Eagle Sighting

Spyralle Eagle of the Forest Headpiece

Spyralle Eagle of the Forest Headpiece

The original plan, like many of my plans, turned out to be vastly over-ambitious.  There would be a series of ceremonial accessories, accoutrements of wisdom and power, worn by the sibyls and shamans, the guardians and wanderers, in that pan-Arctic, trans-Pacific world outside of time, in my dreams. But I live in Time, so I’ve only been able to produce glimpses, like half-buried memories, curiosities brought back by fortunate Victorian explorers who stumbled across the boundaries for a while and returned with tales no one believed. And lovely, strange souvenirs wrapped carefully in tissue paper and hidden in old trunks.

So I unearth them piecemeal, usually one at a time.

And not always in season. The Eagle of the Forest emerged from someone’s grandmother’s attic like the memory of green summer in places where summer is brief, intense and glorious. Here, by the fire, in winter darkness with a blizzard bearing down, I turn my find this way and that in the lamplight, admiring the sheen of colors, the glow of the gems, the fierceness of the eagle’s eyes.  A familiar longing arises in my explorer’s heart.

Spyralle Eagle of the Forest - Texture Options

Spyralle Eagle of the Forest without frontal mask, showing texture options

You can find your own Eagle of the Forest at this month’s Midwinter Fair event, opening January 18.

There was an Eagle of the Snows. Now there is another. Could there be more in other forgotten trunks in other attics?  On walls of back rooms in distant outposts?  In carved chests kept in places of honor by those who still Remember? Time will tell.

Spyralle’s original unisex Eagle headpiece is embellished with our trademark fractal art and worn with a Fallen Gods shape (modified) and skin, IKON eyes and Spyralle’s Shaman of the Forest robe (exclusive group gift from November, 2019). The Eagle of the Snows awaits your discovery at Spyralle’s headquarters, at the top of the south stairs. The released Shaman robes are on the Annex level.

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