, yes!


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