Spyralle Tall Dark Forest Lamp
Spyralle Dark Forest Lamp

This month is the 13th Anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc., an event I could not miss, even if it took three times as long to do things. Which is not an exaggeration… Fortunately, I had some objects in hand and more Pottery Therapy!

Spyralle Tall Woodland Lamp
Tall Woodland Lamp

There’s a hunt on too! You have to find all the target and pick up all the prizes at the end. On the way, you visit all our favorite stores. I have more Pottery Therapy as my prizes. All of the glazes are based on photographs taken at Fallen Gods region. See if you can guess where.

Spyralle Garden Jars 6. 7. 8 - Sacred Geometry
Garden Jars 6, 7, 8 – Sacred Geometry
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