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When Spyralle’s Ageless Timepiece was released, I made four color versions and planned several more, but other projects went to the head of the line. At last, here is the more-or-less Goth version, long-promised! This release is exclusive to the … Continue reading


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Little Shadowbox Theatre

Sort of an experiment, this is. Well, in truth, nearly everything I make is an experiment in some sense. I was trying to do a photo featuring a black silhouette against the sky, which led to some playing around with … Continue reading

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A Friendly Face

Here we are to “bug” you again with a new original wearable! Spyralle’s Mantis Mask is exclusive to Trick or Treat Lane for the duration of the event. The Mantis Mask comes in four color palettes, ranging from (somewhat) realistic … Continue reading

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She’s Fascinating…

Here’s a delightfully frivolous little topper for an elegant Halloween! A ruby-embellished fascinator suggesting a black widow spider – new and original from Spyralle in the Skull-n-Bones Black Widow Hunt running through 31 October. Don’t look in our Mauna Waipi’o … Continue reading

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Small Inferno

Is it an old tree stump? Is it a mushroom? Is it a candle? Created from scratch for the Fall 2018 Twisted Hunt, Spyralle presents the Chaos Candle, providing dubious light from a small forest of wicks with hints of … Continue reading

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Unspeakable Ooze

This year’s Lovecraft Festival has been extended through September 2, which means I am just barely in time to write about it instead of too late. If you haven’t gone, I urge you to find the time, especially now that … Continue reading

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