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Welcome! Enjoy Your Stay…

Doesn’t it make you eager to walk right in? ‘The Welcome’ is the newest of Spyralle’s series of totem figures made of natural materials and found objects that arrived first at the We ❤ Role Play event in April. And…I … Continue reading

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Masks of Light

Spyralle introduces a pair of new original fantasy accessories for summer hunts – the Masks of Light! Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIX “The Realm of the Rising Sun” runs July 20 through August 8. The Sunrise Mask is our hunt gift, … Continue reading

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Midsummer Fae Finery

Spyralle releases a new series of original wearable accessories for Midsummer’s Eve, inspired by, shall we say, one of the tropes of virtual world fantasy … glowing fungus! And why can’t it be festive? And decorative? Our new fae finery … Continue reading

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Blades of Ice, Tales of Fire

Shards of ice-like crystal on a crest skull implant of steel and silver offer a formidable image for an otherworldly warrior. The Ice Blade Crest is Spyralle’s new exclusive original at the May round of Enchantment, “The Iron Throne”, inspired … Continue reading

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Song of Memory – Fantasy Faire 2019

Once there was a being of crystal Who delighted in creatures and growing things Flashing wing and glowing flower He made a garden Once there was a woman of flesh Her delight was sparkling gems Shining materials from the earth … Continue reading

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Retro Future

Sometime in the imagined future of the Past, there are fantastic airships, humming impressively across the morning sky, propellers turning slowly, rivets sparkling.  A member of the night crew, going off duty, opens the sensory mask of his bronze helmet … Continue reading

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Steam Me Up

Steam Hunt XIV (March 1 – 31) is a free, themed hunt presented by Historical Hunts, Ltd. Spyralle participates in most HHL hunts and recommends them heartily – for the themes, the prizes, the community and the fun – which … Continue reading

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