Elegant Tiara for Autumn

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Alexandrite

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Alexandrite

Pearls scatter across the richly patterned enamel of Spyralle’s elegant Russian-inspired Autumn Kokoshnik tiara, in eight glowing colors. This new original is exclusive to the October Dazzle event through 25 October.

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Amber

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Amber

The tiara is unrigged, so you can adjust it for your hair.  Siiri hair from Emo-tions is worn in these photos.

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Jet and Silver

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Jet and Silver

Our rainbow of colors includes this version in black and silver – a goth mood for Halloween.

The model wears LAQ’s Neve bento head and the Neve skin, with eyes by IKON.  The dresses are from Spyralle’s Ignis and Coelis lines. The purple version was a group gift.

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik Aquamarine Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik Jade Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik Ruby Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik Sapphire Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik Topaz

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Treasure of the Renaissance

Spyralle Enameled Jewel Chest

Spyralle Enameled Jewel Chest

Throughout history, owners of fine jewelry have kept their treasures in elaborate chests, cases and armoires as dazzling and elaborate as the baubles inside. Spyralle takes inspiration from the exquisite jewelry chests of the Renaissance to craft this coffer of stone, enamel and gold for Renaissance Hunt VIII.

This version of the Jewel Chest in original mesh is purely decorative and does not open, but it is modifiable and could have items added to its contents, if you wish. It can also be resized. This year our prize is hidden at our main store location at Mauna Waipi’o.

The 2018 Renaissance Hunt begins, as always, from the annual Renaissance Faire, “Treasures of the Renaissance,” presented by Historical Hunts, Ltd., at Mieville – a fun event suitable for all ages. Wear your doublets and farthingales and come on over for shopping, entertainment and games – especially the ingenious Gemstone game/hunt. Obtain a HUD at the Faire entrance and click on gems appearing everywhere on the sim. You can earn points toward prizes on display at participating shops or to use on other games and rides. The Gemstone Hunt is the work of Spyralle’s resident script magician, Tailahr.

Spyralle’s prize for the Gemstone hunt is more earthy and mundane than our main hunt prize. It will be equally at home in manor house or tavern, not to mention your modern dining table. Cheers!

Spyralle Iron Candlestick & Beeswax Candle

Spyralle Iron Candlestick & Beeswax Candle

Be sure to visit Spyralle’s booth at the Faire! We’re down by the harbour. The Renaissance Faire and Hunt continue through September 30, 2018.

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Small Inferno

Spyralle Chaos Candle

Spyralle Chaos Candle

Is it an old tree stump? Is it a mushroom? Is it a candle? Created from scratch for the Fall 2018 Twisted Hunt, Spyralle presents the Chaos Candle, providing dubious light from a small forest of wicks with hints of deeper, hotter fires within.

The Chaos Candle has no direct inspiration, but it does put us in mind of some rather interesting (and excessive) examples of the candlemaker’s craft we have seen (and owned) and our own Lovecraftian Ceiling Tentacles, due back in the main store this week. You might be needing some spooky decorations this time of year…

This season’s Twisted Hunt goes through our main store at Mauna Waipi’o and continues through September 30.  Hunters new to Twisted need to be aware that it has a reputation as the most difficult hunt on the Grid. We recommend reading the information on their blog.


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Light in the Garden

Spyralle 4 Season Garden Lantern with Bonus Carnival Colors

Spyralle 4 Season Garden Lantern with Bonus Carnival Colors

Long ago, I created a double tetrahedron lantern out of prims, textured with a swirly spiral from the Mandelbrot set, made silky with triangle inequality average coloring. It may have been for a build at Burning Life (Burn2) – I don’t remember. Over time, I made several others and ended up with this set of four named after the seasons. They spent their time at Spyralle and departed at the Dawn of Mesh. Until then, they were one of our most popular products, so I always hoped to bring them back in mesh, and now, finally, here they are.

Spyralle’s NEW lower land impact all mesh Garden Lanterns now come with light and the sparkly particles that were added along the way – and they now offer a menu to let you turn the light and particles on and off separately!

Also we are delighted to bring you a Four Season Version you can change with a HUD. A bonus Carnival option is included! For the convenience of property owners who want to set out multiple lanterns, we also offer a version that lets you change all rezzed lanterns at the same time. This version includes the “short range” HUD to give you the option of changing only nearby lanterns.

The Garden Lanterns are also available separately.  See them all at our Mauna Waipi’o store.

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View from the Veranda

Spyralle Governor's Veranda Telescope

Spyralle Governor’s Veranda Telescope

The brass spyglass rests in a sturdy wooden cradle suspended on chains from the veranda ceiling – just the right height for Rosalie, the Governor’s daughter, to peer out to sea for a glimpse of ships coming into port. Her skirts can’t knock it over, nor can the wind!

Enjoy your own Veranda Telescope – if you can find it at Spyralle in the Skull ‘n’ Bones Caribbean Adventure hunt, through September 5. For information, touch the hunt sign at the entrance of our Mauna Waipi’o store.

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Unspeakable Ooze

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles - ichor

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles – Ichor

This year’s Lovecraft Festival has been extended through September 2, which means I am just barely in time to write about it instead of too late. If you haven’t gone, I urge you to find the time, especially now that it is so much less laggy than the first week. Arik Metzger and his crew have done an incredible job of creating an event with creepy 1930s atmosphere, mystery and a thousand incredible details, not to mention a sense of fun. You don’t have to be a fan of H.P. Lovecraft to enjoy the experience.

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles - Darkness

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles – Darkness

Spyralle’s new original exclusive for LoveFest will give you nightmares … or giggles. A cluster of slimy tentacles have burst through the ceiling, attempting to enter our reality from some alternate dimension of horror. The tentacles drip a nameless substance onto the floor, forming puddles of, yes, unspeakable ooze, accompanied by dripping, trickling sounds.  Working demos festoon Spyralle’s shop at the Festival. You’ll want to avoid standing under them…

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles - Alien

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles – Alien

The Ceiling Tentacles need to be positioned against a flat ceiling – complete instructions are included. They begin dripping after a few minutes and then drip at random times. Thanks to Tailahr Winnikow’s clever scripting, the puddles appear on the floor no matter how high the ceiling. After a bunch of drips finish falling, the puddles fade. The package also includes an unscripted version (Land Impact 1) that can be used just for decoration – no special effects, no sound.

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles - Blood

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles – Blood

The event price at LoveFest is 20% off. These will make a great Halloween decoration!

Spyralle is also participating in the event quest or hunt. You can pick up information about the hunt at the entry point, where you can also find a hand schedule of festival events. Here is our hunt prize…

Spyralle 'Will's Hand Carved Driftwood Candlesticks'

Spyralle ‘Will’s Hand Carved Driftwood Candlesticks’

Will lives in that little shack down by the shore, you know, and the man could tell some stories – stuff that would curl your hair. He hasn’t been around for a while. Nobody knows where he went…

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Abstract Dazzle

Spyralle De Stijl - Mondrian Inspiration

Spyralle De Stijl – Mondrian Inspiration

This month Spyralle is participating in the second anniversary round of Dazzle. The theme is abstract art, in particular, “Mondrian and his Amazing Palette.” The event runs through 25 August, 2018.

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) was a founding member of De Stijl, one of the modern art movements of the 20th Century – revolutionary in its time.  The goal of De Stijl was a kind of “pure” aesthetic beauty, harmony and rhythm, limited to straight vertical and horizontal lines, primary and monochrome colors.

Design inspired by Mondrian’s art crops up every few years, creating new interest in this artist and bringing his work back into the popular consciousness. One of the most famous of these revivals was the Mondrian craze inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian dresses of 1965.

Spyralle's De Stijl Neckpiece  (back view)

Spyralle’s De Stijl Neckpiece (back view)

Spyralle artist Kerryth Tarantal created a new original neckpiece inspired by Mondrian’s grid based paintings of the 1920s, his best known work. Severely rectangular resin panels bounded by black graphite bars are hinged with silver pins to drape over the upper body. The two large pendants are connected with flexible black cords joined at the shoulder with resin and graphite clasps echoing the pendant panels.

A color change HUD is provided allowing the wearer to change groups of panels to a different primary color or white. Some of the panels are always white. The small squares in the bead finials can be changed to any of the four colors or black.

Spyralle is also offering a gift set of Mondrian-inspired earrings at the Dazzle event.

Spyralle De Stijl Earrings Blue - Gift for Dazzle August

Spyralle De Stijl Earrings Blue – Gift for Dazzle August

The model wears hair by tram – F603 in Jet Black, Lara body from Maitreya, Cherry bento head from LAQ with LAQ Poppy skin, IKON ‘Sunrise’ eyes in Egyptian Blue, and a personal shape.

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