Update November 2019:

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, there is a whole new level to Spyralle! We welcome you to our new Annex level, now housing our clothing collection, hats and jewelry (emerging slowly…).  Teleport from the main entry room or pick up a landmark.

With Tailahr gone and the rest of the team (The Elves) needing more time for their own pursuits, Spyralle is pretty much down to one person, Kerryth Tarantal. I could use some help on things like marketing and customer service, so if you have an interest in joining the Spyralle team please get in touch with me by IM in SL. Work is occasional, highly irregular schedule-wise, likely to be very last minute, and subject to my severe absent mindedness, but you get Free Stuff. Scripting and other contributions of substance to actual creations will earn a percentage of sales, at my discretion. Full Disclosure: preference will be given to individuals I already know and trust to some extent, because SL is lawless, and I have enough scars.

Spyralle opened in 2009 as a boutique within Kerryth Tarantal Studios, Kerryth Tarantal’s gallery of fractal art. The Spyralle brand – pronounced like “spiral” – took the lead in November of that year when we moved into our long-term location at Park Place Home. The clothing line expanded slowly, bringing unique wearable art to Second Life. In 2010 decorative textiles for the home and seasonal decorations were moved from the original KTS line to Spyralle. Jewelry and furniture were added to the line in 2011, full perm textures in 2012.  In 2013, Kerryth began to add original mesh, pressing always to make things no one else was making.*

In January, 2018, Spyralle’s new main store opened on the Mauna Waipio region, featuring a build designed by Kerryth from elements created by Elicio Ember of Cerridwen’s Cauldron for the Nu Orne region of Fantasy Faire, 2012. The new store houses Spyralle’s collection of fantasy wearable accessories and our growing line of rezzable decorative objects for virtual environments, home and garden, representing a firm change of direction for the brand. You will find gorgeous lighting, home textiles, accent furniture, garden whimsies and the occasional gallery show.

The original Spyralle store, occupying the same location at Park Place Home since 2009, carried our jewelry, hats and clothing.  Spyralle Park Place closed June 1, 2019. It was time to bring everything under one roof (metaphorically speaking) and embrace Spyralle’s new directions. You can find these departments in our new Annex! Kerryth’s texture brand, Infinitum, formerly in the Mauna Waipi’o location, is on hiatus again due to lack of time to create new full permission sets.

Spyralle is more than just Kerryth Tarantal now. Many of our products are scripted by our resident magic maker, Tailahr Winnikow, whose store Tai-Dyed occupies part of the Mauna Waipio main store. Behind the scenes staff include Lux Mirabilis, stylist, marketing assistant and occasional texturer, and Lily, mesh maker, model and photographer. Spyralle Resident, Kerryth’s “store alt” is the best contact for for information on discontinued products and is available for customer support when she is online. (If there is no response, please contact Kerryth or Tailahr.) Her main gig right now is testing things on the beta grid. Please see update below.

Spyralle at Mauna Waipi’o also hosts the Wedge Gallery for art exhibits, plus irregular music, meditation and other events at the “Up On The Roof” venue at the top of the mountain. From the Roof, visitors can glimpse scaled down versions of several builds created by Kerryth for Burning Man in Second Life, also known as Burn2, on parts of the island that are usually not open to the public. Several of Kerryth’s more recent creations from Burn2 and SL birthdays are scattered around the store.


Though we have grown a long way from our roots in fractal art, fractals still play a role in almost every texture used at Spyralle. Spyralle textures are built from original fractal images created by Kerryth’s Real Life counterpart in UltraFractal, Fractint and Apophysis, some going back as early as 1992.  Sometimes the fractals are obvious; other times they are just one element of a complex series of layers building up a rich surface.

The names given to fractal types or series on this blog are not official in any way. They are often invented by Kerryth for convenience as a nickname for a series of images of a particular category. In other cases they come from known formula names in the fractal world.


Spyralle products span a wide variety of styles, historical eras and role play themes. We do not restrict ourselves to any one genre, so you will find us in all kinds of events, including fantasy, goth, steampunk, modern fashion and more.

We hope you enjoy wearing and decorating with these unique creations.

* Until later, but it’s awesome, and we feel flattered. That’s how art works.

Update – 19 October 2019.

My good friend, Spyralle’s scripter Tai’lahr passed away this week. She is deeply missed. Her contributions and influence will remain for a long time to come. Our capable assistant Lily is taking a break from virtual life to pursue RL interests for a time. I hope she’ll return soon. Mistress of Texture Organizing Lux is still present “under the radar” though less active. She is trying to keep up with a busy life in the material world while getting deep into learning Blender in hopes of starting her own store before long. Spyralle the store avatar doesn’t get much time online, because being one avatar keeps me busy enough!


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