The Wraith of Bristow’s Folly

The Wraith of Bristow's Folly from Spyralle

The Wraith of Bristow’s Folly – a wearable art concept piece from Spyralle

Bristow’s Folly is the second Spyralle creation inspired by the work of 20th Century British illustrator Rowland Emett.  A folly, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, is defined as “in architecture, a costly, generally nonfunctional building that was erected to enhance a natural landscape.” Emett’s sad portrait of Mrs. Bristow’s Folly in his 1953 collection of Punch cartoons, Emett’s Domain, shows a once pretentious ornamental garden tower reduced to serving as a derelict, somewhat haunted water tower for his imaginary Far Tottering and Oyster Creek Railway. Unfortunately, I have not found a reproduction of this particular drawing online.

Spyralle’s take on the Folly – which combines architectural notions from other parts of the same drawing – is not as decrepit as the original, but it is even more non-functional as architecture because it is wearable! Combined with the Wraith, a rigged flowing pair of wisps of mist or smoke, this outfit won in the Architecture category of the first annual Wearable Art competition at the Home & Garden Expo in Second Life, a benefit for Relay for Life. The Expo continues through Tuesday, March 3.

Spyralle Bristow's Folly Wearable Architecure

Spyralle Bristow’s Folly Wearable Architecture

The costume comes in two parts can be purchased separately at Spyralle’s Expo location. All proceeds benefit Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society.

The first part, the Folly, is a wearable miniature building. The gazebo tower part attaches to the chest and is unrigged. The cupola and roof, also unrigged, attach to the nose. The wearer has the option of hiding the body or body and head. Alpha mask layers are provided. A separate lantern may be added to the cupola if the head is hidden.

Spyralle Wraith body attachment

Spyralle Wraith

The Wraith is a set of rigged attachments in one size with an animated wispy smoke texture which can be worn with the Folly or any other outfit. A white version, shown here, and a black version are included in the package. Demos are available.

A word of caution! Although the Folly is modifiable, enlarging it to building scale is NOT recommended. The mesh is not optimized for a full size building, and the land impact will increase drastically as the size increases. Also, the model has no physics and is not walkable.

The Wraith is shown on a Maitreya body and LAQ bento head with a Lacrimosa skin  from Fallen Gods, eyes by IKON and a Thornweaver bodysuit from Spyralle.


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