10th Rez Day PURPLE SALE!

Spyralle Purple Sale 2018: March 30 - April 2

Spyralle Purple Sale 2018: March 30 – April 2

Can it really be 10 years since I started Second Life? This has been some journey!

Many of my friends migrated to SL together when our “old world” Myst Online – Uru Live was closed in 2008*, so it’s not surprising that a lot of 10th Rez Days are popping up in the community. Tai’lahr and I discovered that our Rez Days fall just one day apart – mine on April 1 and hers on April 2. So we’re throwing a Party!

We also share the same Favorite Color. PURPLE! So Spyralle is having a Purple Sale over Easter weekend. Most purple things will be 50% off or 50L, including some things that are only partly purple. Sale items will be marked with purple stars.

The sale opens at Noon on Friday, 30 March, in both stores. Park Park place has the clothes, hats and jewelry; everything else is at Mauna Waipio. (The sale does not include guest stores or the Wedge Gallery.)

Up On The Roof at Spyralle Mauna Waipio

2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Light-Work RezDay Dance – Ghaelen D’Lareh, presenter

A lighthearted dance to uplifting music. Two hours of world music to dance, float, spin, and turn. Lighten your heart and help celebrate our 10th rez days! (Ghaelen’s 10th is Thursday, 29 March!)

4 p.m. – 8 p.m. Music Night with DJ Ktahdn Vesuvino

Join us for dancing or relaxed listening to one of DJ Ktahdn’s thoughtful, eclectic, unpredictable musical journeys! Will it be Chinese zither, Macedonian bagpipes, gregorian chant, Gilbert and Sullivan or our favorite songwriter songs? Come and find out.

GIFTS!  Kerryth and Tai have made rez day gifts for each other and for you too!  The gifts will appear some time on Sunday down by the river near the future Petites department. They will vanish again some time on Monday.

Spyralle Coelis Evening Star - Group Gift

Spyralle Coelis Evening Star – Group Gift

Spyralle Fuchsia Wall Lamp - Gift for all

Spyralle Fuchsia Wall Lamp – Gift for all

* A footnote. Myst Online Uru Live was reborn in 2010 and lives on, supported by user donations.

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Spyralle Icon Halo Gacha

Spyralle Icon Halo Gacha

New at the Medieval Fantasy Faire ‘Land of Dream’ event is Spyralle’s latest gacha, the Icon Halo. The event has been extended through March 25, so you really should go! The animal orchestra at the landing point, with alligator ballerinas is worth teleporting in, all by itself. And then, if you proceed along the winding road and down into the valley, you’re going to encounter a wealth of wonder from dozens of fantasy designers.

Spyralle’s inspiration for our new halo gacha came from Byzantine art, from medieval paintings and icons.  In these artistic styles, the halo almost always presents as a circular glow, no matter the direction the figure is facing – and so does our shimmering halo! It is a particle system centered on an invisible prim, so you will have to attach and detach it from inventory.

There are three styles in the set, increasing in complexity and size from Common to Rare. Each texture is original fractal art by Kerryth.

You may not be a saint or angel, but you can look like one!

The model is wearing Spyralle’s Esyld gown in blue, the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, Elikatira’s Lalora hair, skin by Glam Affair (no longer available), and a personal shape.

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The Joy of Making Stuff

Spyralle Wonderland Steamkettle

Spyralle Wonderland Steamkettle

March gives me many reasons to smile.  Winter is finally losing its grip. Daylight lengthens. Certain joyful personal anniversaries and “real life” occasions pop up like spring flowers. Anticipation grows for the Faire. (THE Faire!) And Fun abounds in the opportunity to Make Stuff for two of my favorite hunts, Twisted and Steam.

The picture above shows Spyralle’s prize for the Steam Hunt XIII. The theme is Wonderland. I imagined a useful object for a mad tea party, a teakettle on an oil burner, handy at table-side, all brass and tarnished copper and a bit of tongue in cheek ornamentation. It is very cleverly scripted by Tai, my scripting partner and co-conspirator. You turn on the burner, and after a few seconds rainbow steam comes out of the spout.

Spyralle Helical Pharos Beacon

Spyralle Helical Pharos Beacon

The Helical Pharos Beacon is for the Spring 2018 Twisted Hunt, theme: Atlantis. This is the third in a series of Spyralle beacons featuring a spiral or helix in the construction of the mesh.  This one is a twisted pyramid (appropriate, no?) suggesting ancient Egypt and Greece.

Hunts, I was once told, are a waste of time for designers. I disagree. Hunts let a creator experiment and try new directions, without worrying about sales – although they do serve their marketing purpose very well, I’ve found. Hunts let you make something out of the imagination, for the pure joy of Making.

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The Archer

Spyralle 'The Archer' Hat

Spyralle ‘The Archer’ Hat

In all worlds, material and virtual, I am a fan of hats. Not just hats – hoods, headpieces, masks, large clunky earrings, scarves – you may see a theme going here. Just about the only thing-worn-on-head I do not like much is those warm knitted winter hats that squash one’s hair into the condition known as “hat hair”. I mean, I like being warm; I don’t like emerging with every strand of hair plastered to my skull as if I’ve been underwater!

But Spring is Coming! It’s prime Hat Season, and I loved making this hat for you! You will find it exclusively at this month’s round of 68 Main. The theme is “Love is a Battlefield” and I envisioned this hat as reference to Cupid’s arrows, plus a tiny suggestion of the classic “Robin Hood” hat, more noticeable in the side view. Note the embossed silver “quiver” pinned to the band, holding the plumes!

This version comes in a selection of Valentine colors, but they are both basic and sophisticated in their own right, and you can mix and match them with the HUD.

Every part of this creation is original. The hat body is covered with a silk damask fabric and trimmed with grosgrain ribbon, textures especially created for each color, not simply tinted. The carved plumes are likewise created separately for each color. Turn on Advanced Lighting to see The Archer at its best.

At 68 Main, you can also find a simple white version, unscripted and modifiable, suitable for tinting. This is specially priced for wedding parties and will only be available at the event. Later in the spring we will release some color expansions to give you more options for the HUD version.

Spyralle 'The Archer' Tintable Wedding Version

Spyralle ‘The Archer’ Tintable Wedding Version

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Triple Moon

Spyralle Super Moon Special Edition

Spyralle Super Moon Special Edition

On January 31, 2018, a rare astronomical event occurred for the first time in 150 years. The Moon was full for the second time in the calendar month – a so-called Blue Moon. The Moon was at its closest position to Earth in its orbit – a Super Moon. And there was a Lunar Eclipse – sometimes called a Blood Moon because the moon glows reddish in the Earth’s shadow.

Spyralle Blue Moon Special Edition

Spyralle Blue Moon Special Edition

I’m a bit of a fan of astronomy and all things skyward (as you might have guessed), and so I could not resist creating special editions of our classic Owl Moon gown to mark this very rare occurrence.

Spyralle Blood Moon Special Edition

Spyralle Blood Moon Special Edition

The Triple Moon editions were introduced very briefly at the Gothic Garage Sale and are now back at Spyralle’s Park Place store with a special sale price February 14-18.

Soon they will be joined by their sister, Dark of the Moon, which was also introduced at the Gothic Garage Sale.

Spyralle Dark of the Moon Special Edition

Spyralle Dark of the Moon Special Edition

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Spyralle Chrysanthemum Hairstick

Spyralle Chrysanthemum Hairstick

For February, The Avenue celebrates Chinese New Year with an Asian theme.

Spyralle’s exclusive is an elaborate ornament for your hair, fashioned from gold, enamel, pearl and rosewood. The stylized chrysanthemum flowers can be changed to any of three patterns with HUD, which also gives you a choice of pearl colors. This accessory is unrigged and copyable, so you can move it to suit your hairstyle and even wear several at a time.

Spyralle Chrysanthemum

Spyralle Chrysanthemum

One hundred percent original mesh and textures, only at The Avenue in February. By request the dress, Vivian in Red, is also out at The Avenue.


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Dazzling Vintage Romance

Spyralle Marlene in Garnet

Spyralle Marlene in Garnet

Inspired by the sleek gowns of 1930s Hollywood, Spyralle presents Marlene, exclusive this month to the Dazzle event. The fractal pattern suggests subtle bias draping over the long bodice and the skirt.

Spyralle Marlene in Red

Spyralle Marlene in Red

Marlene comes in 4 colors, including the two above – perfect for Valentine’s Day! The next one is more film noir – or goth, if you wish.

Spyralle Marlene in Black

Spyralle Marlene in Black

But, of course, we had to have one in our favorite winter colors!

Spyralle Marlene in Blue

Spyralle Marlene in Blue

The model is wearing a Maitreya Lara body with a personal shape, a Glam Affaire skin that was a Fifty Linden Friday item, and Olive’s ‘The Donut’ hair.

One additional note: Spyralle is one of the three designers contributing to the Free Dove’s mini-hunt this month. You can find five Spyralle gifts hidden at the Free Dove and three more at the new Spyralle store. Check the posters at both locations to see pictures of the prizes. You must join the group at each location to pick up the hunt gifts there. Spyralle’s group is Spyralle Studio, and joining is free only until February 28.

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