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Welcome Weeks

Spyralle’s in-world group, Spyralle Studio, is launching a “Join For Free” period as we gear up for the Fall season.  Special Welcome Gifts will appear and disappear during that time – and after.  The Pele’s Tears Tiara is the first … Continue reading

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The Glass Garden

Second Life is celebrating its 15th birthday this week with an extravaganza of parties, music, exhibits, gifts and special events. The community celebration part is taking place on a complex of over 20 regions hosting most of the scheduled events … Continue reading

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Hidden Treasures and Simple Pleasures

To my regret, I’ve fallen behind on the Spyralle blog, and not for the first time! We had a couple of hunts this month, and I quite overlooked posting about the gifts from Spyralle. The World Tour Hunt is one … Continue reading

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10th Rez Day PURPLE SALE!

Can it really be 10 years since I started Second Life? This has been some journey! Many of my friends migrated to SL together when our “old world” Myst Online – Uru Live was closed in 2008*, so it’s not … Continue reading

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New Year Gifts

Spyralle is giving Spyralle Studio group members seven days of gifts to welcome the New Year. The Snowy Owl Mask is Gift #1 for January 31. It is out at Spyralle for members until January 6. It is also under … Continue reading

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November is National Diabetes Month. Team Diabetes is celebrating with a month-long pair of events to benefit the American Diabetes Association. There is a 10L hunt and a sale of red items by over 60 merchants at their individual stores. … Continue reading

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In the Woods

Spyralle’s original mesh Blue Horned Owl Mask is yours for the finding in the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XVII ‘Light in the Woods’. Click the sign kiosk in the store to pick up an information card on the hunt, and look below … Continue reading

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