Adieu to Park Place Home

Poster for Spyralle moving sale 2019

Spyralle Moving Sale May 17-31 2019

And Park Place has been a wonderful home!

After almost ten years’ operation at Park Place, Spyralle is consolidating to our main store region of Mauna Waipio, which opened in January of 2018.  Spyralle Park Place will close at the end of May. Until May 31 everything at Spyralle Park Place is on sale for 50% off. After that, most items at Park Place will move to Marketplace or be retired. Jewelry and hats will move to a new section of the main store.

This move was always part of the plan. I realized two years ago that Spyralle was changing direction, and the new main store at Mauna Waipio reflects that shift. Yet, older products remained popular, and it was hard to give up the home gallery with “swirly purple” art nouveau fractal walls and stained glass ceiling. People loved it, and they said so. I loved it. So, we stayed a lot longer than I expected.

But the time has come to take the next step. Keeping two such different venues current has been much too time consuming to allow doing justice to both. It makes more sense to pull everything together and focus on one place, embracing our evolutionary changes.

It is truly sad to leave the place that nurtured Spyralle’s growth for such a long time, almost since the beginning. Deanne Dufaux, owner of Park Place, has been the best of hosts and remains a dear friend. I will always be grateful for her support and comradeship.

Many thanks to all who have visited, shopped at, hunted at, gone afk at, been baffled by Spyralle Park Place over the years! We hope you stay with us on this adventure, as we finally move all the way over to our new home, our “mountain of curved waters” – Mauna Waipi’o.

To celebrate our changes, there is a gift for all visitors to Spyralle Park Place during the sale!  Commemorating Spyralle’s earliest phase as a gallery of fractal art called Kerryth Tarantal Studio, I have pulled out of my archive an unpublished fractal to create a piece of wall art, matted and framed for your home. Pick up your copy at Spyralle Park Place until May 31.

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Blades of Ice, Tales of Fire

spyralle ice blade display art

Spyralle Ice Blade Crest

Shards of ice-like crystal on a crest skull implant of steel and silver offer a formidable image for an otherworldly warrior.

The Ice Blade Crest is Spyralle’s new exclusive original at the May round of Enchantment, “The Iron Throne”, inspired by one of popular culture’s current most popular stories, “Game of Thrones.”

Spyralle Ice Blade Crest Implant photo

Spyralle Ice Blade Crest Implant

Shape (modified), skin, eyes and tattoo from Fallen Gods. Crack tattoo from Nomine.

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Spring Floats In

Spyralle Floating Iris Lamps for We Love Role Play event May

Spyralle Iris Floating Lamps – Set of Five Colors

Released as Spyralle’s exclusive creation for the May round of We Love Role Play, our iris lamps bring a little magic into your spring decor. And some of us need it! Spring came late this year where I live – barely a leaf or flower to be seen until a week ago, and snow is still on the ground not far away.

Shown above is the pack of five colors, including the Peach, which is a bonus available only in the set.

Spyralle Iris Floating Lamp – Purple-White

The iris lamps are scripted to turn on with a touch, floating slowly around their initial position, dropping little stars and shedding a gentle light. Touch again to turn them off, but give them a minute to finish drifting and return “home.”

Spyralle Iris Floating Lamp – Yellow-White

Spyralle Iris Floating Lamp – Pink

Although the scripts are not modifiable, you can edit the lamps to resize them when rezzed. We recommend only small changes, as the scripts are sensitive to the size of the object. And, of course, keep a back up copy in your inventory.

Spyralle Iris Floating Lamp – Blue


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World Tour: Australia

Spyralle Pair of Carved Lizards - Prize for World Tour Hunt 2019

Spyralle Pair of Carved Lizards – World Tour Hunt

Once upon a time I was fortunate to spend some years living in Australia and then, about 8 years later, go again to stay for several months.  Those were wonderfully happy times that had a lasting impact on my life, especially creatively. Two things influenced me deeply – the landscapes and the art.

In spite of a limited budget, we were able to collect a bit of indigenous art from local galleries, including several small carved animals.  My favorite is a lizard with a surface design created by wood-burning. It is about the size of my hand and has an alert, curious personality, watching everything from its special shelf.

Lizard (yes, its name is Lizard) is the inspiration for the two carved lizards I created as Spyralle’s prize in this year’s World Tour Hunt, presented by Kastle.  Spyralle is a stop on the Australia – Antarctica – South America tour, and you can find out more by touching the hunt poster at the entrance to Spyralle on Mauna Waipio. Prizes are 3L each.

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Song of Memory – Fantasy Faire 2019

Photo of 'Song of Memory' Wordling art installation by Kerryth Tarantal, Fantasy Faire 2019

Song of Memory – Worldling by Kerryth Tarantal, Fantasy Faire 2019

Once there was a being of crystal
Who delighted in creatures and growing things
Flashing wing and glowing flower
He made a garden

Once there was a woman of flesh
Her delight was sparkling gems
Shining materials from the earth
She crafted jewels

Spyralle's Glass Harp, original creation released at Fantasy Faire 2019, to benefit Relay for Life

Spyralle Glass Harp from Song of Memory – Donation to Relay for Life 2019

They met in the garden and fell in love
And sang joyfully together
Wind and water, chime and flute

But her life passed as a brief season
In his long count of days
She grew old and died before his eyes

Spyralle's Crystal Heart Arch Fantasy Faire Release

Spyralle Crystal Heart Arch – Exclusive to Fantasy Faire 2019, proceeds donated to Relay for Life

The song he composed in her memory
took five thousand years to play

Spyralle's Spiral Trees with Crystal Pendant Lanterns - Fantasy Faire 2019

Spyralle Spiral Trees – Set of Four

It is an honor and a delight to be a region sponsor for Fantasy Faire 2019, open through 5 May in Second Life. For many of us who participate in the Faire, this annual event benefiting Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society is one of the most meaningful things we do in our virtual world. It has been my goal for years to be able to sponsor a region, and I am especially happy that Spyralle is sponsoring Urafiki, the home of One Team, a consortium of RFL teams working together in partnership with the Faire.  Fantasy Faire has already raised over $60,000 USD this year, and it is not over yet!  You can find out more about Fantasy Faire here.

It is also a joy to be one of the designers creating a Worldling, a “postcard” version of a Fantasy Faire world that might come to be in the future. My Worldling is called Song of Memory. The story is quoted above. You can see at in the Worldling Cradle at the Fairelands Junction.

My Song of Memory story is the inspiration for the Glass Harp and the Crystal Heart Arch, Spyralle’s new Fantasy Faire exclusives, sold to benefit Relay for Life.  The Worldling also includes the spiral trees from Spyralle’s ongoing Glass Garden project, first seen in my art build at last year’s SL Birthday celebration. These are now for sale for the first time, available singly or as a set.  Also available for the first time are the iridescent Glass Topiaries, which also appeared at SL15B.

Spyrall Glass Topiaries Set - Iriidescent Pale

Spyrall Glass Topiaries Set – Iridescent Pale

All of Spyralle’s Fantasy Faire offerings can be found in our shop in the Midas sim of the Faire, designed by Alia Baroque and sponsored by Fallen Gods, Inc. It is a fantastic place – like walking in a dream – which is true of every Fantasy Faire region. I urge you to go, explore, walk these dreams, and donate if you can. Thank you for supporting Relay for Life!

Spyralle's Silent Auction donation for Fantasy Faire

Spyralle’s Glass Harp in Alabaster and Gold – One of a Kind version for the Fantasy Faire Silent Auction

Spyralle Set of Crystal Lamps – Menu Version. These have more options than the basic lamps that come with the Spiral Trees.

Spyralle Pair of Heart Lamps – Menu Version. This version has more options than the hearts that come with the arch. Available separately.

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Primrose Votive Lamps

Spyralle Primrose Votives - Floating Lamps

Spyralle Primrose Votives – Floating Lamps

Floating gently in the twilight, the Primrose Votive Lamps shed benign light (and a little fairy dust) on your spring celebrations and ceremonials. These original creations by Kerryth Tarantal of Spyralle, scripting by Tailahr Winnikow, were introduced at Ostara’s Altar, the solstice event from Dark Passions.

Spyralle Primrose Votive Lamps - Yellow

Spyralle Primrose Votive Lamps – Yellow

Four colors are available, separately or as a set. Each package includes a full size lamp (they are actually quite small) with particle stars, a Petites scaled lamp with particle stars, plus a modifiable lamp without stars.

Spyralle Primrose Votive Lamps - Pink

Spyralle Primrose Votive Lamps – Pink

When activated by touch, the lamps light up and begin to float slowly in the air within about one meter of their original position. The touch toggle also turns the particles on and off.

Spyralle Primrose Votive Lamps - White

Spyralle Primrose Votive Lamps – White

Detailing on the petals is based on new fractals in Kerryth’s Floriade series.

Spyralle Primrose Votive Lamps - Purple

Spyralle Primrose Votive Lamps – Purple

Spyralle also had a prize in the 5 linden hunt at the event – the first release in a new color series of Haze pottery.

Spyralle Egg Teapot

Spyralle Egg Teapot

Ostara’s Altar event ends April 5

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Meet the Beetles!

Spyralle Deluxe Beetle Poster

Spyralle Deluxe Beetle Poster

Spyralle Studio members have been treated with a new gift this month – the third in our series of deluxe mesh insects with colorful texture choices via the mandala HUD. A wearable version is included. This one has so many options for the different parts you can create over 1000 beetle species.

And, you can display them!

Spyralle Victorian Museum Display Case - Oak

Spyralle Victorian Museum Display Case – Oak

This display case crafted in oak is the perfect setting to display your collection of beetles, butterflies, antique gloves, grimoires or what have you. This is also a gift for the group. Members should check notices for information. The display case comes with a framed copy of the mandala.

AND! You should totally photograph your Beetles!

Spyralle has a photo contest for pictures of our insects. The deadline is March 31. There will be up to 6 winners. See group notices for details.

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