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Solar Flair

Spyralle’s new Solar Mask waits for you at our Mauna Waipi’o store if you venture on the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XVIII. Glowing solar rays are balanced by two clusters of comets bound by crescent moons to a golden circlet. Advertisements

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Fantastic Beasts

Spyralle’s Gryphon Mask was introduced in 2017 in one of the late rounds of Genre, but for some forgotten reason I did not get around to blogging about them. After the event, the masks were held for the opening of … Continue reading

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In the Woods

Spyralle’s original mesh Blue Horned Owl Mask is yours for the finding in the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XVII ‘Light in the Woods’. Click the sign kiosk in the store to pick up an information card on the hunt, and look below … Continue reading

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Face InterFace

Face InterFace, the newest design in Spyralle’s long running theme of technology as (usually whimsical) jewelry, is our exclusive for the May round of Genre. Theme: Science Fiction – or, perhaps more accurately nuanced, Sci-Fi. And, yes, there is a … Continue reading

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Stars in Her Hair, Stars in Her Eyes, David Bowie Memories

Webster’s defines ‘bibelot’ as ‘a small household decorative object’ and a ‘trinket.’ There the slightest shade of amusement, when one speaks of something as a bibelot, a touch of frivolity, and undercurrent of fun. I adore creating bibelots, and if … Continue reading

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March Gifts

Spyralle joined two March hunts – nearly over, unfortunately. The Steam Hunt, a perennial favorite, featured an undersea theme. Riffing on the Denizen mask (which you have not seen the last of!), I added fittings to make it into a … Continue reading

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Hunts, Current and Recent, and Special things – November

The unisex face ornament shown above is a special single-color “Firestorm” version of the Forest Edge mask, made especially for the Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt, taking place on all the sims of the new Firestorm Gateway estate (more information here). The avatars … Continue reading

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