Happy March Hunting!

Spyralle 'North Carolina Clay' Garden Jars

Spyralle ‘North Carolina Clay’ Garden Jars

Oversize ceramic sculptures from Spyralle’s Haze Pottery salute the ceramic artists of North Carolina on the North America path of this year’s World Tour Hunt, presented by Kastle Events. The 3 linden hunt runs through April 21.

Spyralle Haze Pottery Washstand Set - MorningStar

Spyralle Haze Pottery Washstand Set – MorningStar

Haze Pottery shines again in this set created for the spring’s Twisted Hunt. Morningstar glaze showcases the gentle colors of spring. For the most fun and a little help, join the Twisted Hunt group in Second Life, but be sure to read the rules.

Spyralle Commemorative Magical Whirligig

Spyralle Commemorative Magical Whirligig

Dearest of all grid hunts, the Steam Hunt XV gives Spyralle an opportunity to create this tribute to our good friend Tailahr Winnikow. The gadget serves no purpose but whimsy and features Tai’s favorite color. We hope it would have made her smile! Begin your Steam Hunt at Mieville’s colorful Steam Expo. Visist Spyralle’s Expo shop while you’re there.

For information on all three hunts, visit Spyralle and click on the hunt signs. There is a special landing for the Twisted Hunt, near the giant dancing winged bicycle robot. The Twisted prize is within 30 meters of the Twisted landing.

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