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Bold Statement

Assembled from rough-hewn shapes of fused glass set in gold and connected by diamond embellished gold links, Dayana is jewelry everyone will notice. Dayana is available two days only for half price at Spyralle. This exclusive release is part of … Continue reading

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Winter Gifts

Happy New Year! And a warm Thank You to the members of Spyralle Studio in-world group who have supported us this past year – and in some cases, for many years! There are gifts for you! They are waiting to … Continue reading

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December Treats

It may look good enough to eat, but the purpose is to make you look delicious! Spyralle’s latest jewelry creation is decked out in candy cane fractals to make an ornamental comb for your hair. This confection is Spyralle’s prize … Continue reading

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Spyralle Studio Hunt 2019, Chapter 2, and Black Friday

Spyralle’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Sale continues! Group members can pick up ten gifts hidden all over the store. Half of them were shown in the last post, and here are the rest. These are exclusive to the hunt. Group … Continue reading

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Masks of Light

Spyralle introduces a pair of new original fantasy accessories for summer hunts – the Masks of Light! Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIX “The Realm of the Rising Sun” runs July 20 through August 8. The Sunrise Mask is our hunt gift, … Continue reading

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Midsummer Fae Finery

Spyralle releases a new series of original wearable accessories for Midsummer’s Eve, inspired by, shall we say, one of the tropes of virtual world fantasy … glowing fungus! And why can’t it be festive? And decorative? Our new fae finery … Continue reading

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Adieu to Park Place Home

And Park Place has been a wonderful home! After almost ten years’ operation at Park Place, Spyralle is consolidating to our main store region of Mauna Waipio, which opened in January of 2018.  Spyralle Park Place will close at the … Continue reading

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Winter Leaf

The way I work is not “industrial.” I don’t grind out a release in one complete chunk, release it into the “market” and then leave it behind forever. I tend to circle back. Revisit.  Repair and refurbish. Embroider. Improvise variations. … Continue reading

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Studio Gifts for the New Year

Members of Spyralle’s in-world group were treated to several new group gifts in the second week of the new year. If you are a member, please wear your tag and touch the gift boxes at Spyralle’s main store at Mauna … Continue reading

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WinterGem Snow

‘Snow’ is a special preview edition of Spyralle’s WinterGem Antlers, now available exclusively at the Winter’s Hollow event, through December 31. The headpiece is made especially to be seen with Advanced Lighting. Winter’s Hollow is also the location for two … Continue reading

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