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Winter Guardians

Winter’s Hollow event celebrates the beauty, magic and mystery of the Winter Solstice, which is today! At Spyralle we have a long romance with the Far North and Winter.  (Don’t ask how many times I’ve seen “Frozen II” already. That … Continue reading

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A Shopping Carol

A Shopping Carol is a new HUD based store hop for the holiday season, featuring a lot of stores I like, and I bet you do too, if you follow Spyralle! You can pick up the HUD at our display … Continue reading

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December Treats

It may look good enough to eat, but the purpose is to make you look delicious! Spyralle’s latest jewelry creation is decked out in candy cane fractals to make an ornamental comb for your hair. This confection is Spyralle’s prize … Continue reading

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Spyralle Studio Hunt 2019, Chapter 2, and Black Friday

Spyralle’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Sale continues! Group members can pick up ten gifts hidden all over the store. Half of them were shown in the last post, and here are the rest. These are exclusive to the hunt. Group … Continue reading

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Splinter Trees

In Hans Christian Anderson’s story “The Snow Queen,” a splinters from a troll’s evil magic mirror get into the heart and eye of the boy Kai, freezing his heart and making him unable to see anything good or beautiful in … Continue reading

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When Spyralle’s Ageless Timepiece was released, I made four color versions and planned several more, but other projects went to the head of the line. At last, here is the more-or-less Goth version, long-promised! This release is exclusive to the … Continue reading

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A Friendly Face

Here we are to “bug” you again with a new original wearable! Spyralle’s Mantis Mask is exclusive to Trick or Treat Lane for the duration of the event. The Mantis Mask comes in four color palettes, ranging from (somewhat) realistic … Continue reading

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