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Found at the Lost Museum

This one is a bit fancier, being mahogany with gold hardware. To be found exclusively at Mieville’s Steampunk Pirate thingy the rest of March.

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Catching Up…

Talking about what I do is, alas, a lot harder than doing it. Especially since every piece of software on the planet decided to update at the same time. I liked things the just the way they were, thank you. … Continue reading

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Very Vintage

You know you’re getting old when you stroll around the annual Vintage Fair and find yourself constantly exclaiming, “Wait! THAT’s not vintage!” – and then you realize, for a lot of people, that IS vintage. For Vintage Fair 2020, I … Continue reading


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Meet the Beetles!

Spyralle Studio members have been treated with a new gift this month – the third in our series of deluxe mesh insects with colorful texture choices via the mandala HUD. A wearable version is included. This one has so many … Continue reading

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