Time and Time Again

Spyralle Ageless Timepiece - Ocean

Spyralle Ageless Timepiece – Ocean

In case you have not heard, Fantasy Faire is open until 7 May! Official programming is over, but you can still shop, Quest and explore.

Spyralle is making good use of the time by releasing at least one more edition of the Ageless Timepiece in our shop in Sanoria at Fantasy Faire. This one is called “Ocean”, with an aqueous color palette and lots of rust. The rotating disks with amber lights look amazing at night and under water!

Like the earlier Timepieces, Ocean required a new set of textures – I think there are 19 in the object, maybe more – of which I did re-use one (the least visible) for Ocean. New textures and new fractals for the appearing and disappearing screen make production of each Timepiece a slow process. At least two more are in the pipeline. Yes, a goth one, too. Have patience.


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Fantastic Beasts

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Gold

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Gold

Spyralle’s Gryphon Mask was introduced in 2017 in one of the late rounds of Genre, but for some forgotten reason I did not get around to blogging about them. After the event, the masks were held for the opening of the new store and Fantasy Faire. Now you can find them in both venues!

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Blue

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Blue

The masks are currently out in five colors, all featuring new original fractal patterns from the same series that provided the colorful Owl Moon patterns. (Speaking of Owl Moon, all the dresses are upstairs at Spyralle Park Place and permanently discounted far below the original price. Time to complete your collection!)

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Purple

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Purple

I love the way the fractal suggests nostrils on the beak and little feathers at the top of the beak! Each of the mesh feathers was separately textured by cutting, reflecting and manipulating a small section of the fractal – done separately for each color.

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Red

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Red

The masks are as suitable for Dragons as for Gryphons. Fantastical Beasts, both of them.This red one is a bit more dragon-like and would work well at a goth masquerade ball. A black one has been requested to form a pair with the red one, but I have not had time to tackle those feathers yet. We’re aiming toward having it ready by Samhain.

The masks are unisex, of course, and can be resized using your Edit window.

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Green

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Green

Worn with the masks, Kerryth’s basic custom personal shape (often bald by choice, the better to be fierce) with skin, eyes and layered tattoos from Fallen Gods. The skin and eyes are from one of the Materica avatars – Marie Rouille; the tattoos are Legend Flame under Pi Gold. We await “bakes on mesh” with great eagerness.

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Fantasy Faire – A Timeless Folly

Spyralle Timeless Folly - tall gazebo

Spyralle Timeless Folly

Here is a dream of a memory of another time in the lost age of Sanoria at Fantasy Faire! This is what they might have built in their day, those vanished people. Pursue the Quest of the Ancients on Sanoria for enlightenment … or further mystery.

Fantasy Faire will remain open to shopping and Questing until the 7th of May!  This is an enormous gift to those of us who have not yet had time between program activities and physical world commitments to really enjoy the Faire. The official program ends today, but the sims and shops and quests will remain to encourage you to donate generously to Relay for Life. As of Sunday, 29 April, the Faire has raised almost 9 million lindens. The extension was awarded by the Lindens who were jailed  earlier in the week, in thanks for the donations that bailed them out. And thank you, if you have contributed!

Returning to our regularly scheduled program, the Folly is Spyralle’s second new original build for Fantasy Faire, all proceeds donated to RFL. A folly is defined as “an ornamental building with no practical purpose” – perhaps you could call this one a tall gazebo! A folly is just the sort of feature you might find in the extensive gardens of an English estate in the Victorian era.

Spyralle’s Fantasy Faire folly is built of several kinds of marble, bronze, steel and stained glass. It coordinates with our Dawn Timepiece.

Spyralle also offers a gift for those who complete the 2018 Fairelands Quest. In order to follow the Quest, you need to purchase a HUD. Look for the kiosks on each sim near the landing point. Spyralle’s Periwinkle Wall Lamp, a completely original creation in mesh, features a new fractal by Kerryth on the glass shade.

Spyralle Periwinkle Wall Lamp - Fantasy Faire Quest Gift 2018

Spyralle Periwinkle Wall Lamp – Fantasy Faire Quest Gift 2018

Fantasy Faire is not folly – though it does contain a due amount of whimsy and foolery – and beauty and wonder and camaraderie and joy. Fantasy Faire is a collection of magical worlds and moments built by a caring team of hundreds of creative people from all over the world. We all share one goal: ending the suffering caused by cancer. To learn more about the Faire, Relay for Life, and this year’s special Fantasy Faire project, please use the link above to visit their website and blog, and join us from now through  7 May!

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Fantasy Faire 2018 – A Timeless Age

Spyralle Nightfall Timepiece - Fantasy Faire 2018 Unique Edition

Spyralle Nightfall Timepiece – Fantasy Faire 2018 Unique Edition

Soft sands and warm breezes speak of a age long ago when ancients, no longer tethered to time and place, departed Sanoria in search of others of their kind. Ruins, seemingly deserted, still hold echoes of their essence and when the Southern winds call pilgrims come. They know not why — only that there is magic in the land that calls to them and they cannot resist.

The world of Sanoria has manifested for a brief and fleeting time in the realm of Fantasy Faire 2018 in the universe of Second Life. Fantasy Faire is an enormous and amazing event undertaken every year to raise funds for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. Hundreds of designers, story tellers, role players and other participants from all over the world join together to make the magic happen.  If you want to see Second Life at its most imaginative best, Fantasy Faire is the one place you should visit. But be timely – it lasts for only ten days in April. This year’s fair opened 19 April and remains open through the 29th.

One of four magical images appearing on the Nightfall Timepiece

One of four magical images appearing on the Nightfall Timepiece

Spyralle has joined with friends to sponsor Sanoria and make a home there as long as the Faire lasts. Sanoria at the Faire is manifested out of memory by designer Chic Aeon. Inspired by the story of Sanoria and by worlds we have seen in past Ages, Spyralle’s designer Kerryth Tarantal has created two architectural fantasies, exclusive to the Faire until it returns to the Mists.

The first structure is the Ageless Timepiece, a mechanical wonder telling time by some system lost in the distant past.  ‘Nightfall’ – a timepiece in dark blue and creamy beige marble, amethyst, glass and various metals – is a unique edition of the Timepiece donated to the Faire silent auction. You can place at bid on silent auction items at the Story Well realm of the Faire.

Spyralle Ageless Timepiece - Desert Hues

Spyralle Ageless Timepiece – Desert Hues

The ‘Desert’ edition of the Timepiece is one of Spyralle’s RFL donated creations available to everyone in the shop at Sanoria (which we share with Dragon Magick Wares, Tai’Dyed and Sandhands Texture Lab). There is a full size working model – be sure to stay long enough to watch the intricate mechanism turn, to hear the bell and see one of the magic images appear.  One hundred percent of sale proceeds go to Relay for Life.

Spyralle Ageless Timepiece - Dawn Hues

Spyralle Ageless Timepiece – Dawn Hues

‘Dawn’ is the third color of Spyralle’s Ageless Timepiece, available at Fantasy Faire on 27 April. Two other colors are in preparation. We hope they will be revealed before the close of the Faire.



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10th Rez Day PURPLE SALE!

Spyralle Purple Sale 2018: March 30 - April 2

Spyralle Purple Sale 2018: March 30 – April 2

Can it really be 10 years since I started Second Life? This has been some journey!

Many of my friends migrated to SL together when our “old world” Myst Online – Uru Live was closed in 2008*, so it’s not surprising that a lot of 10th Rez Days are popping up in the community. Tai’lahr and I discovered that our Rez Days fall just one day apart – mine on April 1 and hers on April 2. So we’re throwing a Party!

We also share the same Favorite Color. PURPLE! So Spyralle is having a Purple Sale over Easter weekend. Most purple things will be 50% off or 50L, including some things that are only partly purple. Sale items will be marked with purple stars.

The sale opens at Noon on Friday, 30 March, in both stores. Park Park place has the clothes, hats and jewelry; everything else is at Mauna Waipio. (The sale does not include guest stores or the Wedge Gallery.)

Up On The Roof at Spyralle Mauna Waipio

2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Light-Work RezDay Dance – Ghaelen D’Lareh, presenter

A lighthearted dance to uplifting music. Two hours of world music to dance, float, spin, and turn. Lighten your heart and help celebrate our 10th rez days! (Ghaelen’s 10th is Thursday, 29 March!)

4 p.m. – 8 p.m. Music Night with DJ Ktahdn Vesuvino

Join us for dancing or relaxed listening to one of DJ Ktahdn’s thoughtful, eclectic, unpredictable musical journeys! Will it be Chinese zither, Macedonian bagpipes, gregorian chant, Gilbert and Sullivan or our favorite songwriter songs? Come and find out.

GIFTS!  Kerryth and Tai have made rez day gifts for each other and for you too!  The gifts will appear some time on Sunday down by the river near the future Petites department. They will vanish again some time on Monday.

Spyralle Coelis Evening Star - Group Gift

Spyralle Coelis Evening Star – Group Gift

Spyralle Fuchsia Wall Lamp - Gift for all

Spyralle Fuchsia Wall Lamp – Gift for all

* A footnote. Myst Online Uru Live was reborn in 2010 and lives on, supported by user donations.

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Spyralle Icon Halo Gacha

Spyralle Icon Halo Gacha

New at the Medieval Fantasy Faire ‘Land of Dream’ event is Spyralle’s latest gacha, the Icon Halo. The event has been extended through March 25, so you really should go! The animal orchestra at the landing point, with alligator ballerinas is worth teleporting in, all by itself. And then, if you proceed along the winding road and down into the valley, you’re going to encounter a wealth of wonder from dozens of fantasy designers.

Spyralle’s inspiration for our new halo gacha came from Byzantine art, from medieval paintings and icons.  In these artistic styles, the halo almost always presents as a circular glow, no matter the direction the figure is facing – and so does our shimmering halo! It is a particle system centered on an invisible prim, so you will have to attach and detach it from inventory.

There are three styles in the set, increasing in complexity and size from Common to Rare. Each texture is original fractal art by Kerryth.

You may not be a saint or angel, but you can look like one!

The model is wearing Spyralle’s Esyld gown in blue, the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, Elikatira’s Lalora hair, skin by Glam Affair (no longer available), and a personal shape.

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The Joy of Making Stuff

Spyralle Wonderland Steamkettle

Spyralle Wonderland Steamkettle

March gives me many reasons to smile.  Winter is finally losing its grip. Daylight lengthens. Certain joyful personal anniversaries and “real life” occasions pop up like spring flowers. Anticipation grows for the Faire. (THE Faire!) And Fun abounds in the opportunity to Make Stuff for two of my favorite hunts, Twisted and Steam.

The picture above shows Spyralle’s prize for the Steam Hunt XIII. The theme is Wonderland. I imagined a useful object for a mad tea party, a teakettle on an oil burner, handy at table-side, all brass and tarnished copper and a bit of tongue in cheek ornamentation. It is very cleverly scripted by Tai, my scripting partner and co-conspirator. You turn on the burner, and after a few seconds rainbow steam comes out of the spout.

Spyralle Helical Pharos Beacon

Spyralle Helical Pharos Beacon

The Helical Pharos Beacon is for the Spring 2018 Twisted Hunt, theme: Atlantis. This is the third in a series of Spyralle beacons featuring a spiral or helix in the construction of the mesh.  This one is a twisted pyramid (appropriate, no?) suggesting ancient Egypt and Greece.

Hunts, I was once told, are a waste of time for designers. I disagree. Hunts let a creator experiment and try new directions, without worrying about sales – although they do serve their marketing purpose very well, I’ve found. Hunts let you make something out of the imagination, for the pure joy of Making.

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