Catching Up…

Starry Night Curio Shelves

Talking about what I do is, alas, a lot harder than doing it. Especially since every piece of software on the planet decided to update at the same time. I liked things the just the way they were, thank you. Especially if they’re going to charge extra for doing it the old way. Grrr. So I’ll try it this way for a while. (And while I’m at it, making every page look like a giant expanse populated by a few cartoons and a spread of same-old-photography doesn’t cut it for me.)

The other problem is that my brain is still working around the Hole left by my brain tumor being removed. There’s guys in there pulling wires and stringing new ones and trying to find out where they come out at the other end of the tangle. It rather reminds me of watching old house makeovers on wherever-you-watch-them – they drill into the wall and ACK! The connections are old and mad, and you wonder why the house hasn’t burnt down yet.

Painted Curio Shelves

These are two sets of the shelves I made for the lovely Holiday Shop & Hop brought to you by Second Life in December. They are sort of new and sort of not. I was working on the set and got just one done, so I released it as a hunt gift. Then I finished the next one and released it as a hunt gift, and never released the whole thing.

The original set is the Painted Curio Shelves. They are decorated with the a set of GIF files I make waaaay back in Fractint. Very colorful, don’t you think?

The other set are the Starry Sky set which come in two versions – a day version and the night version. The day versions are textures very plainly. The night versions, on the other hand, are textured with emissive mask so the stars glow even it the daytime. I still have a hard time believing people can see them, so I put both versions in the package.

Both sets are now at Spyralle, in the room called the Lost Museum, way at the top.

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