Ochre at Genre

Spyralle Neolithic Ceremonial Body Paint - Yellow Ochre & White

Spyralle Neolithic Ceremonial Body Paint – Yellow Ochre & White

As a “maker” rather than a blogger, I tend to put the designing and creating first, and usually the blogging and photo-posting goes to the back of the line until the current round of projects are done – which means I tend to blog event releases very late, if not after.

This time I want to be on time, if not early, because I’m pretty excited about this month’s Genre. No small part of that is the great honor of being September’s featured designer on the Genre blog. It made me very happy, because Genre is one of my two top favorite events in SL.

The theme of this round, just open yesterday, is Prehistoric. Genre designers took this in many different directions – you have to go see!  I decided to do something at least “inspired by” the real Neolithic and something I have not done for quite a few months: tattoos.

Spyralle Neolithic Ceremonial Body Paint - Red Ochre & Charcoal Black

Spyralle Neolithic Ceremonial Body Paint – Red Ochre & Charcoal Black

We don’t actually know very much about what kind of designs people painted or tattooed on their bodies ten to twenty thousand years ago, but we do know that they did use body paint from traces of pigments in burials that have been excavated and from a few mummies. We also know, from those same burials and from their cave art, what pigments they used. Ochre, which ranges in color from yellow to red to brown, was popular. Kaolin or ground calcite was used for white; charcoal or manganese dioxide was used for black. This is pretty much the entire palette of color they had. The ground pigments were mixed with various liquids or fats to adhere to walls, bodies and artifacts.

The actual design of these Spyralle body decorations is inspired by Australian aboriginal art – a Neolithic culture that survives, in some measure, into the present day. Beautiful modern day aboriginal art continues the traditional mode of creating an image with lines and swirls of dots. These imaginary Neolithic ladies are hand painted with thumbprints for some big ceremony or celebration.

Each set comes with two of the four colors as a system tattoo layer and Omega applier. There are three versions: face only, body only and the full pattern. The full pack of four colors is available for a reduced price.

Spyralle Neolithic Ceremonial Body Paint - Four Color Set

Spyralle Neolithic Ceremonial Body Paint – Four Color Set

The lovely skins are older designs from Curio – Jewel and Angel – that I would love to see returned to the Grid some day because they are so exquisite. The hairs are from Exile, feet are from Slink and the eyes are from IKON.  The poses are Di’s Opera. The body is the system avatar, a personal shape, because I do not have appliers for those older Curio tones, though I hear she has made them available now.

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Endellion Revamped

Spyralle Endellion dress in Pink

Spyralle Endellion Pink

A long time ago, in SL terms, I was feeling a little bit snarky and rebellious about mesh. I made a dress called Endellion Rebel. It was “system” – damn it! – with a flexy skirt. It took a ton of work, carving up and piecing together and layering and smooshing and color processing some very complex fractal lace and then matching it across that (expletive deleted) mid-body seam – which is probably why I only made one.

Mesh was still in its early days and there was a lot to be snarky about. There still is (hello, jelly doll!), but things have improved much, and we have all learned a lot and come a long way.

Spyralle Endellion dress in Navy-Taupe

Spyralle Endellion Navy-Taupe

Yet, mesh is only one tool, or set of tools, one way of creating content for our grid.  I sincerely believe the old tools still have a lot of value. There are some things they just do better. And simpler.  For instance, skin-tight.

Once upon a time, skin-tight was pretty much all we had to work with. Everything was a leotard, a bodysuit, and we did our best to create the illusion that it wasn’t, with body distortion, shading, painted plywood attachments and faux cloth. For a few kinds of clothing this worked beautifully, but not for most.  Yes, those illusions and work-arounds were worth ditching for mesh.

Spyralle Endellion dress in Purple

Spyralle Endellion Purple

Now, you can make a skin tight mesh, and bless you if you can make it so it fits the mesh body I like to wear, with the sliders where I want them. But how many versions and copies and sizes are you going to make to fit everyone? And who wants all those extra copies in their inventory? And do you really want to narrow it down and shut out all the residents who don’t wear that particular mesh body? Not to mention the many who don’t like mesh bodies at all?

Spyralle Endellion dress in Black

Spyralle Endellion Black

Happily, we have appliers! Appliers can do skin-tight on ALL mesh bodies, just like “system” clothing layers always did on the original mesh bodies, i.e, standard avatars.  But I remember my rebel streak coming back out as mesh bodies multiplied, each one with it’s own proprietary applier system. “This is crazy!” I said, and I wasn’t the only one.

This is why I welcomed the Omega system and support it.  Because you don’t need a lot of extra stuff in your inventory either.

Spyralle Endellion dress in Green

Spyralle Endellion Green

Revamped, presented by Models Giving Back, is the event that invites designers to revisit a previous creation and “renew” it in some way.  When I joined Revamped in August, I knew Endellion was the project I wanted to revamp.  In the years since the Rebel, I had streamlined the work flow for my lace fractals and other fractals, making additional colors far easier to produce without losing the richness of color gradients. Second, applier technology now makes this type of dress accessible to everyone, whether they use a mesh body or not.

Here is the original Endellion Rebel. It was black, because Rebel. And Rebel, herself, was a revamping of a less-well-thought out design for an earlier Fantasy Faire that I think of now as a work in progress. (I’m not including a picture; I’m sure there’s one out there.)

Spyralle's original Endellion Rebel dress - out of the Past

Spyralle Endellion Rebel – out of the Past

I rediscovered something. System clothing is an art form in itself and doggone hard to make. Local textures make it much less expensive, but no less laborious.  Small wonder a lot of designers don’t make system/applier clothes anymore.

Here is Rebel II, out now with the five new colors shown above. A new generation of color, a timeless design – because sexy never goes out of fashion.

Spyralle Endellion Rebel II dress in magenta, orange and purple

Spyralle Endellion Rebel II

I can still be snarky, though, if I feel like it, from time to time.

Revamped Endellion
Body: Maitreya Lara + Kerryth Tarantal personal shape 2016 #4
Hair: Exile ‘Reveling in You’
Eyes: IKON Hope in Denim
Skin: Glam Affair Luna in Jamaica

Original Endellion Rebel
Body: Kerryth Tarantal personal system shape 2013 #3
Hair: Dura #2 for Fashion For Life 2013
Skin: Pulse Kissed Mystery
Feet: N-Core

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Spyralle Prognosticator

Spyralle Prognosticator

Foretelling the future is a chancy business. You might want to keep picking up data from the space-time continuum as you go, so as to keep your predictions on track.

Wear this attractive, useful, slightly retro device from Spyralle to pick up those vibes and space-time waves for your divination doings. The Prognosticator fits comfortably on your left forearm and is compatible with most imaginary tech devices. Totally waterproof, you can clean it in the dishwasher.

The Prognosticator advance preview version is yours for free at Spyralle in this month’s Twisted Hunt. Too bad you don’t already have it, because then you could tell where it will be moved next. Good luck!


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Renaissance Hunt

Spyralle Unicorn Reliquary

Spyralle Unicorn Reliquary

A reliquary is a container for a precious relic, usually with religious significance. It might be a piece of a saint’s clothing or even a bone. Reliquaries can be extremely elaborate – miniature shrines. But a reliquary might possibly be used for something valuable and fantastic or otherworldly.

I am experimenting with small decorative non-furniture builds in mesh.  Usually I make lamps, but lately I have been fascinated with the idea of elaborate containers, researching music boxes, jewelry boxes, Faberge eggs, treasure chests and reliquaries. When I heard that this year’s Renaissance Hunt theme was Myths and Legends of the Renaissance, my very first thought was “reliquary” and “unicorn.” Therefore, we have the Unicorn Reliquary.

There is obviously a story behind it. I don’t know the story. It was probably tragic and mysterious. Someone obtained a unicorn horn, somehow. It was handed down in some family, and along the way, this chest of gold and precious stone was built to hold it, and here it is. You can have it for the finding on this year’s Renaissance Hunt.

Begin your hunt at the annual Renaissance Faire at Mieville, a rustic market filled with little shops and fun things to do. Try to catch a show at the tavern or a dance on the green. Pick up the clue to your first hunt prize. You can see the prizes and get the locations of participating store at the Historical Hunts SL website.

Good luck finding Spyralle’s prize! I’m told it is a little hard to find. There is a hint in the store to help you. Oh, and if you find it, you can open it (do not edit, simply open) and wear the horn inside. Will it turn you into a unicorn? That is not for me to say.

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Spyralle Chanteuse in Red

GenreEndellion RevampedSpyralle Chanteuse in Red

Burlesque is the theme of the current Genre round, and we all had a bit of fun with it. I went back to my roots and drew this very skimpy system/applier showgirl outfit with a flexy skirt.  Because sometimes it just works better than mesh.

Spyralle Chanteuse in Black

Spyralle Chanteuse in Black

This was another application of the use of a fractal to mask another texture, in this case a glittery sequin field. The masking fractal is composed from different bits of the same fractal I used in the masks for Wind Rider.

Spyralle Chanteuse in Purple

Spyralle Chanteuse in Purple

The mask is strategically placed to cover what needs to be covered, though the effect in world is a bit more sheer than these photos suggest.

Spyralle Chanteuse in Gold

Spyralle Chanteuse in Gold

It’s nice to discover that there are still a lot of residents who like system/applier clothing and appreciate flexy prims for the things they do better than mesh. And, for this designer, it’s fun to come back to it.

Please see the other colors of the dress on the Spyralle Flickr. Chanteuse is exclusive to Genre through September 11

Hair: Wasabi Pills Ryleigh FLF pack
Skin: Glam Affair Lovely Day 01F in Jamaica
Eyes: IKON Hope in Denim
Shoes: Etherea by KC Couture
Body: Maitreya Lara

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Stars in Her Hair, Stars in Her Eyes, David Bowie Memories

Spyralle Starry Crown

Spyralle Starry Crown

Webster’s defines ‘bibelot’ as ‘a small household decorative object’ and a ‘trinket.’ There the slightest shade of amusement, when one speaks of something as a bibelot, a touch of frivolity, and undercurrent of fun.

I adore creating bibelots, and if bibelots can be wearable, this crown is a bibelot. It’s for fun, but it’s more than that. It is for fantasy, roleplay, clubwear, what-have-you — if you want to sparkle, twinkle, bubble over with giggles.

The Starry Crown is Spyralle’s entry in this round of Fantasy Cream, where you can go and shop, vote for your favorite exclusive to have a chance at a big prize, and go on a hunt.

There’s no coincidence if the Starry Crown puts you in mind of another recent Spyralle creation.

Spyralle 'At the Centre of It All' Headpiece

Spyralle ‘At the Centre of It All’ Headpiece

June’s round of Inspiration SL celebrated the life and art of David Bowie. (How we miss him!) As I reflected on Bowie’s life and career, I could not help noticing the recurring theme of Stars. From Ziggy Stardust to Blackstar, they were there — light and dark, metaphors for his music and career.

My salute to Bowie was this mask/headpiece with two identities. It starts in black, honoring his final work, but a touch sends it back to the stardust of earlier days of his career, shining and sparkling.

The title? There is a line in “Blackstar” — “At the centre of it all…your eyes.” The mask draws the focus in to the eyes of the wearer. Your eyes.

I made a black fractal version of the famous lightning face paint for the photo and then thought it would be fun to place that out at the Inspiration event also.

Spyralle 'At the Centre of It All' Headpiece

Spyralle ‘At the Centre of It All’ Tattoo/makeup

All three of these original creations will return to Spyralle’s main store in the near future. We are preparing for a move to our own sim, so please be patient.

Eyes by IKON
Skins by Glam Affair (system skins, which they seem to have given up making, alas…)
Hair in Photo #1: ‘Scribbled Hearts’ by Exile
Hair in Photos #2 and #3: ‘Strider’ by Gauze
Dress in Photo #1: Rajna in green from Spyralle
Tank top: Spyralle (unreleased)

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Rajna at MFF6

Spyralle's Rajna Dress

Spyralle’s Rajna Dress

Rajna is Spyralle’s new exclusive at the Medieval and Fantasy Faire, ending this weekend. I’m crazy about this dress. It is a laced leather jacket worn over a wildly patterned silk gown, right out of the imaginary land of so many Spyralle creations I have created over the last several years. There are six colors out for Rajna.

Spyralle Rajna Green

Spyralle Rajna Green

I was lucky to get this done and into the event because the whole process was attended by horrible luck.

On July 12 we started having a lot of interruptions to our internet connection, plus a number of brief power outages. There had been a severe thunderstorm with tornados on the 11th, and, though we escaped damage except for a lot of tree limbs down, we figured that the outages were probably a consequence of storm damage elsewhere.

Spyralle Rajna Blue

Spyralle Rajna Blue

Days went on, and the internet connection continued to come and go erratically and unpredictably. We might have ten minutes or an hour online and then an hour off, or two, or ten. Unfortunately, this fell right at the time I was preparing for four events, including the Medieval and Fantasy Fair

Spyralle Rajna Brown

Spyralle Rajna Brown

In fact, I was booted offline in the middle of setting up for it, leaving prims scattered in my booth that had to be returned to me. That one proved to be the longest outage, nearly two days, I think, and by the time I was able to log in again, the event had opened and I could no longer rezz objects. I could not even get photos done until then, which delayed things even more.

Spyralle Rajna Teal

Spyralle Rajna Teal

Fortunately, I had stashed some empty vendors, so I was able to get Rajna up in the booth. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to add my hunt gift because I would have had to ask for rezzing to be turned on for it, and I had to move on to the other commitments delayed by the outage. I’ll have to put that in another hunt soon.

Spyralle Rajna Violet

Spyralle Rajna Violet

Right at the same time all this was going on, I was offered a very good deal on buying a region of my own – Spyralle’s future home! Spyralle will not be ready to move for at least a few weeks, but I did have to scramble to vacate my previous home region where I’ve lived and worked for years. I’m sorry to leave Park Place, but Spyralle has outgrown the purple place. I’m very excited about building a new store!

Spyralle Rajna Red

Spyralle Rajna Red

The top picture was taken on one of the Fallen Gods sims. The hair shown is from Exile. The skin is from Glam Affair.



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