Spyralle Studio Hunt 2019

Spyralle Spirit Messenger 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Spyralle Spirit Messenger 10th Anniversary Special Edition

The hunt is on for Spyralle Studio group members at Spyralle! Ten gifts for our Tenth Anniversary are hidden on the ground level and Annex level. Be sure to wear your tag. And some of them are not easy to find. Nothing is floating in the air (I hope!) but several items are not on the floor.

The Spirit Messenger series will be released as a gacha very soon. This color is exclusive to the group hunt.

Spyralle Haze Pottery Platter with Stand - 'Echo Lake'

Spyralle Haze Pottery Platter with Stand – ‘Echo Lake’

Of course, there had to be an Echo Lake gift in the hunt! The set comes linked, but you can unlink the platter from the stand and make a copy to use separately. The whole Echo Lake series will be for sale before the end of the year for anyone who missed them in hunts and events this year, but this one is for members only!

Spyralle Bernadette #7

Spyralle Bernadette #7

Hunters will need to look in two places to find this outfit, exclusive to the group.

Spyralle Shaman Robe - The Forest

Spyralle Shaman Robe – The Forest

Reserved for Spyralle Studio group, this version of the Shaman is unlikely to be available again, unless we do a group gift retrospective in the future that includes this robe. (Our gift retrospectives are traditional around holiday time, but please be aware that the group is not free to join at that time.)

The earlier colors of the Shaman are now in Spyralle Annex, with the remaining unreleased colors to be added as I have time.

There are five additional hunt gifts not shown here. Good luck!

Our 50% Off Anniversary Sale runs through Monday, December2 . There will also be a special Black Friday room with items 75% off, open from Friday, November 29, through Monday, December 2. A teleport will be provided from the store entrance.

Don’t miss the additional Spyralle bargains and a free gift at the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale sponsored by Redeux!

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