Opera Masquerade

Spyralle Fantasy Opera Masks

Spyralle Fantasy Opera Masks

Now available singly or as a set of three, the masks are available at the Enchantment’s The Phantom of the Opera. The mask are 100% original meshes and textures.

Red, whIte and black masks

Spyralle Opera Masques – red, white and black

I thought the first batch of masks was a wee bit too frivolous, so I put these together. Not bad for a last minute change of plans. I could decide which was better, so I released them both. You have to understand that for me, now, “land minute” is five days before the event. Again, the masks and textures are 100% original.

As are the models and texture on the final set of masks I did – actually these were first.

Spyralle Light Mask - Sunrise

Spyralle Light Mask – Sunrise

These are Spyralle prizes in the Enchantment hunt. The prizes are hidden in individual stores.

A salute to the Enchantment team! They made a beautiful place to shop in.

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