Spyralle Celebrates 10 Years!

Spyralle 10th Anniversary Sale - November 2019

Spyralle 10th Anniversary Sale – November 2019

Spyralle is ten years old! We’re celebrating with a Sale, a Hunt, a Party, and more! Keep up with all the activities on the anniversary event page.

Everything kicks off at Noon on Friday, 22 November. Almost everything is 50% off through Monday, 2 December.  We have additional bargains coming for Black Friday Weekend, to be announced, plus Wanderlust Weekend and 30L Saturday specials on November 23-24.

It’s the Grand Opening of the Spyralle Annex – a brand new shopping area featuring clothes, hats and jewelry.  The Annex also opens at noon on the 22nd.  There will be a teleport from the main entrance of Spyralle

PARTY!  Please join us in the new Annex for dancing and socializing at 5 p.m. on opening day. DJ Ktahdn will play music until 7 p.m.

SOUVENIR GIFT! Pick up your copy of the Dream Walker 10th Anniversary gift on the Annex level. Group membership is not required.

Dream Walker 10th Anniversary Gift

Dream Walker 10th Anniversary Gift

HUNT! The store hunt will begin at noon on Monday, 25 November. You’ll need to join the Spyralle Studio group to participate in our hunt. Joining is free until the Anniversary is over.

TRIBUTE TO TAI’LAHR.  We’re building an exhibit of things Tailahr Winnikow created over the years. Please stop by her shop on the ground level.  Tailahr was Spyralle’s scripter and invaluable assistant, supporter and dear friend. She passed away in October and is much missed.

Big thanks to all the people who have supported my quirky crafting over the years! You kept me going. You made it fun.


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