Masks of Kuruk

Spyralle Raven Chieftain Mask - One of a Kind

Spyralle Raven Chieftain Mask – One of a Kind for Fantasy Faire’s Silent Auction

I was already a long time fan of Pacific Northwest Native American art, so when I laid eyes on the Spirit Valley of Kuruk, designed by Loki Eliot, I knew my home for Fantasy Faire 2020 was in exactly the right place.

The raven mask was an unmeshed idea I had decided I did not have time to finish for the Faire, but of course I had to, once I set foot in Kuruk.  Not even an emergency move to a new computer could stop me! The version above is  Spyralle’s donation to the Fantasy Faire silent auction.  It will go to one lucky bidder. Proceeds go to Relay for Life.

But there is also a Raven Mask from Spyralle that anyone can wear…

Spyralle Raven Mask

Spyralle Raven Mask – A Relay for Life donation

The masks are more “imagineered” than authentic. Certainly tradition does not include the fractals worked into the intricate surface decoration.

The Raven Mask can be found in Spyralle’s store in the Valley of Kuruk until Fantasy Faire closes May 10.  If you complete this year’s Quest, your trove of prizes will include another new original Spyralle Mask – the Spirit Owl.

Spyralle Owl Spirit Mask

Spyralle Owl Spirit Mask

Have fun questing!

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