Stop the presses….

This is essence of the note I send out to group and the people I’ve been working with, July 23 – 24, with update August 1.

Yesterday morning (July 23) I was diagnosed with gioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. I had hoped for better outcome, but this is what I have to deal with. I don’t know how long I have.

Writing and speaking are very difficult, so I may not be able to answer messages, though I will do my best as long as I can. This happened very fast. The main impact right now is that my ability to communicate is badly effected, and any kind of talking or writing is very difficult, including answering messages. I appreciate your good wishes, but may not be able to answer.

This information is not private, and I probably left a lot of people off my list, so you may pass it on if you wish.

As of today, I am dropping (July 24) out of all events and hunts I am signed up for.  I’m sorry, I because I have looked forward to all of them.

Spyralle and Mauno Waipio will remain open. I have made legal arrangement to pass my accounts, my business, my virtual estate and my intellectual property to my daughter when the time comes. What she will do them them is up to her, but the island and store will remain open for at least four to six months, while we prepare for that transition, whenever it comes – which may be many months yet.

She is a talented young lady who has worked me on a number of real life projects.  I have arranged trusted help for her in Second Life. Everything is in motion.

The last eleven years in running Spyralle – and the last three especially – have been experiences I would not trade any for anything. Even if our contacts were brief – maybe just an event – I enjoyed knowing you. I spoke up very little – I was a quiet little mouse – I was always there, listening, enjoying the jokes, keeping up with it all, and above all, being inspired by your work. And I want each of you know I have taken great joy in knowing you.

The customers – some of you have now been with me since the beginning – you were my reason for doing this!  You got it, what I was doing.  And it wasn’t clear if I was trendy or whatever either.  There was time I used to care; I gave that up three years ago.  Spyralle always from “other”.  I’ve gone back to my art house studio roots.  I don’t have time for any thing else.

I had a good outcome from surgery. I have more treatments. I am learning to compensate for the speech deficits. It will be slow. All the whole side of my “designing” brain is still good and right in there.  We have a lot of months to laugh and be amused that this crazy world. And I intend to.

Thank you for everything.

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  1. avedon says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. I’ve enjoyed your work and hunting in your various sites and will miss you tremendously in future hunts. I’m very glad to have encountered Spyralle and the pleasures of your creations. Thank you for all you’ve done. And I have to stop now before I get horribly maudlin. All my best wishes.

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