Fantasy Faire: Morgan and Morgane

Morgan and Morgane

This year I was under a Spell.

The name of the Spell was Chemotherapy, and it was on my side, fighting for me. All I had to do was to make two New Things and a prize for the Language of Birds Quest. I said “I can do more than that!” but when the time came, the price of exhaustion was too high. So all my big plans came down to getting the minimum done for Relay for Life. Relay was fighting for me; the least I could do was fight for it.

Feathered Eyepiece – Spyralle’s prize for The Language of Birds Quest

Morgane and Morgan come in four other colors.

Morgan & Morgane Purple

The designs are based on fractals I first made in Fractint in 1999. Hey, I had to go back to DosBox to do later versions. (How many Second Life residents were actually born in 1999?)

Morgan & Morgane Red
Morgan & Morgane Teal

Over the years they’ve been embellished with masking and layers and bits of this and that. Each fractal is composed of at least four or five layers. The White costumes are six layers.

Morgan and Morgane Rose

I look back on Fantasy Faire as a dream, and my “home” region of Wandering Woods, creation of Kilik Ledvoda, became my pillow, my quilt, my soft landing every day. Every day I wandered out a little farther, finishing the Quest.

Will I make it through to another one or not? Quietly, quietly they gathered on Fairelands Junction on the last day as the Mists took the Fairelands away. Friends, fighting for me and so many like me. All I could do was cry.

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Star Maps

Spyralle Star Maps Universal

This month at We ❤ Role Play. This full set includes an extra constellation. Let’s call it Wormhole 2, because I couldn’t decide which one to include.

Star Maps – Old Tale
Star Maps – Wormhole
Star Maps – Nebula
Star Maps – Starfield
Star Maps – Red Giant
Star Maps – Carr

Carr is the only one to be named after a fractal, because I do like Carr fractals. All of these have a story (usually short) behind them, but telling stories is beyond my means, now.

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Found at the Lost Museum

Victorian Museum Display Case

This one is a bit fancier, being mahogany with gold hardware. To be found exclusively at Mieville’s Steampunk Pirate thingy the rest of March.

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The Dream Guides

They’ve been in the back of my head for a long time, the Dream Guides. Right now you can see them one more day at the Valentines Shopping events by SL, then they’ll be back at Spyralle. They are life-size or larger (and smaller, too) so you can rez a whole flock of them.

The Valentine Dream Walkers

The Dream Walkers are old favorites of mine, given as gifts or in very limited release. Each set changes a little. This one has seasonal wings and the little heart on the chest. This set will also be coming back to Spyralle at least for a limited time.

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Catching Up…

Starry Night Curio Shelves

Talking about what I do is, alas, a lot harder than doing it. Especially since every piece of software on the planet decided to update at the same time. I liked things the just the way they were, thank you. Especially if they’re going to charge extra for doing it the old way. Grrr. So I’ll try it this way for a while. (And while I’m at it, making every page look like a giant expanse populated by a few cartoons and a spread of same-old-photography doesn’t cut it for me.)

The other problem is that my brain is still working around the Hole left by my brain tumor being removed. There’s guys in there pulling wires and stringing new ones and trying to find out where they come out at the other end of the tangle. It rather reminds me of watching old house makeovers on wherever-you-watch-them – they drill into the wall and ACK! The connections are old and mad, and you wonder why the house hasn’t burnt down yet.

Painted Curio Shelves

These are two sets of the shelves I made for the lovely Holiday Shop & Hop brought to you by Second Life in December. They are sort of new and sort of not. I was working on the set and got just one done, so I released it as a hunt gift. Then I finished the next one and released it as a hunt gift, and never released the whole thing.

The original set is the Painted Curio Shelves. They are decorated with the a set of GIF files I make waaaay back in Fractint. Very colorful, don’t you think?

The other set are the Starry Sky set which come in two versions – a day version and the night version. The day versions are textures very plainly. The night versions, on the other hand, are textured with emissive mask so the stars glow even it the daytime. I still have a hard time believing people can see them, so I put both versions in the package.

Both sets are now at Spyralle, in the room called the Lost Museum, way at the top.

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11 Anniversary

Today is the last day of my Anniversary Sale, and a poor sad meeping thing it was, too. So I’m going to leave up there until some time tomorrow, just so all my group (and everyone else) can come over and grab some goodies. I’ll try to have another sale next summer, depending on what may come.

One of the reasons it was meeping at me (stop that, you!) was because Spyralle received an invitation to participate in the Holiday Shop & Hop (or is it Hop & Shop?) put on by Linden Lab. These big events, BIG!, are a much vaster market that most of us ever get access too, and they’re free to merchants, so you better not say no when they come calling. This is probably my last chance to go out with a bang.

In my life these days there is time for just one thing at a time (and very slooowly), so I choose that one and made a lot of new things for it. Publicizing my little home store sale didn’t have a chance and Tai wasn’t here to remind me, so…

I hope when you come you don’t forget to go up the Annex. Most of the clothes are up there, plus all the hats and masks, and the photography items. Sorry if it seems half done: see above.

One thing I have done (and continue to do) is go through old folders and, by damn! some of that stuff is still good. I only took it out because it had been there a while and the old store was small and I forgot about it. And now I have plenty of room and we have bakes on mesh with REAL alpha layers, so why not? It if fits my Maitreya body that’s good enough for me, and it’s not like I’m trying to make skin tight underwear and bootie shorts, so there you go.

You might rediscover some fabulous trinkets in the Lost Canyons of Spyralle…

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Opera Masquerade

Spyralle Fantasy Opera Masks

Spyralle Fantasy Opera Masks

Now available singly or as a set of three, the masks are available at the Enchantment’s The Phantom of the Opera. The mask are 100% original meshes and textures.

Red, whIte and black masks

Spyralle Opera Masques – red, white and black

I thought the first batch of masks was a wee bit too frivolous, so I put these together. Not bad for a last minute change of plans. I could decide which was better, so I released them both. You have to understand that for me, now, “land minute” is five days before the event. Again, the masks and textures are 100% original.

As are the models and texture on the final set of masks I did – actually these were first.

Spyralle Light Mask - Sunrise

Spyralle Light Mask – Sunrise

These are Spyralle prizes in the Enchantment hunt. The prizes are hidden in individual stores.

A salute to the Enchantment team! They made a beautiful place to shop in.

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Spyralle Tall Dark Forest Lamp
Spyralle Dark Forest Lamp

This month is the 13th Anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc., an event I could not miss, even if it took three times as long to do things. Which is not an exaggeration… Fortunately, I had some objects in hand and more Pottery Therapy!

Spyralle Tall Woodland Lamp
Tall Woodland Lamp

There’s a hunt on too! You have to find all the target and pick up all the prizes at the end. On the way, you visit all our favorite stores. I have more Pottery Therapy as my prizes. All of the glazes are based on photographs taken at Fallen Gods region. See if you can guess where.

Spyralle Garden Jars 6. 7. 8 - Sacred Geometry
Garden Jars 6, 7, 8 – Sacred Geometry
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Pottery Therapy III

Spyralle Garden Jar #5

Spyralle Garden Jar #5

Here is Garden Jar #5 – for one last day at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival.  They are for sale in the little sugar bowls you can find at my tent on Shopping I.  Each one is only 20L. They will be available in Spyralle later, but the price will be higher.

Here is some more information you might need about the Garden Jars. They don’t have an inside. Even though they have lids, the jars are one solid piece. They are meant to be displayed as they are.

It is possible to make them smaller. Each jar is attached to a shadow prim which is already the minimum height. If you detach the shadow or edit the jar separately from the shadow, it can be done. I won’t go into detail here, but if you have some experience with prims, it shouldn’t be too hard. You can also detach and delete the shadow prim.

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Pottery Therapy 2

Spyralle Garden Jar #4

Spyralle Garden Jar #4

This one took only about two days to finish, counting new fractals and the spiral texture on the lid.  Like the one before, I’ve got this in the Spoonful of Sugar site for only 20L.

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