A Shopping Carol

Spyralle Hakon Male Outfit - 'Let It Snow'

Spyralle Hakon Male Outfit – ‘Let It Snow’

A Shopping Carol is a new HUD based store hop for the holiday season, featuring a lot of stores I like, and I bet you do too, if you follow Spyralle! You can pick up the HUD at our display in the lobby.

Our exclusive is the preview special edition of our newest male outfit, Hakon. This full coverage design covers everything but your head and hands, so it should work for most male bodies – or no body at all, except head and hands! An alpha layer is included for system avatars (and Bakes on Mesh after all the updates). Hakon will have more colors soon.

The event includes a hunt, with a prize at every participating store. You’re looking for a gold jingle bell on a red ribbon – there’s a picture on the Hakon display. And here is our prize:

Spyralle Blue Frost Winter Table Set

Spyralle Blue Frost Winter Table Set

And … these are the glass ornaments shown in the photo of the Peace On Earth hunt prize! You can unlink them from the plate and display them any way you like.

In this post, the model wears a Fallen Gods shape, slightly modified. Also Fallen Gods Pure Pearl skin and Wasabi’s Cayden hair.


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