Eagle Sighting

Spyralle Eagle of the Forest Headpiece

Spyralle Eagle of the Forest Headpiece

The original plan, like many of my plans, turned out to be vastly over-ambitious.  There would be a series of ceremonial accessories, accoutrements of wisdom and power, worn by the sibyls and shamans, the guardians and wanderers, in that pan-Arctic, trans-Pacific world outside of time, in my dreams. But I live in Time, so I’ve only been able to produce glimpses, like half-buried memories, curiosities brought back by fortunate Victorian explorers who stumbled across the boundaries for a while and returned with tales no one believed. And lovely, strange souvenirs wrapped carefully in tissue paper and hidden in old trunks.

So I unearth them piecemeal, usually one at a time.

And not always in season. The Eagle of the Forest emerged from someone’s grandmother’s attic like the memory of green summer in places where summer is brief, intense and glorious. Here, by the fire, in winter darkness with a blizzard bearing down, I turn my find this way and that in the lamplight, admiring the sheen of colors, the glow of the gems, the fierceness of the eagle’s eyes.  A familiar longing arises in my explorer’s heart.

Spyralle Eagle of the Forest - Texture Options

Spyralle Eagle of the Forest without frontal mask, showing texture options

You can find your own Eagle of the Forest at this month’s Midwinter Fair event, opening January 18.

There was an Eagle of the Snows. Now there is another. Could there be more in other forgotten trunks in other attics?  On walls of back rooms in distant outposts?  In carved chests kept in places of honor by those who still Remember? Time will tell.

Spyralle’s original unisex Eagle headpiece is embellished with our trademark fractal art and worn with a Fallen Gods shape (modified) and skin, IKON eyes and Spyralle’s Shaman of the Forest robe (exclusive group gift from November, 2019). The Eagle of the Snows awaits your discovery at Spyralle’s headquarters, at the top of the south stairs. The released Shaman robes are on the Annex level.

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Winter Gifts

Spyalle Palace Mantis Group Gift

Spyralle Palace Mantis Group Gift

Happy New Year! And a warm Thank You to the members of Spyralle Studio in-world group who have supported us this past year – and in some cases, for many years! There are gifts for you! They are waiting to be picked up at Spyralle. Please check group notices for the location. You will have to wear your group tag and touch the gift boxes below the posters.

There are three new gifts, including the giant pearly mantis shown above. It’s tall but polite. You can shrink it down quite small if the size is a bit much.

Spyralle Isabeau Amaryllis Group Gift

Spyralle Isabeau Amaryllis Group Gift

This winter blossom is our second gift.  Isabeau comes in sizes for popular mesh bodies plus one fitted size for standard avatars. Amaryllis is shown here on Maitreya Lara, with the Noelle head by LAQ, Poppy skin by LAQ and Mayra hair from Wasabi.

Spyralle Hakon Far North Group Gift

Spyralle Hakon Far North Group Gift

Male group members are not forgotten! Hakon ‘Far North’ is exclusive to the group and always will be.  The single, fitted size covers everything but head and hands, so it should be suitable for most bodies.  You will probably need to use your alpha HUD. An alpha layer is provided for standard avatars and future use with Bakes on Mesh. Hakon is shown here on a standard avatar with a Fallen Gods shape (modified) and Fallen Gods Pearl Pure skin. The hair is U102 from KMH.

All three gifts feature original fractals by Kerryth Tarantal – the touch that makes Spyralle products unique! In addition to the three new gifts, we maintain our tradition of bringing out some older group gifts for newer members who may have missed them, including an update of a well-loved oldie in new sizing! See below for more information on the Second Chance gifts.

Not a member of Spyralle Studio? You are welcome to join, of course, but we do have a gift for you, too! Our holiday gift is still available on the patio by the river at our store. The Midas Beetle comes in a rezzable version for display and a wearable version. Turn on advanced lighting for all the shiny!

Spyralle Midas Beetle - Holiday Gift 2019

Spyralle Midas Beetle – Holiday Gift 2019

Our Midas Beetle echoes one of last year’s memorable group gifts, the Deluxe Beetle, plus its siblings, the Deluxe Firefly and Deluxe Scarab. All three are included in the Second Chance gift line-up for the last time. Usually Spyralle group gifts are exclusive forever, but the insects are an exception. They will be released in some form for sale in the future. So, in this case, the Second Chance is the last chance for the group.

All of these gifts are available for a limited time.  That updated oldie? Well, you will just have to go see…

Again, thank you Studio members! You make it fun.

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Winter Guardians

Spyralle The Winter Guardians, Set of 4

Spyralle The Winter Guardians, Set of 4

Winter’s Hollow event celebrates the beauty, magic and mystery of the Winter Solstice, which is today! At Spyralle we have a long romance with the Far North and Winter.  (Don’t ask how many times I’ve seen “Frozen II” already. That information is classified.) Although we do not permit snow on our subtropical island, my favorite color palette – blue, teal, purple, white, silver and winter white – shines forth in greater abundance than the Victorian red and green this time of year. (We do red and green, too, and lots of gold.)

Here is a suite of new totem figures for Winter’s Hollow, crafted in a gentler and more benevolent mood than their autumn cousins, our Warnings and Welcome, though equally tongue in cheek! You can get them individually or in the discounted set of four.  They’re so low impact you can copy a whole choir/flock/parade/team of them and change the sizes for a folk art flavored winter garden or seasonal table decoration.

Winter’s Hollow also has a hunt on the event site. It was optional for merchants, but I always love doing this, so I made a prize to go with the Shopping Carol Hunt prize – and add to your collection of winter snowflakes and folk art decorations from Spyralle.

Spyralle Blue Frost Winter Table Set II

Spyralle Blue Frost Winter Table Set II

This time it is a “real” snowflake with six branches instead of eight, but I like the 8 pointed star too.

I wish you safe travels and a clear, joyous and peaceful Solstice, Christmas and New Year!

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A Shopping Carol

Spyralle Hakon Male Outfit - 'Let It Snow'

Spyralle Hakon Male Outfit – ‘Let It Snow’

A Shopping Carol is a new HUD based store hop for the holiday season, featuring a lot of stores I like, and I bet you do too, if you follow Spyralle! You can pick up the HUD at our display in the lobby.

Our exclusive is the preview special edition of our newest male outfit, Hakon. This full coverage design covers everything but your head and hands, so it should work for most male bodies – or no body at all, except head and hands! An alpha layer is included for system avatars (and Bakes on Mesh after all the updates). Hakon will have more colors soon.

The event includes a hunt, with a prize at every participating store. You’re looking for a gold jingle bell on a red ribbon – there’s a picture on the Hakon display. And here is our prize:

Spyralle Blue Frost Winter Table Set

Spyralle Blue Frost Winter Table Set

And … these are the glass ornaments shown in the photo of the Peace On Earth hunt prize! You can unlink them from the plate and display them any way you like.

In this post, the model wears a Fallen Gods shape, slightly modified. Also Fallen Gods Pure Pearl skin and Wasabi’s Cayden hair.


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December Treats

Spyralle Art Nouveau Hair Ornament - Candy Cane

Spyralle Art Nouveau Hair Ornament – Candy Cane

It may look good enough to eat, but the purpose is to make you look delicious! Spyralle’s latest jewelry creation is decked out in candy cane fractals to make an ornamental comb for your hair. This confection is Spyralle’s prize in this year’s Candy Cane Hunt, on the Sugarplum Fairy path.

Candy Cane Hunt 11 prizes are 3 lindens each, so you can narrow down your search according to prize type by following the different paths and not pick up items you can’t use. Click the hunt kiosk at Spyralle’s entrance to get a link to the website, plus hints and store locations.

Spyralle Starry Night Curio Shelf

Spyralle Starry Night Curio Shelf

The Peace On Earth Hunt (totally free!) is now on its 12th year. I’m a long time fan and hunter (since Year 1) and very happy to be one of the hunt sponsors this year. Our prize is this cute little curio shelf for your toys or collectibles, featuring a starlit sky in my favorite winter colors. The ornaments displayed are not included, but…

You can pick them up in our next hunt! Stay tuned!

The model is wearing LAQ’s Cherry bento head and the Maitreya Lara body with LAQ’s Poppy skin and a personal shape. The hair is G1224 from tram. The gown is Marlene in Red from Spyralle – now in our new Annex level!

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Spyralle Studio Hunt 2019, Chapter 2, and Black Friday

Spyralle Infinity 3-Way Lamp - Cambria

Spyralle Infinity 3-Way Lamp – Cambria

Spyralle’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Sale continues! Group members can pick up ten gifts hidden all over the store. Half of them were shown in the last post, and here are the rest. These are exclusive to the hunt. Group membership will remain free until December 5.

In addition to the 50% off sale at the main store, we have two Black Friday sales going all weekend – one in our 75% off Black Friday Room and one at the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale event presented by Redeux. For detailed information, join our subscriber or group in world and look through recent notices.

Spyralle Waipi'o Necklace and Earrings

Spyralle Waipi’o Necklace and Earrings

The earrings are hidden separately from the necklace.

Spyralle Whirl Tiara - Silver and Amethyst

Spyralle Whirl Tiara – Silver and Amethyst

Spyralle Antique Brass Candlestick

Spyralle Antique Brass Candlestick

We wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving Weekend.

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Spyralle Studio Hunt 2019

Spyralle Spirit Messenger 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Spyralle Spirit Messenger 10th Anniversary Special Edition

The hunt is on for Spyralle Studio group members at Spyralle! Ten gifts for our Tenth Anniversary are hidden on the ground level and Annex level. Be sure to wear your tag. And some of them are not easy to find. Nothing is floating in the air (I hope!) but several items are not on the floor.

The Spirit Messenger series will be released as a gacha very soon. This color is exclusive to the group hunt.

Spyralle Haze Pottery Platter with Stand - 'Echo Lake'

Spyralle Haze Pottery Platter with Stand – ‘Echo Lake’

Of course, there had to be an Echo Lake gift in the hunt! The set comes linked, but you can unlink the platter from the stand and make a copy to use separately. The whole Echo Lake series will be for sale before the end of the year for anyone who missed them in hunts and events this year, but this one is for members only!

Spyralle Bernadette #7

Spyralle Bernadette #7

Hunters will need to look in two places to find this outfit, exclusive to the group.

Spyralle Shaman Robe - The Forest

Spyralle Shaman Robe – The Forest

Reserved for Spyralle Studio group, this version of the Shaman is unlikely to be available again, unless we do a group gift retrospective in the future that includes this robe. (Our gift retrospectives are traditional around holiday time, but please be aware that the group is not free to join at that time.)

The earlier colors of the Shaman are now in Spyralle Annex, with the remaining unreleased colors to be added as I have time.

There are five additional hunt gifts not shown here. Good luck!

Our 50% Off Anniversary Sale runs through Monday, December2 . There will also be a special Black Friday room with items 75% off, open from Friday, November 29, through Monday, December 2. A teleport will be provided from the store entrance.

Don’t miss the additional Spyralle bargains and a free gift at the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale sponsored by Redeux!

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