Opera Masquerade

Spyralle Fantasy Opera Masks

Spyralle Fantasy Opera Masks

Now available singly or as a set of three, the masks are available at the Enchantment’s The Phantom of the Opera. The mask are 100% original meshes and textures.

Red, whIte and black masks

Spyralle Opera Masques – red, white and black

I thought the first batch of masks was a wee bit too frivolous, so I put these together. Not bad for a last minute change of plans. I could decide which was better, so I released them both. You have to understand that for me, now, “land minute” is five days before the event. Again, the masks and textures are 100% original.

As are the models and texture on the final set of masks I did – actually these were first.

Spyralle Light Mask - Sunrise

Spyralle Light Mask – Sunrise

These are Spyralle prizes in the Enchantment hunt. The prizes are hidden in individual stores.

A salute to the Enchantment team! They made a beautiful place to shop in.

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Spyralle Tall Dark Forest Lamp
Spyralle Dark Forest Lamp

This month is the 13th Anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc., an event I could not miss, even if it took three times as long to do things. Which is not an exaggeration… Fortunately, I had some objects in hand and more Pottery Therapy!

Spyralle Tall Woodland Lamp
Tall Woodland Lamp

There’s a hunt on too! You have to find all the target and pick up all the prizes at the end. On the way, you visit all our favorite stores. I have more Pottery Therapy as my prizes. All of the glazes are based on photographs taken at Fallen Gods region. See if you can guess where.

Spyralle Garden Jars 6. 7. 8 - Sacred Geometry
Garden Jars 6, 7, 8 – Sacred Geometry
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Pottery Therapy III

Spyralle Garden Jar #5

Spyralle Garden Jar #5

Here is Garden Jar #5 – for one last day at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival.  They are for sale in the little sugar bowls you can find at my tent on Shopping I.  Each one is only 20L. They will be available in Spyralle later, but the price will be higher.

Here is some more information you might need about the Garden Jars. They don’t have an inside. Even though they have lids, the jars are one solid piece. They are meant to be displayed as they are.

It is possible to make them smaller. Each jar is attached to a shadow prim which is already the minimum height. If you detach the shadow or edit the jar separately from the shadow, it can be done. I won’t go into detail here, but if you have some experience with prims, it shouldn’t be too hard. You can also detach and delete the shadow prim.

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Pottery Therapy 2

Spyralle Garden Jar #4

Spyralle Garden Jar #4

This one took only about two days to finish, counting new fractals and the spiral texture on the lid.  Like the one before, I’ve got this in the Spoonful of Sugar site for only 20L.

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Pottery Therapy

Spyralle Garden Jar #3

Spyralle Garden Jar #3

This is the first new thing I have made since the Big Change in my life. It started as an experiment to see if I actually could do anything following brain surgery. And I could!

Unfortunately, that was Brain Surgery #1. Brain Surgery #2 was a different story. But I persisted, you see, and I am on my way back.  The hardest and most interesting thing was learning Photoshop again — after 20 years experience. If you can’t think of the word for something, it becomes impossible to look it up. All the tutorials in the world won’t help you.  But one tiny clue opens the words Layer Effects and suddenly a whole missing piece is there!

Garden Jar #3 is can be found in the SOS Sugar Bowl hunt at the Spoonful of Sugar event, now open. Spyralle doesn’t have a booth at the event — sadly, we had to give ours up — but event organizer Ever Courtois made a space for it, so we can give this one thing to Doctors Without Borders!

Go and spend your money at Spoonful of Sugar. They need your contributions more than ever.



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Things Are Better!

Wow! I’ve made wonderful progress since surgery, but there’s a long way to go. I look like quite a pirate!

I just want to point out that there is an update page you can check on to find out how things are going on that side of things, if you want to know.

In the meantime, the regular update pages will be going back to new Spyralle, as it crankily starts back up again…

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Stop the presses….

This is essence of the note I send out to group and the people I’ve been working with, July 23 – 24, with update August 1.

Yesterday morning (July 23) I was diagnosed with gioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. I had hoped for better outcome, but this is what I have to deal with. I don’t know how long I have.

Writing and speaking are very difficult, so I may not be able to answer messages, though I will do my best as long as I can. This happened very fast. The main impact right now is that my ability to communicate is badly effected, and any kind of talking or writing is very difficult, including answering messages. I appreciate your good wishes, but may not be able to answer.

This information is not private, and I probably left a lot of people off my list, so you may pass it on if you wish.

As of today, I am dropping (July 24) out of all events and hunts I am signed up for.  I’m sorry, I because I have looked forward to all of them.

Spyralle and Mauno Waipio will remain open. I have made legal arrangement to pass my accounts, my business, my virtual estate and my intellectual property to my daughter when the time comes. What she will do them them is up to her, but the island and store will remain open for at least four to six months, while we prepare for that transition, whenever it comes – which may be many months yet.

She is a talented young lady who has worked me on a number of real life projects.  I have arranged trusted help for her in Second Life. Everything is in motion.

The last eleven years in running Spyralle – and the last three especially – have been experiences I would not trade any for anything. Even if our contacts were brief – maybe just an event – I enjoyed knowing you. I spoke up very little – I was a quiet little mouse – I was always there, listening, enjoying the jokes, keeping up with it all, and above all, being inspired by your work. And I want each of you know I have taken great joy in knowing you.

The customers – some of you have now been with me since the beginning – you were my reason for doing this!  You got it, what I was doing.  And it wasn’t clear if I was trendy or whatever either.  There was time I used to care; I gave that up three years ago.  Spyralle always from “other”.  I’ve gone back to my art house studio roots.  I don’t have time for any thing else.

I had a good outcome from surgery. I have more treatments. I am learning to compensate for the speech deficits. It will be slow. All the whole side of my “designing” brain is still good and right in there.  We have a lot of months to laugh and be amused that this crazy world. And I intend to.

Thank you for everything.

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Living Stepping Stones

Living Stepping Stones from Spyralle

Living Stepping Stones from Spyralle

Looking just as magical under the sea as in your woodland garden are these new bioluminescent stepping stones from Spyralle!  These are our exclusive at Midsummer Enchantment.

Spyralle Living Stepping Stone #819

Spyralle Living Stepping Stone #819

They come in five colors, and each one comes with three types, as you see here. You can join them to lower the land impact.

Spyralle Living Stepping Stone #807

Spyralle Living Stepping Stone #807

The fungi are Spyralle’s original fractals. That names provide an a identification for each “species.”

Spyralle Living Stepping Stone #815

Spyralle Living Stepping Stone #815

Spyralle Living Stepping Stone #804

Spyralle Living Stepping Stone #804

Spyralle Living Stepping Stone #833

Spyralle Living Stepping Stone #833

You may to bury the under the ground a little bit, though they don’t look too bad climbing up the wall….

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Pinnacles II: Classical

Spyralle Pinnacles II Monument

Spyralle Pinnacles II Monument

People take pictures in Second Life for any number of reasons, in as many style as there are photographers. My own photography is driven by a need for images of my own projects with plenty of negative space for text.  (Also, I simply like negative space in a compositions – could come from a now terribly retro interest in 20th century art, but that’s a whole other topic…)

Plain blank backgrounds and textures backdrops get a bit boring sometimes, so I like to take picture against the sky of Second Life – and what a magnificent sight it is, these days, with the new Environmental Enhancement Project!

Spyralle Pinnacle II Column

Spyralle Pinnacle II Column

Taking photos against the sky is not as simple as it seems.  If you go up high enough to get the things on the ground out of the way, there’s the horizon line and often some atmospheric effects near the horizon you wish you could just cut out. That is why I’ve been making the Pinnacles!  Each one comes with a “Skybowl” cloud deck mesh you can position to mask thing down toward the horizon.

The news set of Spyralle’s Pinnacles has just been released for La Vie En Pose event, their Anniversary round! La Vie En Pose is the event with Everything for photography! Do check it out this month. There are gifts from every booth, if you belong to the group.

Spyralle Pinnacles II Colonnade

Spyralle Pinnacles II Colonnade

The Pinnacles are available individually as well as the full set of three. They are very simple and unadorned for you to decorate and light as you wish. The package includes the AO textures so you can even make your own textures.  The physics are quite solid.  No poses are included — we assume most photographers are well supplied.

Spyralle’s first set of Pinnacles appeared at La Vie on Pose about a year ago — and I just discovered I never posted about them! They have been available at a few events and  are now at Spyralle on the Annex level. If you like this kind of simple photography platform, take a look! These images give a much better idea of the Skybowl in use.

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform - Overlook

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform – Overlook

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform - Single

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform – Single

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform - Triple

Spyralle Pinnacles I Photo Platform – Triple

The tigers are not included! They’re from Jian. Other credits are as follows, as well as I can reconstruct them… In the second photo, Spyralle’s Starseeker costume, all ready for Bakes on Mesh and way more PG that it looks. In the third image, Pixicat’s divine Aerial top, my go-to Wilma jeans from JustBECAUSE, and tram’s H0527 hair. In the Pinnacles I photos, a mash up of skin, tattoos and bits and bobs – all from Fallen Gods – and Spyralle’s Ice Blade Crest Implant for the skull. 

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Masque of Summer

Spyralle Masque of Summer - All Color Set

Spyralle Masque of Summer – All Color Set

Now at We ❤ Role Play for July, Spyralle’s new piece of face jewelry comes in six colors for summer. A seventh color is exclusive to the full color pack, which also lets you mix and match the gems and change the metal colors.

Spyralle Masque of Summer - Rainbow

Spyralle Masque of Summer – Rainbow

Spyralle Masque of Summer - Twilight

Spyralle Masque of Summer – Twilight

The Masques are 30% off for the duration of the events and are resizable.

Spyralle Masque of Summer - Meadow

Spyralle Masque of Summer – Meadow

Spyralle Masque of Summer - Peonie

Spyralle Masque of Summer – Peonie

The dimensional fractals are a bit of texture magic!  Mesh and textures are all original work from Kerryth Tarantal.

Spyralle Masque of Summer - Mist

Spyralle Masque of Summer – Mist

Spyralle Masque of Summer - Maple

Spyralle Masque of Summer – Maple

The single color masques come with one gem color.  Here is the seventh color, exclusive to the full pack:

Spyralle Masque of Summer - Wildflower

Spyralle Masque of Summer – Wildflower

It’s unrigged so you can move it. I’ve seen it worn as a tiara – gorgeous!

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