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Chione is a Spyralle classic, rephotographed here because it’s this weekend’s special. The Vapour Symmetry Corset, rarely on sale, will be our Monday special. You can walk on water…when it is frozen. The days are getting longer. Be of good … Continue reading

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While I Was Away, Part 1

There were hunts and events I had signed up for, so I made sure that I found enough grid time to put together a few fractal delights, both small and large. The first picture is a crazy confection of a … Continue reading

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Pearly Banners for the Summer Breeze Hunt

In general, I have not participated in a lot of hunts, but right now I am in three, and it has been a very valuable experience. Several months ago I had an important epiphany about hunts. I realized that they … Continue reading

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