Holiday Table Gifts

Spyralle Holiday Table Decoration Set - Candy Cane

Spyralle Holiday Table Decoration Set – Candy Cane – Set #6 at Winter’s Hollow

This holiday season, Spyralle has tucked little gifts for you all over the place! I’ve made a series of holiday tableware and placed mini-sets at every event and hunt in which Spyralle has participated this December.

Some hunts and events charge a small fee or require you to be a member of the event group. Also, please check the dates for these events on the posters in our two stores. Not all of them stay open until the end of the month. We can’t guarantee these sets will be available elsewhere this season.

Spyralle Holiday Dessert Set - Candy Cane = Set #1

Spyralle Holiday Dessert Set – Candy Cane = Set #1

We began with Candy Cane Hunt 10. Spyralle Mauna Waipi’o is a stop on the hunt, and this is our prize: a mug and saucer and a salad/dessert plate. This is a 2L hunt. Please click the kiosk near the store entrance for information. Our hint giver is there, too.

The Candy Cane Hunt ends December 25, and these prizes poof at the end of the hunt, so don’t put it off.

Spyralle Holiday Cream & Sugar Set - Candy Cane - Set #2

Spyralle Holiday Cream & Sugar Set – Candy Cane – Set #2

The Cream and Sugar Set #2 is our prize in the 11th annual Peace On Earth Hunt. This hunt also goes through our Mauna Waipi’o store. There is a hint giver near the entrance, but be prepared to climb stairs!

Spyralle Holiday Teapot - Candy Cane - Set #3

Spyralle Holiday Teapot – Candy Cane – Set #3

Gift #3 is located at a special winter event, Dandelion Winterdreams Factory. Hunt for filled Christmas stockings in this event’s mini-hunt.

Spyralle Holiday Bowl Set - Candy Cane - Set #4

Spyralle Holiday Bowl Set – Candy Cane – Set #4

You’re going to have to hunt for this one, too! At Mieville’s North Pole event, pick up one of the free Gumdrop Hunt HUDs and hunt for the magic gumdrops. When you click on a gumdrop – if you’re wearing the HUD – you get points you can exchange for gifts or use for activities. You need 15 points for our Set #4, which you will receive when you trade in your points at Spyralle’s little shop inside a big cupcake.

Spyralle Holiday Plate Set - Candy Cane - Set #5

Spyralle Holiday Plate Set – Candy Cane – Set #5

The Candy Cane dinner plate comes in two versions – one on a coordinating display stand and one ready for your table. This set is a gift in Spyralle’s booth at Redeux December, where every shop provides a free gift. You need to be a member of the Redeux VIP group, but it is free to join.

Redeux, which opened December 14, is a discount event where everything has a special price – down to 50L, 35L, 30L and even 25L!  And there are gachas! So give yourself time to take a look around. And do not delay! The event is only open for one week.

The picture at the top is our Set #6, which you can find in the mini-hunt at the Winter’s Hollow event, open December 14-31.  Winter’s Hollow has a slightly spooky take on the season, celebrating winter darkness and the promise of light returning. For the event, Spyralle has released a new exclusive we absolutely love! It will be in an upcoming post.

Spyralle Holiday Wine Set - Candy Cane - Set #7

Spyralle Holiday Wine Set – Candy Cane – Set #7

This most recent Candy Cane tableware set to date is – so appropriately – under the Christmas tree at Fallen Gods. The set includes a carafe and two styles of wine glass – a traditional footed goblet and the more trendy Sonoma County tumbler style. They’re copy, so you can set out as many as you need for your party.

Will there be more pieces in the series? It is possible. Notice will be given in the Spyralle Studio group and through our subscriber.

All the meshes and textures are original work by Kerryth Tarantal. The textures feature an original fractal image by Kerryth. Please use advanced lighting in your viewer to let our pottery shine. Some pieces can be unlinked and rearranged to suit your decorating needs.

We wish you a warm, safe and happy Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas!

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A Brief Pause

Spyralle Beetle at large

Beetle at large

Spyralle is enjoying an invasion of colorful beetles and fireflies! They are carrying items from a series of new releases inspired by my long association with the RL craft scene. If you find one of the insects, pay it 25L, and like a gacha, it will give you a random prize from the set Craft Gallery 1: Haze Pottery. The gacha key is displayed inside our Mauna Waipi’o entrance.  No, the beetles are not the gacha items. Maybe next time. For this hunt, they are just the things you are looking for. They might be flying, crawling or simply sitting still. They come and go.

My mesh insects are a project I’ve been working on from time to time for about four years, starting with the little guy at the top.  Another version of that first beetle became the scarab we’ve used in a number of jewelry creations.  A spider appeared this past October on a hat. Other creatures will be coming along in some form or other.

Introduced quietly during the Anniversary Sale, our “bugs” are sort of an experiment to see if we can make gacha as fun as a hunt – by combining the two activities.  There will be a lot more information in an upcoming post. And we have a lot of posts coming, because we have fallen way behind on Spyralle news. Sometimes that happens, because Life happens.

Spyralle Firefly

Spyralle Firefly

This afternoon, in the material world, I am baking cookies – at the moment between batches. During this break from baking, something happened. I found my old Twitter password. It still works.

About seven years ago I abandoned Twitter and most social media.  My reasons, multiple, were good, and they still are. The reason at the top of the list is Time. Time is limited, and the total Time we have is a fund that cannot be replenished. Social media was sucking up more and more of my Time, and there were other things I wanted to spend it on. I quit television even earlier, over twelve years ago.

Flying Scarab Beetle, just landed

Flying Scarab Beetle, just landed

But Second Life and Spyralle are part of the Real Deal. Spyralle is my pastime, my art, my social network (one of several), my work, my fun, my  business (more or less).  Yet, sometimes, Spyralle steps aside for things like family, the day job, travel, remodeling the house, writing, taking classes, volunteering, being outdoors, making music and, yes, baking cookies, especially this time of year. The part that steps aside is mostly the “marketing,” because to me that is not as important as the creating. That’s just how it is. It’s my choice.

So I will blog all that waiting stuff when I can. In the meantime, come to Spyralle and catch bugs!

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Spyralle Ninth Anniversary Sale and Celebration

Spyralle 9th Anniversary Sale Ad

Spyralle 9th Anniversary Sale

Almost everything is 50% off for Spyralle’s 9th Anniversary Sale, going on now at both of our locations. We have some special events coming up too! Watch for announcements in world and here on our blog.

For all the latest information, go to our event page here.

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This One Goes to Eleven!

Spyralle Time Keeper #11 Headpiece

Spyralle Time Keeper #11 Headpiece

This month Fallen Gods Inc. celebrates its eleventh anniversary with a lavish festival of events, hunts, contests and prizes. There is no describing it! You can read about it all on the Fallen Gods website. Even better, go there and dive right in! (Please note that the region is popular and visitors tend to wear elaborate costumes, also there are many many textures for your viewer to load, so please be patient and allow time for things to rezz.)

Spyralle is delighted and honored to be included in the celebration as a merchant in the anniversary marketplace and a stop on this year’s anniversary hunt, the Quasar Hunt. Our new exclusive for the market is the headpiece shown above. It is actually the first, not the 11th edition, but what number could we give it, besides 11?

The Time Keeper alludes to many things, including Memory and the passage of Time as reflected in the themes of the Fallen Gods anniversaries and memorable Fantasy Faire builds. Time and Memory are strong threads in the work of Alia Baroque, Fallen Gods’ originator and designer.  They are also strands of Spyralle, though we have only 9 years to look back upon. (And stay tuned for more about that!)

Fans of Fallen Gods (and by now it should be obvious I am one) and of Libertine, its companion brand of décor and prefab buildings, know about the Eggs. Alia’s collectible confections in miniature commemorate his full size creations as well as thoughts, themes and, no doubt, memories, in the style of the fabulous eggs  created by the House of Fabergé.

I am not a “completist,” by any means but I seem to have collected quite a few Libertine Eggs, more than I have room to display.  Such treasures deserve more than a simple shelf, so I created a whimsical display case. This is Spyralle’s prize in the Quasar Hunt.

Spyralle Painted Egg Crate Display Case

Spyralle Painted Egg Crate Display Case

You don’t have to display Libertine eggs in it; all kinds of treasures can dwell in these niches. True, the Egg Crate has space for only four eggs, but you can copy it.  Perhaps I need to make a bigger one.

The 11th Anniversary continues through October 31. I urge you to go. And – a word to the wise – a thorough, persistent and shamelessly snoopy exploration of the entire Fallen Gods archipelago of four regions will give you more eye candy than you can take in and many surprises, not to mention a head start for hunts this year and in the future!

The model wears skin and glowing eyes from Fallen Gods, Victoria hair from Wasabi Pills, LAQ’s Cherry head (which might as well have been made for these skins), a personal shape and Spyralle’s Sybil Dreaming dress. The Sybil gowns are now available at Spyralle’s Park Place store.




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Solar Flair

Spyralle Solar Mask

Spyralle Solar Mask

Spyralle’s new Solar Mask waits for you at our Mauna Waipi’o store if you venture on the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XVIII. Glowing solar rays are balanced by two clusters of comets bound by crescent moons to a golden circlet.

Solar Mask at Sunrise

Solar Mask at Sunrise

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She’s Fascinating…

Spyralle Black Widow Fascinator

Spyralle Black Widow Fascinator

Here’s a delightfully frivolous little topper for an elegant Halloween!

A ruby-embellished fascinator suggesting a black widow spider – new and original from Spyralle in the Skull-n-Bones Black Widow Hunt running through 31 October.

Don’t look in our Mauna Waipi’o store, because you will not find it there. It’s hidden in our other location at Park Place. Grab a hint from the poison bottle at the hunt kiosk and go looking for another bottle (5L). Don’t put your hand anywhere you haven’t looked first!

Head: Cherry from LAQ. Skin: Poppy by LAQ. Body: Maitreya Lara. Eyes: IKON. Shape: personal. Dress: Marlene from Spyralle. Hair: not recorded.



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Elegant Tiara for Autumn

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Alexandrite

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Alexandrite

Pearls scatter across the richly patterned enamel of Spyralle’s elegant Russian-inspired Autumn Kokoshnik tiara, in eight glowing colors. This new original is exclusive to the October Dazzle event through 25 October.

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Amber

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Amber

The tiara is unrigged, so you can adjust it for your hair.  Siiri hair from Emo-tions is worn in these photos.

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Jet and Silver

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Jet and Silver

Our rainbow of colors includes this version in black and silver – a goth mood for Halloween.

The model wears LAQ’s Neve bento head and the Neve skin, with eyes by IKON.  The dresses are from Spyralle’s Ignis and Coelis lines. The purple version was a group gift.

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik Aquamarine Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik Jade Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik Ruby Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik Sapphire Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik Topaz

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