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The Messengers

They came in a dream, years ago. I do not remember how long ago. Figures of painted wood, standing silently. They were benevolent, not frightening. Their messages were slow, calm and silent. Finally, a long time later, I began to … Continue reading

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Echo Lake

The set of carafe and four different coordinating wine goblets in the Haze Pottery series is Spyralle’s prize in the Peace by Peace Hunt 3, now in progress. Touch the poster at Spyralle’s entrance for information. Touch the puzzle piece … Continue reading


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A Brief Pause

Spyralle is enjoying an invasion of colorful beetles and fireflies! They are carrying items from a series of new releases inspired by my long association with the RL craft scene. If you find one of the insects, pay it 25L, … Continue reading

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Niika has the lines of a Medieval lady’s kirtle, but the pattern on the velvet fabric is anything but traditional.  I repurposed the “Art Deco” fractals to create a formal geometry and complex layerings of color. So Niika belongs to … Continue reading

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Thames River Frost Fair

It is always so much fun to be a part of Mieville’s creative and lively events and hunts, dreamed up by the inexhaustible imagination of Mayor Perryn Peterson. This year’s winter fair is no exception!  The inspiration for the event … Continue reading

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