Sixth Anniversary Sale

Spyralle 6th Anniversary Sale

It’s on! Everything in the store is marked down at least 50% except the latest two releases. We’re making room for additional stock that will be out on Black Friday at 60 lindens or less.

Eight exclusive gifts are hidden around the store in our anniversary mini-hunt. You must be a Spyralle Studio member and wear your tag to pick up the gifts.  These special editions and limited colors will never be for sale – this is your only chance to get them.

There is a fee to join the group during the hunt, but the prizes are worth it!  Spyralle Studio will be free to join again when the hunt is over.

The sale will end at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, December 1.

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Hunts, Current and Recent, and Special things – November

Spyralle Forest Edge Firestorm Mask

Spyralle Forest Edge Firestorm Mask

The unisex face ornament shown above is a special single-color “Firestorm” version of the Forest Edge mask, made especially for the Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt, taking place on all the sims of the new Firestorm Gateway estate (more information here). The avatars are otherwise dressed up in the new Infinity avatars from Fallen Gods, Inc., which I simply love and wear all the time lately. The hair, from Wasabi Pills, comes with the complete Infinity avatar.

In conjunction with the 8th Anniversary Celebration of Fallen Gods, there is also a hunt, running until November 21. The prizes are FABULOUS, but you have to touch the infinity symbol in all the stores before you can get any of them. Then you get ALL of them! First you must equip yourself with the free hunt HUD at Fallen Gods.

Spyralle contributed a jewelry set. Is it unisex? Well, why not?

Spyralle Autumn Leaf - Pumpkin Set

Spyralle Autumn Leaf – Pumpkin Set

The Autumn Leaf set doesn’t quite match the mask – you can’t tell unless you are really, really close up – but they do go together beautifully.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to blog the anniversary event itself. It was great fun, and I was thrilled to be able to have a little something in the marketplace that was set up in the roof garden. I made a new coloring for Wind Rider. It is now back at Spyralle in the central atrium.

Spyralle WindRider Sirocco

Spyralle WindRider Sirocco

I’m not sure I’m done with Wind Rider….

The Grande Olde Horrorfest Hunt is underway after a few days delay.  Due to the late start, it will run until the 15th of November. Pick up information from the kiosk sign in front of the store. You are looking for a pumpkin, and if you find it, you will have more pumpkins!

Spyralle Pumpkin Garden Lamp

Spyralle Pumpkin Garden Lamp

I know it’s November, but pumpkins are not “over.” There’s pie, you know. And holiday ornaments.

The hunt I totally missed covering, sadly, was the Bats in the Belfry Hunt, which ended October 31. The prize is still up in the store – *someplace* – because I forgot where I hid that pumpkin. So if you beat me to it, you can have this cute little nightlight to chase away all the monsters under the bed.

Spyralle Pumpkin Night Light

Spyralle Pumpkin Night Light

Touch the little switch on the base to turn it on and off.


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Urban Windows

Spyralle Window Washing - Shabby Wood

Spyralle Window Washing – Shabby Wood

Genre is an event worth discovering, every month. It opens at noon on the 15th.

The location is not always exactly the same, so visit the event blog or find a designer announcement (like Spyralle) inworld to get a landmark to the current location

I’m barely in time. This Urban round of Genre closes in less than two days, but didn’t want to miss showing you my washed and shiny windows, all hung out to dry. They give you a glimpse into Elsewhere, places you can see but never go.

This version is a bit shabby, though clean. I couldn’t do anything about the iridescence of the glass, but you can, if you use the HUD. You can also choose the view: day or night, stormy or clear weather. You can even choose to see right through the windows instead of the magic view of some other place.

In place of these old painted, worn frames, you can choose nice dark stained oak. All original mesh, 100%

Spyralle Window Washing - Dark Oak

Spyralle Window Washing – Dark Oak

A Peek Behind the Curtain: The iridescent effect and several of the “magic” views are generated with pixel plasma logarithms through Ultra Fractal and other software. But you know it wouldn’t be Spyralle without a fractal somewhere! Though this may change as we grow and evolve…

I cannot say when the windows will reappear at Spyralle after this round of Genre closes. Spyralle has run out of room! Clearly, a sale is overdue, and a Sale is coming! Our Annual Sale will happen this month, with a hunt, so watch for news.

In the meantime, our sister store, Infinitum Fabrics has moved to the east side of the same sim (exit Spyralle through the front door and keep walking), and some of the older releases, both clothing and home items, have been moved to the lower level, which will become a discount room for products that are about to retire.

Additional changes are coming to Spyralle in the near future. They will be announced here at some point, but the best way to stay up to date is through the inworld group, Spyralle Studio, or the subscription group. You can join either from the boards inside the front entrance. You’ll need to join Spyralle Studio to pick up the Anniversary gifts during the Sale, so best do it now while it is free. There will be a joining fee when the gifts are out.

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Scarab of Eternity

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity

I have never been very fond of insects. This is an understatement. However, recently I have been creating models of them in mesh, which meant I needed to do a lot of research into what insects look like up close, and I am finding it fascinating. Especially beetles – so many amazing forms and colors!

Then Genre came along with the September theme of “The Twilight Zone” and, researching that, I discovered a very creepy episode in one of the later seasons, in which a beautiful movie star, apparently ageless, has an insect pet with interesting super powers. It was a perfect fit with my beetle project!

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity - Cool Color Pack

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity – Cool Color Pack

The scarab proved to be one of the more interesting and complicated pieces of jewelry I’ve ever done, mostly due to a long process of deciding which fractals to use and creating them in all the exact colors I wanted, not to mention a multi-page texture change HUD.

The cool color set was finished in time for September Genre. The others needed to wait on my return from some off Grid travel, but they were added the last week of the round. All three sets made so far (who knows if there will be more?) are now out at Spyralle.

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity Necklace - Warm Color Pack

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity – Warm Color Pack

The most visible textures on the wings and carapace enamel are from worm-like trail of Gaussian integer glows layered over a base image from the public formula Exp04-10 I began working with in January 2003. I do tend to revisit and tweak these images many times!

The body, head and pendants are agate or marbled textures, also created entirely in Ultra Fractal. The pearls are Gaussians created with Apophysis. It is amazing what can be made with these fractal generating tools.

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity Necklace - Twilight Color Pack

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity – Twilight Color Pack

I wanted to make one noirish, monochrome Twilight set honoring the era of black and white TV, but shades of only grey seemed a bit boring. I could not resist putting a little subtle color in. Think of it as reflections and oil slicks on a wet, dark highway, heading to the Twilight Zone.



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Spyralle Tarja Dresses

Spyralle Tarja

Tarja is a sweeping gown with a medieval silhouette. Intricately patterned brocade is bound in at the waist with an embroidered leather corselet. streamers of matching silk fall from the shoulders.

Tarja comes in four colors, sold separately. Each color has 7 sizes.

Tarja is exclusively at Fair Play El Mundo during the month of October.

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New Textures from Infinitum

Infinitum Village Batiks - Special Halloween Pack

Infinitum Village Batiks – Special Halloween Pack

Spyralle’s full perm texture partner brand Infinitum has been quiet of late, developing an extensive and complex series of fractal based textures inspired by Indonesian batik. Once upon a time I studied this art and practiced it in the material world but set it aside as some of the toxicity risks became better known. How delightful it is to find an alternative that not only avoids the risk but incorporates the fractal art I’ve been pursuing almost as long!

The Village Batik series is introduced in the special Halloween pack out now in the Happy Halloween Hunt (prizes are 2 lindens). To visit Infinitum, take the teleporter from either Spyralle entrance or visit the hunt blog for SLURLs. A user license applies. Please see the hunt package for a copy. The hunt runs until October 31.

Spyralle Photo Backdrops for the Photographers Hunt 2015

Spyralle Photo Backdrops for the Photographers Hunt 2015

The Photographers Hunt features everything to do with photography in Second Life except things for your avatar to wear in the pictures. Spyralle’s prize is a big package of photo background textures in two series. “Unquiet Waters” is the complete series in Light Aqua. “Shades of Grey” is a sampler from four different monochrome series. All of these are original images created inUltra Fractal. They are not seamless. Please note that these images are not full perm and have a different license than my full perm work.

Photographers Hunt prizes are 5 lindens. This hunt runs through October 31.

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See the Light

Spyralle 'I See the Light' Mask Set

Spyralle ‘I See the Light’ Mask Set

The Twisted Hunt for Fall 2015 runs for about ten more days. Prizes are free but may be very challenging to find. Spyralle offers this unisex accessory item quite appropriate to the Halloween season as well as the Qi theme of the Twisted Hunt. The effect of wearing the pieces combined is quite startling when they go off unexpectedly in public!

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