Spyralle Starseeker Outfit

Spyralle Starseeker at Fantasy Faire 2017

Spyralle presents Starseeker, a new outfit in mixed modes, premiering at Fantasy Faire 2017. The first Starseeker ensemble is designated LP0603 after the archive number of the primary fractal used in creation of the textures.

This special edition set for Fantasy Faire includes original mesh head and arm pieces with particle effects, system/applier layers, a face tattoo, particle emitters for the hands, flex drapes that can be attached in many possible configurations and an exclusive suite of nebula attachments from Tai’Dyed. All proceeds from the sale of LP0603 are donated to Relay for life.

Spyralle Starseeker LP0603 Costume with Nebula Suite

Spyralle Starseeker LP0603 Costume with Nebula Suite

Starseeker is a collaboration between Spyralle’s principle designer Kerryth Tarantal, who created the original mesh, textures and costume drapes, and Tai’Dyed designer Tailahr Winnikow, who created the particle effects and the suite of Nebula attachments.

Starseeker Nebula from Tai'Dyed

Starseeker Nebula from Tai’Dyed

Additional coordinating Nebula sets are also available separately at the Faire.

For those who prefer to wear only the mesh attachments, these can also be purchased as a separate set without the applier/system layers, the drapes or the Nebula suite

Spyralle Starseeker LP0603 Head & Armpieces

Spyralle Starseeker LP0603 Head & Arm pieces

Additional colors of Starseeker are on the way and expected to be released at Fantasy Faire on Thursday, April 27.

The model wears a Lara mesh body from Maitreya with a personal shape, Glam Affair’s Emma skin in Jamaica, Shattered – Dream eyes from Dead Apples and Vanessa hair from Wasabi Pills.

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Enter the Victorian Garden

Spyralle Victorian Garden Gate - Light

Spyralle Victorian Garden Gate – Light

Genre revisits the Victorian era this month, and Spyralle seeks another change of pace. Spring is coming (to many of us)! Why not celebrate the Victorian garden?

This modifiable mesh gate is meant to be tucked between two sections of a proper hedge (not included) or fencing. This version reminds us that once those 19th century things were new and bright and shiny. The paint was fresh and metal was polished to a sparkle! Use your advanced lighting module to appreciate the shine of the brass and glow of the marble.

Spyralle Victorian Garden Gate - Dark

Spyralle Victorian Garden Gate – Dark

For those who prefer the more staid, sober atmosphere of Her Majesty’s long mourning years, here is a dark version – not as dark is it could be (and will be!), but sensible granite, oak, wrought iron and rich copper patina, befitting custodians of an Empire.

Spyralle’s Victorian Garden Gates are 50% off at this month’s splendid Victorian Genre round. Try out the examples! Touch to open or light the lamp. Take one home to fittingly greet your guests for tea.

Mesh and textures by Kerryth, scripts by Tai, photos by Lily.

Additional Note: Fencing has been requested, also a double carriage gate! We will not be able to add these at Genre, but we shall provide them at Spyralle some time in the future.

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Spyralle Vivian Gown

Spyralle Vivian Gown

Vivian is Spyralle’s exclusive for March SWANK event, celebrating Hollywood Glam. Vivian is loaded with gold or silver sequins and beads and comes in 12 colors (sold separately) and 12 sizes, fitting standard avatars and most popular mesh avatars.  To see this gown really sparkle, please turn on the Advanced Lighting Module of your viewer.

This weekend only, Spyralle has released a new special edition of our Vivian sequin gown, only at the SWANK event. The texture change HUD gives you 4 dresses for the price of one in lively spring colors of new grass and budding leaves – but you might keep it in mind for the winter holiday season too!

Spyralle Vivian Gown - Green Ombre Special Edition

Spyralle Vivian Gown – Green Ombre Special Edition

The hair in the top photo is Gemma by Elua. Skin is Katya by Glam Affair. In the second photo, the skin is Luna by Glam Affair, and the hair is Rykiel by Lelutka. Gemma is still available; the status of the other items is unknown. Both models wear the Maitreya Lara mesh body with a personal shape.


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Spyralle Scrying Bowl in Alabaster

Spyralle Scrying Bowl in Alabaster

Magic is the theme of March’s round of Totally Top Shelf, and Spyralle makes Magic with this graceful scrying bowl, exclusive to the event. Touch the bowl – mist forms over the water. When it clears a vision become visible in the water, then fades away. You can add your own images and use the HUD to customize the graceful pedestal to complement the décor of your wizardly laboratory or ceremonial grove. Scripts by magical Tai.

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Spyralle Floret Ornamental Comb Special Edition

Spyralle Floret Ornamental Comb Special Edition

This Julia type fractal reminded me of broccoli and Lalique.  A floret is one of the small flowers that make up a compound flower, which is what broccoli is. Thus, a new ornamental comb in the Art Nouveau mode! The comb is yours in the Jewelry and Accessories Hunt, continuing through March 31.  Future releases for sale may or may not include these three textures.

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Infinity Lamp

Spyralle Infinity Lamp - Twisted Hunt Special Edition

Spyralle Infinity Lamp – Twisted Hunt Special Edition

Infinity is the theme of the Spring 2017 Twisted Hunt. Twisted is famously the most fiendishly difficult of grid hunts, with the best free prizes – but you have to work for them. Spyralle is not-so-famously not-so-fiendish at hiding our prize.  But we do rename half the store the same as the prize cube to make it a little more interesting, plus a few other slightly wicked things. Good luck!

This round, Spyralle’s prize is a tall lamp inspired by “mid century” Scandinavian modern design. The touch switch lets you light the top or the bottom half or both, or turn it off. The prize includes a special edition green lantern that will only be available to hunters and not included in future sales, if any. Scripts by Tai, whose lovely Nebula outfits are for sale behind the stairs. That is NOT a hunt hint.

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Abandoned Ship

Spyralle Abandoned Ship - Steam Hunt XII

Spyralle Abandoned Ship – Steam Hunt XII

There is a story here. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps you can tell it, or simply set this relic down as an enigma in your garden – or your conservatory, or your oddment room or up on the roof to point wistfully at the stars.

Free in Steam Hunt XII through March 31. The Steam Theme is a celebration of Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon.

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