Spyralle Justine Halloween Special Edition

Spyralle Justine Halloween Special Edition

Evoking gaslight and foggy nights, Justine’s goth romanticism telegraphs drama with jagged images of lightning contrasted against – almost breaking out of – dark, well-regulated brocade.

Spyralle Justine Purple

Spyralle Justine Purple

Inspired by the imagery of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Justine is named after one of the book’s tragic characters.

Spyralle Justine Black & White

Spyralle Justine Black & White

Justine appears in 5 goth-appropriate colors, though you may want to seek out the special edition now in case it does not carry over to Spyralle after the event.

Spyralle Justine Blue

Spyralle Justine Blue

Spyralle Justine Red

Spyralle Justine Red

Events for Parkinson’s Halloween event “Gotham Island” is where you will find Justine until the end of October. Proceeds go to Team Fox for Parkinson’s research. Halloween is everywhere on the Grid this month, but Gotham Island is an event you should not overlook, including their 10L hunt, also benefiting Team Fox. Here is Spyralle’s hunt prize:

Spyralle Gotham Island Hunt Gift - Justine in Disguise

Spyralle Gotham Island Hunt Gift – Justine in Disguise

… showing that Justine has her whimsical side as well. The gleam in her eye may indicate that all the gloom and drama is only role play, and we’ll all come in out of the fog for a mug of hot spiced cider in front of the warm fire …

Justine wears the Lara body by Maitreya and the Greer bento head by Lelutka, with a personal shape. The skin is Emilia in Tone 1 from YS&YS, and the eyes are IKON. D!va’s beautiful and elegant Ange is the hair. Poses come from MUA and Di’s Opera.

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Spyralle Kazumi Outfit - Color #1

Spyralle Kazumi Outfit – Color #1

Kazumi brings my love of beautiful fabrics and hand crafted garment making to pixel fashion! The jacket of pieced batiks and indigo patterned cloth is worn with coordinating denim leggings. Note the indigo print stripe down the side seams, the gold buttoned plackets at the ankle and the denim accents on the jacket.

Spyralle Kazumi Jacket Outfit - Autumn Bittersweet

Spyralle Kazumi Jacket Outfit – Autumn Bittersweet

Autumn Bittersweet is a special edition of Kazumi in Halloween colors. the batiks are orange and black; the denim is black. Color #1 and the Autumn Bittersweet outfit are donation exclusives at Rock Your Rack, an annual event presented by Models Giving Back to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This is Spyralle’s second year in the event.

This is probably a good place to add a picture of our hunt gift for the RYR 10L hunt.

Spyralle Heart of Hope Necklace

Spyralle Heart of Hope Necklace

Two more colors of Kazumi are available at Rock Your Rack.

Spyralle Kazumi Jacket Outfit - Color #2

Spyralle Kazumi Jacket Outfit – Color #2

Spyralle Kazumi Jacket Outfit - Color #3

Spyralle Kazumi Jacket Outfit – Color #3

After Rock Your Rack, watch for Kazumi to return to Spyralle. Additional color combinations will be added to the line.

Worn with Fergie shoes from KC Couture. Body: Lara from Maitreya. Head: Greer from Lelutka. Shape: personal. Hair: Girl*59 from Dura in Dark Red.



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Breakfast in Vegas

Spyralle 'Breakfast in Vegas' Hat

Spyralle ‘Breakfast in Vegas’ Hat

Inspired by Cher’s dramatic Bob Mackie created costumes, this original hat was created for the Inspiration event “Cher: Leather and Lace,” which will be open for at least another month. Inspiration is a quarterly event, with each round inspired by a celebrity – past, present or even fictional!

The dress is Spyralle’s Vivian in black and silver, now at the main store (and inspired by another Hollywood icon). Body: Lara by Maitreya. Head: Greer by Lelutka. Shape: personal. Skin: Emilia by *YS&YS*. Hair: Dakota from Cake (no longer available).

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Celtic Inspiration

Spyralle Triskelion Necklace

Spyralle Triskelion Necklace

The Triskelion pieces were created for Genre’s Celtic round and will be available at the event for just a couple more days at a substantial discount. I chose to stay away from knotwork motifs, much as I love the art form, and look for something perhaps less known. The triple spiral was widely used in Celtic art but is not so famous in modern times. – and it was perfectly suited to this fractal coil mapped to a 3-fold symmetry.

Spyralle Triskelion Earrings

Spyralle Triskelion Earrings

These jewelry pieces come with a HUD that offers a selection of textures for both the enamels and scones, giving an enormous number of variations.

Triskelion Texture Options

Triskelion Texture Options

Some additional Triskelion pieces are in progress, though not finished in time for Genre. They will be released later.



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Sylvia & Sugar

Spyralle Sylvia - October

Spyralle Sylvia – October

Leaves are turning all colors where I live. The maples are going off like fireworks.  It’s one grand celebration before everything goes quiet for winter.

Last year I took dozens of pictures of individual leaves, with this dress in mind. Sylvia adds a sweeping skirt of silken leaves to a brass studded leather bodice – a gesture to your urban Seelie’s sylvan roots.

Spyralle Sylvia - Maple Sugar

Spyralle Sylvia – Maple Sugar

Sylvia is Spyralle’s exclusive for the autumn Spoonful of Sugar festival, now running. Spoonful of Sugar (SOS) is a big semi-annual event in SL, raising money to support Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian organization that provides medical aid to war-torn and developing countries. Spyralle has been a supporter and participant in SOS since it began a year ago.

Maple Sugar Sylvia is a special edition with all proceeds going to MSF. The yellow leaves tinged with red are my favorites. You can see them on October, too.

Spyralle Sylvia - November

Spyralle Sylvia – November

November Sylvia is also a 100% donation to MSF at Spoonful of Sugar. The other colors are providing a 50% donation.

Spyralle Sylvia - September

Spyralle Sylvia – September

I do like the fiery red and orange maple leaves, but I also love the blaze-yellow ones, especially the ones that still have some green. They look like scraps of sunshine on the grass.

Spyralle Sylvia - Frost

Spyralle Sylvia – Frost

There is also something visually intriguing about what happens to the autumn landscape as the fire colors and summer green fade away to soft browns and tans and greys. We crunch the faded leaves piled among the trees when we walk in the bare woods of late autumn.

Spyralle Sylvia - Blue Moon

Spyralle Sylvia – Blue Moon

And then we begin to imagine the palette of winter nights – purple shadows on snow and the leaves of summer cased in ice, under the moon.


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After the Rain

Spyralle 'After Rain' Glass Collar

Spyralle ‘After Rain’ Glass Collar

The ‘After Rain’ glass collar/neckpiece is a limited exclusive you will find only at the Hope After Harvey event to raise funds for hurricane disaster relief, presented by Models Giving Back.

The hinged choker fastens with an enameled clasp. The chains and crystals in the back can be detached in Edit mode, if you wish. Please do this only on a rezzed copy and keep the original for a backup.

Spyralle 'After Rain' Cuff Bracelets

Spyralle ‘After Rain’ Cuff Bracelets

A new enamel texture on our gold cuff bracelets makes a match with the collar. ‘After Rain’ is an exclusive limited to the Hope for Harvey event.

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Renaissance Fair 2017

Spyralle Persian Lamps at the Renaissance Fair 2017

Spyralle Persian Lamps at the Renaissance Fair 2017

Mieville’s annual Renaissance Faire has commenced, with music, dancing, games and artisan shops and booths in a brand new setting.  Spyralle brings a cluster of new lanterns in the Persian style to our tent in the marketplace, just across the stream from a lovely grove of trees in their fall colours.

Spyralle Persian Lamps Special

Spyralle Persian Lamps Special

There are 12 new designs altogether, at a special Fair price. Come visit our booth for these and other pretty things.

And the hunts!

The Renaissance Hunt VII is also running through the month of September. You can begin the hunt at the landing location at the Fair, then follow the landmarks to each participating store.

Spyralle Elizabethan Ruffs Set

Spyralle Elizabethan Ruffs Set – Renaissance Hunt Prize

Spyralle’s hunt gift is a pair of starched neck ruffs in fine linen, one with a narrow lace edging, suitable for modest everyday wear for both Lords and Ladies.

We also have a small gift in the mini-hunt on the fairground…

Spyralle Tavern Wine Jug

Spyralle Tavern Wine Jug – Renaissance Fair Mini-Hunt


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