Fantasy Faire: Morgan and Morgane

Morgan and Morgane

This year I was under a Spell.

The name of the Spell was Chemotherapy, and it was on my side, fighting for me. All I had to do was to make two New Things and a prize for the Language of Birds Quest. I said “I can do more than that!” but when the time came, the price of exhaustion was too high. So all my big plans came down to getting the minimum done for Relay for Life. Relay was fighting for me; the least I could do was fight for it.

Feathered Eyepiece – Spyralle’s prize for The Language of Birds Quest

Morgane and Morgan come in four other colors.

Morgan & Morgane Purple

The designs are based on fractals I first made in Fractint in 1999. Hey, I had to go back to DosBox to do later versions. (How many Second Life residents were actually born in 1999?)

Morgan & Morgane Red
Morgan & Morgane Teal

Over the years they’ve been embellished with masking and layers and bits of this and that. Each fractal is composed of at least four or five layers. The White costumes are six layers.

Morgan and Morgane Rose

I look back on Fantasy Faire as a dream, and my “home” region of Wandering Woods, creation of Kilik Ledvoda, became my pillow, my quilt, my soft landing every day. Every day I wandered out a little farther, finishing the Quest.

Will I make it through to another one or not? Quietly, quietly they gathered on Fairelands Junction on the last day as the Mists took the Fairelands away. Friends, fighting for me and so many like me. All I could do was cry.

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