Splinter Trees

Spyralle Splinter Ice Trees Set of 4

Spyralle Splinter Ice Trees Set of 4

In Hans Christian Anderson’s story “The Snow Queen,” a splinters from a troll’s evil magic mirror get into the heart and eye of the boy Kai, freezing his heart and making him unable to see anything good or beautiful in the world. He is lured away by the Snow Queen and forgets his home and his dear friend Gerda, who sets out to look for him.

In some retellings of the story, the splinters are made of ice, and this was my inspiration for the Splinter Ice Trees, Spyralle’s new release at Enchanted’s “Snow Queen” themed event this November.

The trees are 20% off at the event! They come individually or as a set with an additional discount. Gently falling snowflakes can be turned on and off with a touch.  They make great holiday decorations, too!

Splinter Ice Trees are the latest entry in our Glass Garden series. Their sharp, thorny shapes offer a deliberate contrast to the sinuous Spiral Opal Trees we released earlier this year.

Join the Enchantment Hunt and find our prize at Spyralle! The troll returns in our hint, which you can get by clicking the poster near the entrance.

Spyralle Snow Coronet - Blue Frost - Hunt Gift

Spyralle Snow Coronet – Blue Frost – Hunt Gift

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