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Midsummer Comes

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – Gandalf I have not written in such a long time. My feet had paths to walk in the material world, and walk and … Continue reading

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Masks of Kuruk

I was already a long time fan of Pacific Northwest Native American art, so when I laid eyes on the Spirit Valley of Kuruk, designed by Loki Eliot, I knew my home for Fantasy Faire 2020 was in exactly the … Continue reading

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The Wraith of Bristow’s Folly

Bristow’s Folly is the second Spyralle creation inspired by the work of 20th Century British illustrator Rowland Emett.  A folly, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, is defined as “in architecture, a costly, generally nonfunctional building that was erected to enhance … Continue reading

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The current round of Enchantment is inspired by The Princess Bride, that storybook story of True Love and miracles, loved by so many.  I have read the book, but it’s movie I am especially fond of – one of my … Continue reading

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Eagle Sighting

The original plan, like many of my plans, turned out to be vastly over-ambitious.  There would be a series of ceremonial accessories, accoutrements of wisdom and power, worn by the sibyls and shamans, the guardians and wanderers, in that pan-Arctic, … Continue reading

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Winter Gifts

Happy New Year! And a warm Thank You to the members of Spyralle Studio in-world group who have supported us this past year – and in some cases, for many years! There are gifts for you! They are waiting to … Continue reading

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A Shopping Carol

A Shopping Carol is a new HUD based store hop for the holiday season, featuring a lot of stores I like, and I bet you do too, if you follow Spyralle! You can pick up the HUD at our display … Continue reading

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Splinter Trees

In Hans Christian Anderson’s story “The Snow Queen,” a splinters from a troll’s evil magic mirror get into the heart and eye of the boy Kai, freezing his heart and making him unable to see anything good or beautiful in … Continue reading

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Shaman, Speaker – Star and Stone

Our world is a wondrous place. We only have to gaze upon the night sky from a dark wilderness place to know that the cosmos is so much larger than we are, so much more wonderful than we can imagine … Continue reading

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Colours of the Zodiac

Celebrating a dozen years of imagination, Fallen Gods Inc. joins with friends and fans to mark a special anniversary with a Zodiac theme. Please go to the Fallen Gods Inc. blog for all the information you need. The party continues … Continue reading

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