Winter Gifts

Spyalle Palace Mantis Group Gift

Spyralle Palace Mantis Group Gift

Happy New Year! And a warm Thank You to the members of Spyralle Studio in-world group who have supported us this past year – and in some cases, for many years! There are gifts for you! They are waiting to be picked up at Spyralle. Please check group notices for the location. You will have to wear your group tag and touch the gift boxes below the posters.

There are three new gifts, including the giant pearly mantis shown above. It’s tall but polite. You can shrink it down quite small if the size is a bit much.

Spyralle Isabeau Amaryllis Group Gift

Spyralle Isabeau Amaryllis Group Gift

This winter blossom is our second gift.  Isabeau comes in sizes for popular mesh bodies plus one fitted size for standard avatars. Amaryllis is shown here on Maitreya Lara, with the Noelle head by LAQ, Poppy skin by LAQ and Mayra hair from Wasabi.

Spyralle Hakon Far North Group Gift

Spyralle Hakon Far North Group Gift

Male group members are not forgotten! Hakon ‘Far North’ is exclusive to the group and always will be.  The single, fitted size covers everything but head and hands, so it should be suitable for most bodies.  You will probably need to use your alpha HUD. An alpha layer is provided for standard avatars and future use with Bakes on Mesh. Hakon is shown here on a standard avatar with a Fallen Gods shape (modified) and Fallen Gods Pearl Pure skin. The hair is U102 from KMH.

All three gifts feature original fractals by Kerryth Tarantal – the touch that makes Spyralle products unique! In addition to the three new gifts, we maintain our tradition of bringing out some older group gifts for newer members who may have missed them, including an update of a well-loved oldie in new sizing! See below for more information on the Second Chance gifts.

Not a member of Spyralle Studio? You are welcome to join, of course, but we do have a gift for you, too! Our holiday gift is still available on the patio by the river at our store. The Midas Beetle comes in a rezzable version for display and a wearable version. Turn on advanced lighting for all the shiny!

Spyralle Midas Beetle - Holiday Gift 2019

Spyralle Midas Beetle – Holiday Gift 2019

Our Midas Beetle echoes one of last year’s memorable group gifts, the Deluxe Beetle, plus its siblings, the Deluxe Firefly and Deluxe Scarab. All three are included in the Second Chance gift line-up for the last time. Usually Spyralle group gifts are exclusive forever, but the insects are an exception. They will be released in some form for sale in the future. So, in this case, the Second Chance is the last chance for the group.

All of these gifts are available for a limited time.  That updated oldie? Well, you will just have to go see…

Again, thank you Studio members! You make it fun.

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