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View from the Veranda

The brass spyglass rests in a sturdy wooden cradle suspended on chains from the veranda ceiling – just the right height for Rosalie, the Governor’s daughter, to peer out to sea for a glimpse of ships coming into port. Her … Continue reading

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A Fine Vintage

Vintage Fair, presented by Pale Girl Productions, is one of my favorite virtual events for a lot of reasons, not least the enjoyment of researching some new kind of thing I haven’t made before, followed by the challenge of building … Continue reading

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Time and Time Again

In case you have not heard, Fantasy Faire is open until 7 May! Official programming is over, but you can still shop, Quest and explore. Spyralle is making good use of the time by releasing at least one more edition … Continue reading

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The Joy of Making Stuff

March gives me many reasons to smile.  Winter is finally losing its grip. Daylight lengthens. Certain joyful personal anniversaries and “real life” occasions pop up like spring flowers. Anticipation grows for the Faire. (THE Faire!) And Fun abounds in the … Continue reading

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Abandoned Ship

There is a story here. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps you can tell it, or simply set this relic down as an enigma in your garden – or your conservatory, or your oddment room or up on the roof to … Continue reading

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Foretelling the future is a chancy business. You might want to keep picking up data from the space-time continuum as you go, so as to keep your predictions on track. Wear this attractive, useful, slightly retro device from Spyralle to … Continue reading

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Dream Gaze

Steam the Dream – the Tenth Steam Hunt presented by Historical Hunts Ltd. – will soon be (alternate future) history. The dream closes on March 31. Until then, this useful bauble from Spyralle is free for the finding somewhere in … Continue reading

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