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Triple Moon

On January 31, 2018, a rare astronomical event occurred for the first time in 150 years. The Moon was full for the second time in the calendar month – a so-called Blue Moon. The Moon was at its closest position … Continue reading

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At the Forest’s Edge

You watch quietly from the eave of the woods, peeking through the undergrowth. You take in the situation cautiously before venturing out and engaging with others. Forest Edge – a mask, a face ornament, headpiece – represents those half-concealing branches, the cautious … Continue reading


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A Parliament of Owls

Owls are generally solitary birds, but together in company, a collection of owls is called a Parliament. Most fitting that there are twelve Owl Moon gowns from Spyralle. More than twelve, in fact, as you have seen. The last four, … Continue reading

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Moon Dance

The year keeps turning, and the owls fly every night, under the moon. Last year we brought you the Owl Moons of September through December, plus some special gowns just for the holidays. Now we bring you out of winter … Continue reading

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