Pinnacles II: Classical

Spyralle Pinnacles II Monument

Spyralle Pinnacles II Monument

People take pictures in Second Life for any number of reasons, in as many style as there are photographers. My own photography is driven by a need for images of my own projects with plenty of negative space for text.  (Also, I simply like negative space in a compositions – could come from a now terribly retro interest in 20th century art, but that’s a whole other topic…)

Plain blank backgrounds and textures backdrops get a bit boring sometimes, so I like to take picture against the sky of Second Life – and what a magnificent sight it is, these days, with the new Environmental Enhancement Project!

Spyralle Pinnacle II Column

Spyralle Pinnacle II Column

Taking photos against the sky is not as simple as it seems.  If you go up high enough to get the things on the ground out of the way, there’s the horizon line and often some atmospheric effects near the horizon you wish you could just cut out. That is why I’ve been making the Pinnacles!  Each one comes with a “Skybowl” cloud deck mesh you can position to mask thing down toward the horizon.

The news set of Spyralle’s Pinnacles has just been released for La Vie En Pose event, their Anniversary round! La Vie En Pose is the event with Everything for photography! Do check it out this month. There are gifts from every booth, if you belong to the group.

Spyralle Pinnacles II Colonnade

Spyralle Pinnacles II Colonnade

The Pinnacles are available individually as well as the full set of three. They are very simple and unadorned for you to decorate and light as you wish. The package includes the AO textures so you can even make your own textures.  The physics are quite solid.  No poses are included — we assume most photographers are well supplied.

Spyralle’s first set of Pinnacles appeared at La Vie on Pose about a year ago — and I just discovered I never posted about them! They have been available at a few events and  are now at Spyralle on the Annex level. If you like this kind of simple photography platform, take a look! These images give a much better idea of the Skybowl in use.

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform - Overlook

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform – Overlook

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform - Single

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform – Single

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform - Triple

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform – Triple

The tigers are not included! They’re from Jian. Other credits are as follows, as well as I can reconstruct them… In the second photo, Spyralle’s Starseeker costume, all ready for Bakes on Mesh and way more PG that it looks. In the third image, Pixicat’s divine Aerial top, my go-to Wilma jeans from JustBECAUSE, and tram’s H0527 hair. In the Pinnacles I photos, a mash up of skin, tattoos and bits and bobs – all from Fallen Gods – and Spyralle’s Ice Blade Crest Implant for the skull. 

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