Spyralle opened in 2009 as a boutique within Kerryth Tarantal Studios, Kerryth Tarantal’s gallery of fractal art. The clothing line has expanded slowly, bringing unique wearable art to Second Life. In 2010 decorative textiles for the home and seasonal decorations were moved from the original KTS line to Spyralle. Jewelry and furniture were added to the line in 2011, full perm textures in 2012.  In 2013, Kerryth began to add original mesh. Our home and garden inventory continues to expand, now with scripting by our resident magic maker, Tailahr Winnikow. Behind the scenes staff include Lux Mirabilis, stylist, marketing assistant and occasional texturer, and Lily, mesh maker, model and photographer. Spyralle Resident, Kerryth’s “store alt” is the best contact for for information on discontinued products and is available for customer support when she is online.

Spyralle garments are built from original fractal images created by Kerryth’s Real Life counterpart in UltraFractal and Fractint – some going back as early as 1992.  Spyralle fractal clothing begins with original fractals, often painstakingly clipped out of complex backgrounds and manipulated to embellish the avatar body.  No purchased templates are used for system layers.

This art-to-wear gets its fabulous coloring from the original color maps and gradients Kerryth uses in the fractal generating programs, with minimal color manipulation after the fractal is rendered out. For each color, the fractal is recreated with a new color gradient in the original program, and the garment must be reconstructed from scratch.

As the fine details of these fractal renderings do not hold up to a lot of pixel manipulation and distortion, continuing these complex patterns across seams ranges from challenging to impossible, but the challenge is worth it.

Spyralle products span a wide variety of styles, historical eras and role play themes. We do not restrict ourselves to any one genre, so you will find us in all kinds of events, including fantasy, goth, modern fashion and more.

We hope you enjoy wearing and decorating with these unique creations.

Kerryth Tarantal Studio Gallery lives on as a department within Spyralle. You will find gorgeous lighting, home textiles, accent furniture, garden whimsies and the occasional gallery show. Expect more home and garden products as we expand to new spaces.

Our sister brand, Infinitum Textures, has re-opened at the new main store at Mauna Waipio.


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