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Spyralle Silk Road Rest Stop Version for Silk Road Hunt

Spyralle Silk Road Rest Stop – Release Version

The annual Silk Road Hunt is running this month, presented by Historical Hunts, Ltd. Above is a picture of Spyralle’s prize, the Silk Road Rest Stop. This build has a bit of history.

In 2014 (long ago, in SL years) I was honored to be one of the artists given a juried art camp in the October Burn2 Celebration. The theme that year was Caravanserai. My build was called The Silk Road Rest Stop. You can see pictures here on my personal art Flickr,

The original build was enormous, and it was mostly prims. That was an era when a significant number of SL residents still did not use mesh capable viewers, and creators had some rather haphazard knowledge of optimizing mesh, so the Burn2 festival organizers encouraged and welcomed prim builds. They still do, consistent with the Ten Principles of Burning Man, which include Radical Inclusion, Radical Self-reliance, Radical Self-expression, and Participation. EVERYBODY can build with prims, and it’s a jolly good skill to have!

The 2014 Silk Road Rest Stop hosted a daily chapter in a musical journey mapped by Ktahdn Vesuvino with music from cultures and locations all along the traditional Silk Road. Those were lovely gatherings, some of my happiest memories in SL.

After the festival, I rebuilt the Rest Stop on my home region, where it saw many more gatherings of friends and music lovers for over three years, before the birth of Spyralle’s present region, Mauna Waipi’o. Now, a scaled down version of the build stands on the southwest corner of Mauna Waipi’o. The site is usually private, but at least once a year it is open to the public for visiting, meditation, music listening, and relaxation.

The Silk Road Rest Stop will be open for the duration of the Silk Road Hunt XI, June 1-30. You are invited to visit. To get there, proceed west (straight ahead) from the main entrance of Spyralle and stay on the lower level. The best time to visit is sunset. 🙂

The Silk Road Hunt version of the Rest Stop has been planned for years. It is mesh, except for the base (explained in the included instructions). It is scaled way down because few people have the kind of space the original demands, or even the trimmed-down version still standing.  This one is a more realistic size for humans, dinkies and tinies, I hope.

Spyralle Silk Road Banners

Spyralle Silk Road Banners

The Silk Road Rest Stop has it’s fans and friends, but the one thing I have made over the years that has been most requested for public release is the set of flexy prim banners I made for the original. So, I finally did it!

The Silk Road Banners are out exclusively at the Asian Market in Mieville, the starting point for the Silk Road Hunt. The banners are scaled down to the same size as the banners on the hunt prize version.  They feature bright fractal images from my Owl Moon series.

Happy hunting!

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