Pottery Therapy III

Spyralle Garden Jar #5

Spyralle Garden Jar #5

Here is Garden Jar #5 – for one last day at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival.  They are for sale in the little sugar bowls you can find at my tent on Shopping I.  Each one is only 20L. They will be available in Spyralle later, but the price will be higher.

Here is some more information you might need about the Garden Jars. They don’t have an inside. Even though they have lids, the jars are one solid piece. They are meant to be displayed as they are.

It is possible to make them smaller. Each jar is attached to a shadow prim which is already the minimum height. If you detach the shadow or edit the jar separately from the shadow, it can be done. I won’t go into detail here, but if you have some experience with prims, it shouldn’t be too hard. You can also detach and delete the shadow prim.

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