11 Anniversary

Today is the last day of my Anniversary Sale, and a poor sad meeping thing it was, too. So I’m going to leave up there until some time tomorrow, just so all my group (and everyone else) can come over and grab some goodies. I’ll try to have another sale next summer, depending on what may come.

One of the reasons it was meeping at me (stop that, you!) was because Spyralle received an invitation to participate in the Holiday Shop & Hop (or is it Hop & Shop?) put on by Linden Lab. These big events, BIG!, are a much vaster market that most of us ever get access too, and they’re free to merchants, so you better not say no when they come calling. This is probably my last chance to go out with a bang.

In my life these days there is time for just one thing at a time (and very slooowly), so I choose that one and made a lot of new things for it. Publicizing my little home store sale didn’t have a chance and Tai wasn’t here to remind me, so…

I hope when you come you don’t forget to go up the Annex. Most of the clothes are up there, plus all the hats and masks, and the photography items. Sorry if it seems half done: see above.

One thing I have done (and continue to do) is go through old folders and, by damn! some of that stuff is still good. I only took it out because it had been there a while and the old store was small and I forgot about it. And now I have plenty of room and we have bakes on mesh with REAL alpha layers, so why not? It if fits my Maitreya body that’s good enough for me, and it’s not like I’m trying to make skin tight underwear and bootie shorts, so there you go.

You might rediscover some fabulous trinkets in the Lost Canyons of Spyralle…

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