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Fantasy Faire: Morgan and Morgane

This year I was under a Spell. The name of the Spell was Chemotherapy, and it was on my side, fighting for me. All I had to do was to make two New Things and a prize for the Language … Continue reading

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Star Maps

This month at We ❤ Role Play. This full set includes an extra constellation. Let’s call it Wormhole 2, because I couldn’t decide which one to include. Carr is the only one to be named after a fractal, because I … Continue reading

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Found at the Lost Museum

This one is a bit fancier, being mahogany with gold hardware. To be found exclusively at Mieville’s Steampunk Pirate thingy the rest of March.

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They’ve been in the back of my head for a long time, the Dream Guides. Right now you can see them one more day at the Valentines Shopping events by SL, then they’ll be back at Spyralle. They are life-size … Continue reading

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Catching Up…

Talking about what I do is, alas, a lot harder than doing it. Especially since every piece of software on the planet decided to update at the same time. I liked things the just the way they were, thank you. … Continue reading

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11 Anniversary

Today is the last day of my Anniversary Sale, and a poor sad meeping thing it was, too. So I’m going to leave up there until some time tomorrow, just so all my group (and everyone else) can come over … Continue reading

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Opera Masquerade

Now available singly or as a set of three, the masks are available at the Enchantment’s The Phantom of the Opera. The mask are 100% original meshes and textures. I thought the first batch of masks was a wee bit … Continue reading

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This month is the 13th Anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc., an event I could not miss, even if it took three times as long to do things. Which is not an exaggeration… Fortunately, I had some objects in hand and … Continue reading

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Pottery Therapy III

Here is Garden Jar #5 – for one last day at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival.  They are for sale in the little sugar bowls you can find at my tent on Shopping I.  Each one is only 20L. They … Continue reading

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Pottery Therapy 2

This one took only about two days to finish, counting new fractals and the spiral texture on the lid.  Like the one before, I’ve got this in the Spoonful of Sugar site for only 20L.

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