Spyralle Vaahtera Headpiece Gold

Spyralle Vaahtera Headpiece Gold

Swirling in the autumn breeze, colorful leaves wreathe your windblown hair and drift behind you as you pass through the woods and along the hedgerows. Be the autumn with Spyralle’s new original headpiece Vaahtera, exclusive now at We ❤ Role Play September.

Spyralle Vaahtera Headpiece Green

Spyralle Vaahtera Headpiece Green

Begin in September when the green of summer is just beginning to take on a gilded edge and the mornings chill down to sweater temperatures.

Spyralle Vaahtera Headpiece Red

Spyralle Vaahtera Headpiece Red

Sail into October’s gold, copper and red, breathing a hint of cinnamon in the air.

Spyralle Vaahtera Headpiece Frost

Spyralle Vaahtera Headpiece Frost

Embrace the frost as winter comes in, the last glitter-edged leaves taking a final whirl. Twilight comes early, shining blue and purple on the new snow.

Spyralle Vaahtera Headpiece Blue

Spyralle Vaahtera Headpiece Blue

The colors of Vaahtera coordinate with Spyralle’s Sylvia dresses worn in all photos above.  (Sylvia is available at Spyralle.) The hair is Venere by Wasabi. The bento head is LAQ’s Noelle worn with the Poppy skin by LAQ and a personal shape. Eyes by IKON. Body by Maitreya.

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Welcome! Enjoy Your Stay…

Spyralle 'The Welcome' Totem Sculpture

Spyralle’s ‘The Welcome’

Doesn’t it make you eager to walk right in? ‘The Welcome’ is the newest of Spyralle’s series of totem figures made of natural materials and found objects that arrived first at the We ❤ Role Play event in April. And…I am shocked to discover I never blogged about them. (I blame Fantasy Faire, but never mind that…) It was even more surprising to find out that the first group, ‘The Warnings’, is one of the most popular things I’ve ever made. People have been pleading for more. This one is Free … IF you can find it in the current Twisted Hunt, ongoing through September 30.

Spyralle 'The Warnings' Marker Totems Set

Spyralle ‘The Warnings’ Marker Totems Set

Here they are, these bad boys and girls! (You get to decide which is which. Or not.) Meet, from left to right, Naf, Chi, Wog and Ook. They’re meant to be posted around the perimeter of your property to warn off hostile entities trying to cross your borders. You can copy them and make whole armies!

They also make terrific party decorations, I am informed. I have even seen them used as dance machines! You would have to add your own scripts and animations for that; they’re modifiable. As delivered, these guys don’t actually do anything but stand there looking gorgeous … er, formidable. You could post little ones around your cookie jar!

People have been asking when they are going to show up at Spyralle. I had a notion of waiting until I had a few more ready to go, but I took an extended low tech vacation, and then things got busy, so it has been too long.

But you can find them right now at the Spoonful of Sugar event! They’re guarding my shop there, and you can walk off with your own Warning, either individually or the discounted set of all four.

And please watch Spyralle notices for announcements of additions to the flock or herd or horde. There will definitely be more, and their cousins. I have such a soft spot for googly eyes…

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Echo Lake II

pyralle Washstand with Echo Lake Set Poster in Caribbean Adventure Hunt

Spyralle Washstand with Echo Lake Set

Spyralle’s Echo Lake series from our Haze Pottery takes a historical turn this season in two popular hunts! Though the glaze style is modern, the form is traditional in the pitcher and bowl washstand set that comes with a colonial style washstand. All these pieces are in Spyralle’s prize package for the Caribbean Adventure Hunt which ends September 18. This 3L hunt is presented by Kastle Hunts. Click the kiosk at our store entrance for more information. There’s a hint there, too!

Spyralle Draconis Pedestal with Renaissance Vase

Spyralle Draconis Pedestal with Renaissance Vase

Next, Echo Lake goes Renaissance style in an urn-style gilded vase that comes with its own marble pedestal. The hunt theme is “Here Be Dragons.” Appropriately, the fractal panels of the pedestal are embellished with schematic depictions of the constellation Draco, the Dragon. The annual Renaissance Hunt, presented by Historical Hunts, Ltd., is a free hunt. See the poster at our store entrance for more information and a hint. There is also help to be found in the hunt group.

Spyralle Haze Pottery Sugar & Cream Set - Echo Lake

Spyralle Haze Pottery Sugar & Cream Set – Echo Lake

Echo Lake’s next appearance takes a slightly more mundane form – and yet the setting is adventurous. The Spoonful of Sugar Festival, which has become an annual – and highly successful – fundraising effort for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), opens September 14 in a gorgeous Moroccan themed desert setting, covering four regions. You can learn about the vital work MSF does by following an engrossing path through the recreation of a refugee camp with MSF medical facilities on the headquarters region of the event.

Spyralle’s Spoonful of Sugar booth is on Shopping Sim 1 at the Festival. We’ll show your our exclusives in an upcoming post, but first … One part of the Spoonful of Sugar Festival is the Sugar Bowl hunt, offered by merchants in the three shopping areas.  Each Sugar Bowl prize costs 10L, with all proceeds going to MSF. Spyralle’s prize is the Echo Lake sugar bowl shown above, which comes with the matching cream pitcher and condiment tray, also shown.

You might ask, will there be an Echo Lake teapot? Yes, but not in this event. Subscribe to our notices or  join the Spyralle Studio group for news of future Echo Lake releases.  The series will continue in hunt prizes, event gifts and similar promotional activities through the rest of this year. During this phase, Echo Lake items will be free or very low cost, not over 25L. After this promotional period, items may be for sale later at retail prices in our Mauna Waipi’o store.

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Masks of Light

Spyralle Mask of Light II – Sunrise

Spyralle introduces a pair of new original fantasy accessories for summer hunts – the Masks of Light!

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIX “The Realm of the Rising Sun” runs July 20 through August 8. The Sunrise Mask is our hunt gift, free for the finding.

Spyralle Mask of Light - Midsummer Nights Dream Hunt 2019

Spyralle Mask of Light – Midsummer Nights Dream Hunt 2019

Here is the first Mask of Light – Spyralle’s prize for the Midsummer Nights Dream 10 Hunt. And here they are, worn together! The masks cast a gentle light on the face.

Mask of Light 1 + 2

Mask of Light 1 + 2

Simply Add to your outfit to wear them both at the same time.

Unfortunately, the Midsummer Night’s Dream 10 Hunt ended July 21, but the first mask will be for sale at Spyralle for a special low price until the end of the Medieval Fantasy Hunt.

Hair is H0928 by tram. Skin is LAQ’s Poppy, worn on the Noelle Bento head by LAQ, with Lara body from Maitreya and a personal shape. Eyes are IKON’s Deadshine Eyes Darkstar (Frozen). The top is ISON’s meghan bustier in light pink.

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Echo Lake

Spyralle Haze Pottery Wine Set - 'Echo Lake'

Spyralle Haze Pottery Wine Set – ‘Echo Lake’ – Peace by Peace Hunt 3

The set of carafe and four different coordinating wine goblets in the Haze Pottery series is Spyralle’s prize in the Peace by Peace Hunt 3, now in progress. Touch the poster at Spyralle’s entrance for information. Touch the puzzle piece on the poster for a hint.

The wine set is the second item in a new Haze Pottery color series, “Echo Lake”. The first was the container for our Spiral Bonsai.

It has been pointed out to me that there must be a frustrated would-be potter within my soul. It’s quite true that the pottery stalls are the ones that draw me first at craft fairs. Also true that my house contains rather many hand made bowls, mugs, plates, tiles, ceramic sculptures and other things made from fired clay. So it was probably inevitable that I would eventually take up this art, in some form. Mesh can be quite as malleable as clay and much less messy, not to mention taking up less space and equipment.

Last year I discovered something I found very exciting.  It is process that changes fractal images into something that looks just like pottery glaze – with color variations, speckles, streaks, all the serendipitous effects that emerge from the kiln. I had been making “pottery” in mesh for a while – small “palate cleansing” projects to clear my head between the bigger ones. I had even released a few, like this one (scroll down) for the 2017 Candy Cane Hunt,  this one for the 2018 World Tour Hunt, or the plate shown below, which was a prize in the hunt game at Mieville’s Haunted Santa Fe.

Spyralle Homage to Maria Pottery Plate with Stand

Spyralle Homage to Maria Pottery Plate with Stand

It was about that time that I made the breakthrough with the “soda fired pottery” fractals and started playing with the textures. A limited gacha release of the first four Haze Pottery colors – Ocean, Tidepool, Beach and Woodland – came along in November, 2018. It is now available again for a limited time (through 30 June) in the gacha pavilion at Twisted’s Jackson Square event, proceeds to Relay for Life.

Spyralle Craft Gallery 1 Haze Pottery KEY

Spyralle Craft Gallery 1 Haze Pottery KEY

The gacha items are transfer/no copy, so you will have to be patient if you are collecting a color or enough place settings, but they also go together beautifully as mix and match pieces on your relaxed summer table.

The next stage was the application of fractals outright without extra processing in the Holiday Tableware series in December.  All of the Candy Cane series were released as event gifts or hunt prizes, and that was kind of fun. So we’re doing it again, in a more scattered way this summer with the new ‘Echo Lake.’

Here is the third Echo Lake release, a mug and saucer set you can pick up for 5L in the event mini-hunt at Midsummer Enchantment.

Spyralle Haze Pottery Mug & Saucer - 'Echo Lake 1'

Spyralle Haze Pottery Mug & Saucer – ‘Echo Lake 1’

More Echo Lake will be released during the summer and probably into the fall – on no particular schedule. These pieces are not appropriate for every hunt, but I will try to cover all the existing models eventually and probably a few new ones.

It’s kind of strange. As simple as these projects are (though I fuss for hours over the glaze and getting everything to match), there is something deeply satisfying about making these pieces, quite different from the process of making wearables and larger rezzables. These virtual ceramics have, for me, something of the earthy wholeness and simple beauty of pottery in the physical world, plus a freedom in the texturing that is not often an option in other types of projects.

When I release more Echo Lake sets, I will add them to this post. I hope they lend color to your summer.


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To Yesterday and Beyond!

Emett Remembered - an exhibit for SL16B by Kerryth Tarantal

Emett Remembered – an exhibit for SL16B by Kerryth Tarantal

Every now and then I take the liberty of adding something to this blog that is more about my personal art than Spyralle – though of course they are closely linked.   Once again I was approved as an exhibitor at the SL Birthday celebration this year. The theme of SL16B is the 1950s, and I had some fun with it.

Yeah, there are diners and rocket ships and two tone convertibles and poodle skirts and ponytails and all that stuff. What, thought I, can I do with a 1950s theme that is not only cool but totally obscure?  And what is Spyralle about if not Being Different?

Emett Remembered 2

On my desk is a copy of an old book may parents had when I was a kid. It made a huge impression on me at the time, so I finally tracked down a copy online last year.  The book is Emett’s Domain, published in 1953, a collection of cartoons from Punch by Rowland Emett, a British cartoonist and inventor who became famous in the 1950s.  Emett was especially renowned for his fabulous, elaborate, whimsical kinetic sculptures, some of which appeared in the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” (1968).

My SL16B exhibit is “Emett Remembered: Salute to Rowland Emett”.  The nonsensical machine, which I call “Her Majesty’s All Services Transport Machine,” is inspired by one of the illustrations from Emett’s Domain, with the caption “I should snap it up, gentlemen! There are two other Services interested . . . “ An inventor is showing off his invention to uniformed army officers on a cartoon airfield. It does everything, as you can see!

Emett Remembered 3

Since the “vehicle” in the drawing makes no sense from a physical world standpoint – which is the essence of it’s charm – translating some approximation of it into mesh was a considerable challenge with many compromises, some imposed by limited build time and the hope of keeping it reasonably low poly.

Emett Remembered 4

I was amazed and happy to find the 1952 cartoon posted in Punch’s archive – and absolutely surprised to see it in color.  In my memory, Emett’s work is firmly in the monochrome world of old family snapshots and the curvaceous vintage black and white TV that lived in the basement and still worked, though it only picked up four snowy channels. And had no remote.

Emett Remembered 5

Revisiting Emett’s cartoons in 2018 from the perspective of an adult with some education in history, I was struck by a very different perspective on the 1950s: the tall shadow of World War II lingering for many years beyond the war, especially in England, where hardship, shortages and rationing continued well past 1950. It wasn’t all candy flake, neon and rock ‘n’ roll.

So I chose to make my version of Emett’s drawing in monochrome – like the illustration in the book. Like black and white TV. Like an old photograph.

But  just because we see that era in monochrome doesn’t mean it really was. Even under the shadow there was a cheerful attitude of being in it together and making do – another theme in Emett’s cartoons. And the Birthday Celebration has only just started. Perhaps some colors will begin to emerge…

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Midsummer Fae Finery

Spyralle Spores Accessory Set - Sunrise

Spyralle Spores Collar and Tiara Set – Sunrise

Spyralle releases a new series of original wearable accessories for Midsummer’s Eve, inspired by, shall we say, one of the tropes of virtual world fantasy … glowing fungus! And why can’t it be festive? And decorative?

Spyralle Spores Set - Green

Spyralle Spores Set – Green

Our new fae finery can be found exclusively at the Midsummer Enchantment event, presented by Dark Passions. There’s an event hunt, too!

Spyralle Spores Set - Blue

Spyralle Spores Set – Blue

Because these are supposed to be glowing, we have provided two versions – Emissive for residents using Advanced Lighting and a full bright version for those who are unable to use ALM or choose not to in some environments. The particle spores are little stars, and they can be turned on and off with a touch.

Spyralle Spores Set - Rose

Spyralle Spores Set – Rose

Like most Spyralle fantasy wearables, our Spores collection is unisex and can be edit-resized.

Shown on the model: tram’s H0527 hair, IKON Sunrise Eyes in Egyptian Blue, LAQ’s Noelle head and Maitreya’s Lara body, both with a personal shape, and Valentine E’s Belinda dress in Plum (Fifty Linden Friday edition).

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