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Spyralle Garden Jar #3

Spyralle Garden Jar #3

This is the first new thing I have made since the Big Change in my life. It started as an experiment to see if I actually could do anything following brain surgery. And I could!

Unfortunately, that was Brain Surgery #1. Brain Surgery #2 was a different story. But I persisted, you see, and I am on my way back.  The hardest and most interesting thing was learning Photoshop again — after 20 years experience. If you can’t think of the word for something, it becomes impossible to look it up. All the tutorials in the world won’t help you.  But one tiny clue opens the words Layer Effects and suddenly a whole missing piece is there!

Garden Jar #3 is can be found in the SOS Sugar Bowl hunt at the Spoonful of Sugar event, now open. Spyralle doesn’t have a booth at the event — sadly, we had to give ours up — but event organizer Ever Courtois made a space for it, so we can give this one thing to Doctors Without Borders!

Go and spend your money at Spoonful of Sugar. They need your contributions more than ever.



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