Winter Leaf

Spyralle Winter Leaf Jewelry Suite

Spyralle Winter Leaf Jewelry Suite

The way I work is not “industrial.” I don’t grind out a release in one complete chunk, release it into the “market” and then leave it behind forever. I tend to circle back. Revisit.  Repair and refurbish. Embroider. Improvise variations. Document process with more process, comment upon comment. Ideas become themes. Themes become stories. It is more like weaving a tapestry than setting a production line in motion. And good weaving takes Time.

Lately, I’ve become more aware of other creators in Second Life who work in similar ways, in spite of the pressure, and I find it refreshing and reassuring. Not that I need validation to continue working the way I do, but their persistence is, nevertheless, encouraging and reminds me that I am not alone. And that is a good thing to remember.

Winter Leaf is the latest iteration (I won’t call it a culmination) of a longish project – a rather minor one, or I would probably have played this series out sooner.  In fact it is a side branch – a twig, if you will – from a larger set of projects that continues to sprout buds and bear fruit.   Trees, like tapestries, take Time to grow…

(Pardon the metaphors. They tend to grow like weeds. Okay, I’ll stop…)

Winter Leaf is Spyralle’s exclusive at Midwinter Fair, presented by Redeux, ending today.  Summer Leaf is still available at Spyralle Park Place. Autumn Leaf and Spring Leaf have been on temporary hiatus awaiting Winter. And now it’s here!

The other current event on Spyralle’s Calendar is Gothic Garage Sale IV, presented by Dark Passions, running through 3 February. The Garage Sale is exactly what it sounds like – high quality products, new and old, from great designers offered at a discount of 50% or more. There’s also a 5L hunt! For the hunt I made a companion set to the candles in the Team Diabetes event hunt this past Halloween.

Spyralle Winter Night Candles

Spyralle Winter Night Candles

Speaking of revisiting ideas … This is another project “tree” (sorry) I keep cultivating. I created a series of meshes, so far mostly candlesticks, designed to make use of some of the hundreds of kaleidoscope fractals I’ve created. They’re absolutely unpredictable because they only use a portion of the image, and when you rotate the image, you get a completely different pattern on the mesh. It’s kind of like making the original fractals, in a way. Favorite color scheme, too!

My principle release at Gothic Garage Sale is something I was pretty excited about – and exclusive to the event, though it is a re-release (!). I finally updated the Dark Artifacts tattoo/face jewelry set with Omega appliers (plus other little fixes and improvements). This is out for the first time at the event.

Spyralle Dark Artifacts - Spell Seeker implant and Spell Catcher tattoos

Spyralle Dark Artifacts – Spell Seeker implant and Spell Catcher tattoos

The photo was taken of a system avatar, but the tattoos were tested on several Omega compatible heads. The pattern is a fractal spiderweb.

And that hair (isn’t it cool?) is KGI848 from booN, worn with one of their hairbases.  A lot of their styles feature creative and unusual hairpieces worn with an applied hairbase – great for the big headpieces! The bases are sold separately from the hair, but the hairpiece usually comes with a recommendation for the right hairbase.

I had not been to booN for a long time, so I ran to check and see if they’re still there, and they are!, though I think this is a different location from the last time I visited. The hairpiece worn in the picture above is now called Lab.013. I did not see Omega versions of their original hairbases, which match their hair colors, but they do have appliers for 6DOO heads, a brand that is not familiar to me. If you use a mesh head, you may have to use the hairbases made for that head and try tinting.


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Studio Gifts for the New Year

spyralle scarab beetle deluxe

Spyralle Scarab Beetle Deluxe

Members of Spyralle’s in-world group were treated to several new group gifts in the second week of the new year. If you are a member, please wear your tag and touch the gift boxes at Spyralle’s main store at Mauna Waipi’o. More gifts are in the works!

These new originals were prompted by many requests during the “bug hunt” by people who wanted the insects for their own. The hunt versions came in many different colors, so I put them together in a texture change HUD so everything can be mixed in over 2900 combinations. Custom bugs!

The first release was the scarab beetle shown above. It is actually the fourth (at least) version of this mesh insect I have made, new in 2019.  This version gives you texture change for the body (six colors), the eyes (9 colors), wings (6 patterns), and carapace (9 patterns). All of the textures use my original fractals created with Ultra Fractal or Apophysis.

The gift package contains a larger than life size copy to rez for decoration and a smaller copy that will attach to one shoulder for wearing. A super huge copy is on display at our main store. The texture change HUD works on both, and they should be modifiable when rezzed.

Making the HUD for 6 and 9 variations was such an interesting and fun design challenge I decided to offer it as a framed piece of wall art, which led to other framed pieces. The set is the second group gift.

Spyralle Scarab Wall Art Set

Spyralle Scarab Wall Art Set

Once I got into the scarab project, of course I had to go full bore on the firefly!

Spyralle Firefly Deluxe

Spyralle Firefly Deluxe

On this one, you can use the HUD to change the body (9 patterns – there is a typo above), the wingcovers and abdomen (9 patterns; they change together), and the eyes (9 colors).  The Firefly also comes in a large rezzable version and smaller shoulder attachment.

And, yes, there is wall art! Gift #4…

Spyralle Firefly Wall Art Set

Spyralle Firefly Wall Art Set

These gifts will be out for a limited time, free to Spyralle Studio members. They may be available for sale to the general public at some time in the future.  There is a group joining fee in effect while the New Year gifts are out, but if you wait to purchase these later, they will cost a lot more than the fee.

Next question: Will there be gift sets for the beetle (also known affectionately by the team as Bug 1)? Definitely! I am working on it between projects for upcoming events and hope to have it out before the end of January.

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WinterGem Snow

Spyralle WinterGems Antlers - 'Snow' Special Edition

Spyralle WinterGems Antlers – ‘Snow’ Special Edition

‘Snow’ is a special preview edition of Spyralle’s WinterGem Antlers, now available exclusively at the Winter’s Hollow event, through December 31. The headpiece is made especially to be seen with Advanced Lighting.

Winter’s Hollow is also the location for two of our Holiday Tableware items.

The model wears Spyralle’s Sylvia ‘Blue Moon’ dress, Maitreya Lara body, LAQ Cherry bento head, LAQ Poppy skin, Fallen Gods Coal Eyes, F101 hair from KMH and a personal shape.


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Not To Bug You Again…

Spyralle Christmas Beetle

Spyralle Christmas Beetle

The Christmas Beetle was a gift to Spyralle subscribers and should still be in the history as of this writing. It comes in two versions – one rather large for your decor and one much smaller for wearing as a brooch.

Christmas Beetle Brooch

Christmas Beetle Brooch

Spyralle Studio members also received this gift. More VIP gifts will be coming out during the New Year – Twelfth Night week, which is the Spyralle tradition.

The model wears the Rib Knit Dress and F603 hair from tram, LAQ’s Noelle bento head with LAQ Noelle skin, IKON eyes and a personal shape.

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Krissmuss Cheer

Spyralle Whorl Tiara - Gold and Opal (transfer)

Spyralle Whorl Tiara – Gold and Opal (transfer)

For the last several years, the clever people who put on the famous Twisted Hunt have organized Twisted Krissmuss, a wonderful December event for those who need to shop for gifts with a limited budget. Each participating merchant is required to have one new exclusive that is tranferable and costs exactly 100L.

The illustration above shows Spyralle’s exclusive release for Twisted Krissmuss – a spiral tiara fit for the Elvish Court!

The event runs through January 2.

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Holiday Table Gifts

Spyralle Holiday Table Decoration Set - Candy Cane

Spyralle Holiday Table Decoration Set – Candy Cane – Set #6 at Winter’s Hollow

This holiday season, Spyralle has tucked little gifts for you all over the place! I’ve made a series of holiday tableware and placed mini-sets at every event and hunt in which Spyralle has participated this December.

Some hunts and events charge a small fee or require you to be a member of the event group. Also, please check the dates for these events on the posters in our two stores. Not all of them stay open until the end of the month. We can’t guarantee these sets will be available elsewhere this season.

Spyralle Holiday Dessert Set - Candy Cane = Set #1

Spyralle Holiday Dessert Set – Candy Cane = Set #1

We began with Candy Cane Hunt 10. Spyralle Mauna Waipi’o is a stop on the hunt, and this is our prize: a mug and saucer and a salad/dessert plate. This is a 2L hunt. Please click the kiosk near the store entrance for information. Our hint giver is there, too.

The Candy Cane Hunt ends December 25, and these prizes poof at the end of the hunt, so don’t put it off.

Spyralle Holiday Cream & Sugar Set - Candy Cane - Set #2

Spyralle Holiday Cream & Sugar Set – Candy Cane – Set #2

The Cream and Sugar Set #2 is our prize in the 11th annual Peace On Earth Hunt. This hunt also goes through our Mauna Waipi’o store. There is a hint giver near the entrance, but be prepared to climb stairs!

Spyralle Holiday Teapot - Candy Cane - Set #3

Spyralle Holiday Teapot – Candy Cane – Set #3

Gift #3 is located at a special winter event, Dandelion Winterdreams Factory. Hunt for filled Christmas stockings in this event’s mini-hunt.

Spyralle Holiday Bowl Set - Candy Cane - Set #4

Spyralle Holiday Bowl Set – Candy Cane – Set #4

You’re going to have to hunt for this one, too! At Mieville’s North Pole event, pick up one of the free Gumdrop Hunt HUDs and hunt for the magic gumdrops. When you click on a gumdrop – if you’re wearing the HUD – you get points you can exchange for gifts or use for activities. You need 15 points for our Set #4, which you will receive when you trade in your points at Spyralle’s little shop inside a big cupcake.

Spyralle Holiday Plate Set - Candy Cane - Set #5

Spyralle Holiday Plate Set – Candy Cane – Set #5

The Candy Cane dinner plate comes in two versions – one on a coordinating display stand and one ready for your table. This set is a gift in Spyralle’s booth at Redeux December, where every shop provides a free gift. You need to be a member of the Redeux VIP group, but it is free to join.

Redeux, which opened December 14, is a discount event where everything has a special price – down to 50L, 35L, 30L and even 25L!  And there are gachas! So give yourself time to take a look around. And do not delay! The event is only open for one week.

The picture at the top is our Set #6, which you can find in the mini-hunt at the Winter’s Hollow event, open December 14-31.  Winter’s Hollow has a slightly spooky take on the season, celebrating winter darkness and the promise of light returning. For the event, Spyralle has released a new exclusive we absolutely love! It will be in an upcoming post.

Spyralle Holiday Wine Set - Candy Cane - Set #7

Spyralle Holiday Wine Set – Candy Cane – Set #7

This most recent Candy Cane tableware set to date is – so appropriately – under the Christmas tree at Fallen Gods. The set includes a carafe and two styles of wine glass – a traditional footed goblet and the more trendy Sonoma County tumbler style. They’re copy, so you can set out as many as you need for your party.

Will there be more pieces in the series? It is possible. Notice will be given in the Spyralle Studio group and through our subscriber.

All the meshes and textures are original work by Kerryth Tarantal. The textures feature an original fractal image by Kerryth. Please use advanced lighting in your viewer to let our pottery shine. Some pieces can be unlinked and rearranged to suit your decorating needs.

We wish you a warm, safe and happy Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas!

New Additions!

Two more items have been added to the Candy Cane series.

Spyralle Holiday Candlestick #2

Candlestick #2 goes with Set #6

This is an addition to Set #6 at Winter’s Hollow. This one is not in the hunt but under the gift tree for anyone to find, and it’s free! This is a most versatile set for arrangements. Here is one example.

Sample Holiday Arrangement by Spyralle

With flowers instead of candy canes and holly, you could decorate for Valentine’s Day!

I thought this was winding down, but no. The Xmas Fair opened today, and … we have Gift #8! The fair is presented by the 30L Saturday group, so it’s full of the kind of deals you find on 30L Saturday, all in one location – and a gift in each booth.

Spyralle Holiday Footed Serving Bowl - Candy Cane

Gift #8 – Holiday Candy Cane Serving Bowl

The Xmas Fair is open until January 2.

Happy Holidays!

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A Brief Pause

Spyralle Beetle at large

Beetle at large

Spyralle is enjoying an invasion of colorful beetles and fireflies! They are carrying items from a series of new releases inspired by my long association with the RL craft scene. If you find one of the insects, pay it 25L, and like a gacha, it will give you a random prize from the set Craft Gallery 1: Haze Pottery. The gacha key is displayed inside our Mauna Waipi’o entrance.  No, the beetles are not the gacha items. Maybe next time. For this hunt, they are just the things you are looking for. They might be flying, crawling or simply sitting still. They come and go.

My mesh insects are a project I’ve been working on from time to time for about four years, starting with the little guy at the top.  Another version of that first beetle became the scarab we’ve used in a number of jewelry creations.  A spider appeared this past October on a hat. Other creatures will be coming along in some form or other.

Introduced quietly during the Anniversary Sale, our “bugs” are sort of an experiment to see if we can make gacha as fun as a hunt – by combining the two activities.  There will be a lot more information in an upcoming post. And we have a lot of posts coming, because we have fallen way behind on Spyralle news. Sometimes that happens, because Life happens.

Spyralle Firefly

Spyralle Firefly

This afternoon, in the material world, I am baking cookies – at the moment between batches. During this break from baking, something happened. I found my old Twitter password. It still works.

About seven years ago I abandoned Twitter and most social media.  My reasons, multiple, were good, and they still are. The reason at the top of the list is Time. Time is limited, and the total Time we have is a fund that cannot be replenished. Social media was sucking up more and more of my Time, and there were other things I wanted to spend it on. I quit television even earlier, over twelve years ago.

Flying Scarab Beetle, just landed

Flying Scarab Beetle, just landed

But Second Life and Spyralle are part of the Real Deal. Spyralle is my pastime, my art, my social network (one of several), my work, my fun, my  business (more or less).  Yet, sometimes, Spyralle steps aside for things like family, the day job, travel, remodeling the house, writing, taking classes, volunteering, being outdoors, making music and, yes, baking cookies, especially this time of year. The part that steps aside is mostly the “marketing,” because to me that is not as important as the creating. That’s just how it is. It’s my choice.

So I will blog all that waiting stuff when I can. In the meantime, come to Spyralle and catch bugs!

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