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Spyralle Silk Road II Male Outfit

Spyralle Silk Road II Male Outfit

Silk Road is a theme I have returned to several times. Burn2 in 2014, an art show back in 2009, and an earlier version of this outfit a couple of years ago.  The original inspiration for all three, directly or indirectly, was a playlist put together by my friend Ktahdn, exploring music traditions along the ancient Silk Road from China to Istanbul.

It was not only the historical significance and cultural richness of that long, forbidding trek that fascinated me but the broader idea of a journey across strange territory – beautiful, dangerous – with the chance of great reward at the end. And yet, the journey itself is vastly enriching – new places seen, new people met, new stories and music heard, new wisdom learned. I am also fascinated by the alchemy of what happens when cultures and artistic traditions meet and mingle at their edges, especially out in those remote times and spaces where no record is left of how it all happened.

Spyralle Silk Road II Female Outfit

Spyralle Silk Road II Female Outfit

It leads me to invent my own cultural meetings and mingling and evolutions in a world of my imagination – a world where Celtic, Haida and Maori art, for example, not to mention Elvish and D’ni – feed into each other. I have touched this imaginary world before, with Owl Moon, Wind Rider, Wave Rider and other creations.

Silk Road II is a reimagining of that earlier outfit, this time created for both female and male avatars, with new meshes, new textures and a HUD for changing the embroidery design. The embroideries are all fractal patterns out of that (now very, very large) “folk art” series I have been making for several years.  The scripting will allow possible expansion packs later.  This release of Silk Road – “Naturals” – is exclusive to Fair Play for January.

Spyralle SnowMoon Group Gift - Female

Spyralle SnowMoon Group Gift – Female

The prototype, SnowMoon, was previewed at the Windlight fashion show at Team Diabetes Winter Showcase, to which I felt very honored to be invited. It is available for a very brief time as a group gift and will never be for sale.

Spyralle SnowMoon Group Gift - Male

Spyralle SnowMoon Group Gift – Male


All photographs taken at Lucienne
Skins: Fallen Gods group gift
Hair: Jared from Wasabi Pills (no bangs), Quiet Waters from Exile (with bangs)
Eyes: IKON
Antlers with candles: Illusions
Antlers with bones and things: Caverna Obscura
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui

Reminder: Many of the items used in my pictures are no longer available. I do not care if they are mesh or seven years old; I use them because they make the look I want for the design of my own that I am illustrating. These are all designers I admire. I encourage you to go seek out their current work.

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December Prizes

Spyralle Jewelled DJ Headset

Spyralle Jewelled DJ Headset

Spyralle’s jeweled DJ headset (both spellings are correct!) is still out for a brief time as our prize in the Futuristic Hunt. This original unisex mesh head ornament is the latest piece in our “Technology as Jewelry as Technology” series.  It was intended for release at 2015’s Futurewave event, but I did not get it finished in time. This 5L hunt prize version is more or less a Work In Progress, without the scripting and HUD to be added eventually – but it’s still pretty to wear, much more dimensional than the image shows. By request of certain DJs I know, I’ll be adding companion pieces to adorn other parts of the DJ anatomy.

Spyralle Advent Lantern #21

Spyralle Advent Lantern #21

The 12-pointed paper lantern “Advent Lantern #21” was available for one day in the Fair Play Advent Calendar. Fair Play is a monthly fantasy event that benefits Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society and Team Fox for Parkinson’s research. It is small but very much worth checking out. I will show Spyralle’s December Fair Play exclusives in a future post, as I continue to catch up.

Spyralle Holiday Paper Lanterns Set

Spyralle Holiday Paper Lanterns Set

This set of holiday themed paper lanterns, 6 and 8 point, was Spyralle’s prize in the Hunt for the Bells at the SL Christmas Expo, a Relay for Life event. If you missed it, look for this set next December, either in the store or at some event. Chances are, there will be additional holiday lanterns. All the graphic designs are original fractals modified with Ultra Fractal’s kaleidoscope mapping feature. Meshes are original also.

Spyralle Christmas Nightlight

Spyralle Christmas Nightlight

I have been having fun with this series of miniature lanterns hung on a spiral night light base. Here is a candy cane Christmas ornament version that was a free gift at the Midwinter Fair. It may show up again at Spyralle next year.

Spyralle Blossom Night Light

Spyralle Blossom Night Light

The latest night light is one of the gifts at the Fallen Gods “Friends” tree. It may still be out at Fallen Gods – I think the tree will be up until January 6. You may need to be a Fallen Gods group member to claim the wonderful gifts that are under the tree.  (There is a joining fee in place until after January 6.)

In any case, do go and take a look around! Even if fantasy skins are not your thing, the region and nearby islands are filled with brilliant architecture and delightful whimsy – a great place to explore and take pictures. The skin and eyes in the first picture are from Fallen Gods.

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December Part Deux

Spyralle Koloa Holiday Green

Spyralle Koloa Holiday Green

Four special holiday editions of Spyralle’s Koloa gown were our donation for Team Diabetes Winter Showcase in December, with 100% of the proceeds going to diabetes research.

Spyralle Koloa Holiday Red

Spyralle Koloa Holiday Red

The holiday Koloa gowns are back at Spyralle now. Look for some of them to be on sale right now!

Spyralle Koloa Holiday Black

Spyralle Koloa Holiday Black

These dresses are not tinted. Each one is individually textured with a new fractal image from the Floriade series.

Spyralle Koloa Holiday Blue

Spyralle Koloa Holiday Blue

Hair:  Exile “Full of Grace”
Skin: Glam Affair “Luna” Jamaica 04 from August 2015 Collabor88
Eyes: IKON
Shoes: Glamistry “Ramonda”


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Spyralle Moravian Star Lamp - Transfer Edition

Spyralle Moravian Star Lamp – Transfer Edition

There were many, many special things to be made for the season, both within the virtual world and without. Writing about the making took a back seat, as usual, to the making itself. But here is an album of some of the event releases from Spyralle. Others will be covered in future posts. Some of these will be available in the main store, at least for a short time.

Spyralle Christmas Tree Lamp

Spyralle Christmas Tree Lamp

Lamps of brass and iridescent glass were our exclusives for Christmas on 34th Street. Everything at 34th Street was transfer/no copy. The lamps turn on or off at a touch and emit a soft glow. A copy version will be in the store through Epiphany, the 12th Day of Christmas.

Spyralle Holiday Wishes Magic Fax Machine

Spyralle Holiday Wishes Magic Fax Machine

Also at Spyralle through Epiphany, you’ll find our special exclusive for the SL Christmas Expo which closed just before Christmas. The sleigh-shaped Victorian-flavored machine spews out particle and prim faxes in your choice of holiday messages, while the crank (not visible from this angle) turns and the lights flash in red, green and white. The fluttering prim faxes are scripted to die in a few seconds.  The thing makes me laugh every time.

The Magical Holiday Wishes Fax is a special holiday themed version of the Time Traveler’s Communication Device which made a debut at the November “Back to the Future” round of Genre.  The papers shown scattered around the machines are for example only, and are not included in the package.

Spyralle Time Traveler's Commuication Device Ad

Spyralle Time Traveler’s Commuication Device Ad

Many thanks to Tai’lahr Winnikow, who crafted the scripts for this machine and the glowing lamps above! Tai kept adding bells and whistles and gave me more ideas than either of us could execute in the holiday rush. We have lots of plans for more cool gadgets.

Spyralle Orrery Clock v2 Large - Christmas - Transfer Edition

Spyralle Orrery Clock v2 Large – Christmas – Transfer Edition

The Orrery Clocks have come in for more tweaking of the mesh over the past year, with new colors, of which two were ready for Twisted Krissmuss. Twisted Krissmuss was a single location this year instead of a store hop, and in my opinion, it rocked.

Orrery Clocks and the related products are based on a series of flame fractals that struck me, when I saw the first one emerge on my screen, as very Steampunk in character. Each color requires painstaking clipping of complex shapes out of multiple base fractals that take at least 4 hours each to render.

Spyralle Orrery Clock v2 Medium - Jewel - Transfer Edition

Spyralle Orrery Clock v2 Medium – Jewel – Transfer Edition

Jewel is probably my favorite color so far. As space permits, there will be copy/no-transfer versions at Spyralle and, I hope, more new colors.

Best wishes to all of you for this merry season, and may you have a happy, creative year to come, full of pretty things, smiles and good music.

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Sixth Anniversary Sale

Spyralle 6th Anniversary Sale

It’s on! Everything in the store is marked down at least 50% except the latest two releases. We’re making room for additional stock that will be out on Black Friday at 60 lindens or less.

Eight exclusive gifts are hidden around the store in our anniversary mini-hunt. You must be a Spyralle Studio member and wear your tag to pick up the gifts.  These special editions and limited colors will never be for sale – this is your only chance to get them.

There is a fee to join the group during the hunt, but the prizes are worth it!  Spyralle Studio will be free to join again when the hunt is over.

The sale will end at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, December 1.

Appended: Quick photos of the group gift hunt prizes

Group Gifts #1, 2 and 3

Gifts #1, 2 and 3

Group Gift #4

Gift #4

Group Gift #5

Gift #5

Group Gift #6

Gift #6

Group Gift #7

Gift #7

Group Gift #8.png

Gift #8

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Hunts, Current and Recent, and Special things – November

Spyralle Forest Edge Firestorm Mask

Spyralle Forest Edge Firestorm Mask

The unisex face ornament shown above is a special single-color “Firestorm” version of the Forest Edge mask, made especially for the Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt, taking place on all the sims of the new Firestorm Gateway estate (more information here). The avatars are otherwise dressed up in the new Infinity avatars from Fallen Gods, Inc., which I simply love and wear all the time lately. The hair, from Wasabi Pills, comes with the complete Infinity avatar.

In conjunction with the 8th Anniversary Celebration of Fallen Gods, there is also a hunt, running until November 21. The prizes are FABULOUS, but you have to touch the infinity symbol in all the stores before you can get any of them. Then you get ALL of them! First you must equip yourself with the free hunt HUD at Fallen Gods.

Spyralle contributed a jewelry set. Is it unisex? Well, why not?

Spyralle Autumn Leaf - Pumpkin Set

Spyralle Autumn Leaf – Pumpkin Set

The Autumn Leaf set doesn’t quite match the mask – you can’t tell unless you are really, really close up – but they do go together beautifully.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to blog the anniversary event itself. It was great fun, and I was thrilled to be able to have a little something in the marketplace that was set up in the roof garden. I made a new coloring for Wind Rider. It is now back at Spyralle in the central atrium.

Spyralle WindRider Sirocco

Spyralle WindRider Sirocco

I’m not sure I’m done with Wind Rider….

The Grande Olde Horrorfest Hunt is underway after a few days delay.  Due to the late start, it will run until the 15th of November. Pick up information from the kiosk sign in front of the store. You are looking for a pumpkin, and if you find it, you will have more pumpkins!

Spyralle Pumpkin Garden Lamp

Spyralle Pumpkin Garden Lamp

I know it’s November, but pumpkins are not “over.” There’s pie, you know. And holiday ornaments.

The hunt I totally missed covering, sadly, was the Bats in the Belfry Hunt, which ended October 31. The prize is still up in the store – *someplace* – because I forgot where I hid that pumpkin. So if you beat me to it, you can have this cute little nightlight to chase away all the monsters under the bed.

Spyralle Pumpkin Night Light

Spyralle Pumpkin Night Light

Touch the little switch on the base to turn it on and off.


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Urban Windows

Spyralle Window Washing - Shabby Wood

Spyralle Window Washing – Shabby Wood

Genre is an event worth discovering, every month. It opens at noon on the 15th.

The location is not always exactly the same, so visit the event blog or find a designer announcement (like Spyralle) inworld to get a landmark to the current location

I’m barely in time. This Urban round of Genre closes in less than two days, but didn’t want to miss showing you my washed and shiny windows, all hung out to dry. They give you a glimpse into Elsewhere, places you can see but never go.

This version is a bit shabby, though clean. I couldn’t do anything about the iridescence of the glass, but you can, if you use the HUD. You can also choose the view: day or night, stormy or clear weather. You can even choose to see right through the windows instead of the magic view of some other place.

In place of these old painted, worn frames, you can choose nice dark stained oak. All original mesh, 100%

Spyralle Window Washing - Dark Oak

Spyralle Window Washing – Dark Oak

A Peek Behind the Curtain: The iridescent effect and several of the “magic” views are generated with pixel plasma logarithms through Ultra Fractal and other software. But you know it wouldn’t be Spyralle without a fractal somewhere! Though this may change as we grow and evolve…

I cannot say when the windows will reappear at Spyralle after this round of Genre closes. Spyralle has run out of room! Clearly, a sale is overdue, and a Sale is coming! Our Annual Sale will happen this month, with a hunt, so watch for news.

In the meantime, our sister store, Infinitum Fabrics has moved to the east side of the same sim (exit Spyralle through the front door and keep walking), and some of the older releases, both clothing and home items, have been moved to the lower level, which will become a discount room for products that are about to retire.

Additional changes are coming to Spyralle in the near future. They will be announced here at some point, but the best way to stay up to date is through the inworld group, Spyralle Studio, or the subscription group. You can join either from the boards inside the front entrance. You’ll need to join Spyralle Studio to pick up the Anniversary gifts during the Sale, so best do it now while it is free. There will be a joining fee when the gifts are out.

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