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Face InterFace

Face InterFace, the newest design in Spyralle’s long running theme of technology as (usually whimsical) jewelry, is our exclusive for the May round of Genre. Theme: Science Fiction – or, perhaps more accurately nuanced, Sci-Fi. And, yes, there is a … Continue reading

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Stars in Her Hair, Stars in Her Eyes, David Bowie Memories

Webster’s defines ‘bibelot’ as ‘a small household decorative object’ and a ‘trinket.’ There the slightest shade of amusement, when one speaks of something as a bibelot, a touch of frivolity, and undercurrent of fun. I adore creating bibelots, and if … Continue reading

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March Gifts

Spyralle joined two March hunts – nearly over, unfortunately. The Steam Hunt, a perennial favorite, featured an undersea theme. Riffing on the Denizen mask (which you have not seen the last of!), I added fittings to make it into a … Continue reading

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Hunts, Current and Recent, and Special things – November

The unisex face ornament shown above is a special single-color “Firestorm” version of the Forest Edge mask, made especially for the Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt, taking place on all the sims of the new Firestorm Gateway estate (more information here). The avatars … Continue reading

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See the Light

The Twisted Hunt for Fall 2015 runs for about ten more days. Prizes are free but may be very challenging to find. Spyralle offers this unisex accessory item quite appropriate to the Halloween season as well as the Qi theme … Continue reading

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At the Forest’s Edge

You watch quietly from the eave of the woods, peeking through the undergrowth. You take in the situation cautiously before venturing out and engaging with others. Forest Edge – a mask, a face ornament, headpiece – represents those half-concealing branches, the cautious … Continue reading

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Denizen of Darkness

Dark Denizen is a new, original mesh mask especially for World Goth Fair 2015, now open. Denizen is unisex, unrigged, copy/mod. Five colors are available at World Goth Fair. Give us a big smile, now.  

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