Splinter Trees

Spyralle Splinter Ice Trees Set of 4

Spyralle Splinter Ice Trees Set of 4

In Hans Christian Anderson’s story “The Snow Queen,” a splinters from a troll’s evil magic mirror get into the heart and eye of the boy Kai, freezing his heart and making him unable to see anything good or beautiful in the world. He is lured away by the Snow Queen and forgets his home and his dear friend Gerda, who sets out to look for him.

In some retellings of the story, the splinters are made of ice, and this was my inspiration for the Splinter Ice Trees, Spyralle’s new release at Enchanted’s “Snow Queen” themed event this November.

The trees are 20% off at the event! They come individually or as a set with an additional discount. Gently falling snowflakes can be turned on and off with a touch.  They make great holiday decorations, too!

Splinter Ice Trees are the latest entry in our Glass Garden series. Their sharp, thorny shapes offer a deliberate contrast to the sinuous Spiral Opal Trees we released earlier this year.

Join the Enchantment Hunt and find our prize at Spyralle! The troll returns in our hint, which you can get by clicking the poster near the entrance.

Spyralle Snow Coronet - Blue Frost - Hunt Gift

Spyralle Snow Coronet – Blue Frost – Hunt Gift

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Orange and Black

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Flame

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Flame

Things being a bit crumply this month, Spyralle is observing Halloween with some very overdue seasonal versions of things – special Halloween editions. Like this orange version of the Gryphon Mask, Flame, freshly released for Wanderlust Weekend and only 50L, this weekend only. Pick up the mask and the Wanderlust Weekend HUD at Spyralle!

Spyralle Ignis Gown - Wildfire

Spyralle Ignis Gown – Wildfire

Fire is on my mind. Hotspots on the hillsides, flaring out of the darkness. Déjà vu. Hovering over the phone waiting to hear which family members have evacuated in California. Again. Are we going to go through this every year now? I had already made this new texturing of Ignis, called “Wildfire”, for the memory of last year’s dreadful season. You can find it exclusively at the Halloween Sale, 50% off.

Here is another special new Halloween version of a previous release, Marlene, also at the Halloween Sale, also half price for the event.

Spyralle Marlene in October

Spyralle Marlene in October

The owls are actually part of the fractal!  The black version of Marlene is at the event, too. Both Ignis and Marlene will be back in all their colors when our expansion opens next month.

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Zircon

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Zircon

Also at the Halloween Sale and 50% off – The Halloween Edition of Spyralle’s Magic Mirror (the only place you will see it this year) and this new version of our Autumn Kokoshnik, Zircon. The Topaz Kokoshnik is also at the event, because it is … orange.

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Topaz

Spyralle Autumn Kokoshnik in Topaz

The full line of Kokoshniks will return when the expansion opens, along with many other Spyralle things that have been off the market awaiting new space. Watch for announcements in our group and notices!

This set of photos is the first batch I’ve done since Bakes on Mesh. It was fun! The first two photos show Fallen Gods skins, including the layered tattoos I have not been able to do with appliers. The rest feature one of my old favorites, Tuli’s Hope in the Goth tone, a group gift many years ago and long unavailable. It is beautiful on LAQ’s Noelle Bento head! Even without materials the silvery shine is gorgeous. I am so glad I kept it. The hair shown with Marlene is the Donut hair by Olive. The kokoshniks are worn with Siiri hair by Emo-tions and the LAQ hair base.


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Spyralle Ageless Timepiece - Darkness

Spyralle Ageless Timepiece – Darkness

When Spyralle’s Ageless Timepiece was released, I made four color versions and planned several more, but other projects went to the head of the line. At last, here is the more-or-less Goth version, long-promised! This release is exclusive to the Scare Me Silly event this month, fundraising for the American Diabetes Association, presented by Team Diabetes of Second Life.

I call it Goth-ish because it’s probably not noir enough. But I can’t. I mean, color is what we’re about, right?

Spyralle Orrery Radio 1926 - Carmine

Spyralle Orrery Radio 1926 – Carmine

The other long- promised goth(ish) piece on the waiting list was the Art Deco inspired Orrery Radio. Here it is, Spyralle’s other exclusive donation item at Scare Me Silly.  This object is a parcel stream changer. It only works if you have the right to change the audio stream on the parcel where you place it. It may not work on group-owned land.

Both exclusives are 25% off at the event.

Spyralle is also participating in the 10L Evil Pumpkin Hunt at Scare Me Silly.  All proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association.

Spyralle Halloween Veranda Curtain

Spyralle Halloween Veranda Curtain

This silky curtain is printed with one of my lightning fractals and comes with a wrought iron hanger. The weather may be a little cold and windy for veranda use just now, but you can place the curtain anywhere you wish, resize it – even detach the hanger.

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Little Shadowbox Theatre

Spyralle Little Shadowbox Theatre - Halloween (photo backdrop)

Spyralle Little Shadowbox Theatre – Halloween

Sort of an experiment, this is. Well, in truth, nearly everything I make is an experiment in some sense. I was trying to do a photo featuring a black silhouette against the sky, which led to some playing around with WindLight – this is pre-EEP, which we sorta-kinda still are, in spite of the sun and moon doing disquieting things in day cycle default.

I found a Windlight preset that worked pretty well, but it ruled out using the SL world sky, so I made a sky backdrop and set it to full bright. That worked nicely. Which led to making some flat “props” to stick into the scene. Which led to the Little Shadowbox Theatre! (I was a Dinkie at the time.)

This Halloween edition is the first Spyralle Little Shadowbox Theatre to be released to the public. You can find it at the La Vie En Pose event this month.  I hope everyone will enjoy it, especially small avatars.

Little Shadowbox Theatre Halloween HUD

Little Shadowbox Theatre Halloween HUD

The Halloween HUD includes 4 backgrounds and 4 silhouette backdrops. One of the backgrounds supplied is a nice chroma key green you can use to add in your own backgrounds. There is also a control to turn the silhouette ‘curtain’ off and on.

One reason I like La Vie En Pose is that it does not assume everyone is a beginner needing every possible feature laid on, at the expense of flexibility. Little Shadowbox Theatre is released with the expectation that SL photographers are well supplied with their own poses, lighting and other resources. This is simply a prop/background to use with your own experience and creativity.

Instructions are included, with this caveat. Different viewer settings and other factors make it impossible to predict exactly the operation of any particular WindLight preset for any individual photographer, so users will need to try different settings to figure out what works for them. Also, I am only minimally conversant with EEP and have not tested this with EEP. When that feature is in wide release, we shall all have to experiment again.

Expansion HUDs are planned, yes!


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Sad News

A 'Purkle' Bird for Tai

A ‘Purkle’ Bird for Tai – a gift in her memory at Tai’Dyed, Spyralle garden level

With deep sadness, I must let readers know that my dear friend Tailahr Winnikow passed away on Wednesday from respiratory failure due to asthma. Tai was the scripting magician who made Spyralle creations “DO things” as well as unfailing support for customer service when I could not be there.

More than that, she was the best creative “brainstormer” I’ve ever worked with. We could bounce crazy ideas off each other for hours, howling with laughter (at least I howled), sometimes to the exclusion of actually getting things done that needed to get done, but it was always worth it. I have a long list of ideas and projects we hadn’t had time to make yet; I’m sure many of them will see the light of day eventually – and bring back memories of those happy times.

Indeed, Tai was a superplanet whose gravity bent the trajectory of what I created, changing the direction of Spyralle over the last five years or more. It happened so slowly and smoothly I hardly knew it was going on, and I don’t think she knew either. Her generosity and sense of fun helped me return to creating for the pure joy of it and stop worrying about the stuff that wasn’t truly important. There is hardly any direction you can look in Spyralle that does not hold something she scripted, made or contributed to in some way.

In addition to all she did on the Spyralle team, Tai spent uncounted hours creating wonderful inventions in world – most of which she shared freely – including the hunts, rides and games enjoyed by many at Mieville events these past few years and, in our early SL days, at parties for the Myst/Uru communities. The great Halloween Boxbot Costume Party of 2008 still comes up in chat as one of The Most Fun Things Ever. Her final project, the Zero’s Bones Game, is currently running at Mieville’s Nightmare Before Halloween event.

Tai’s Mieville friends have set up a memorial for her. There is also a memorial in the Uru themed region, Eder Gira. It is a little tricky to get to, so I’m not providing a SLURL, but if you want directions, contact me privately or ask in Spyralle Studio group chat.

I smile to think how annoyed she would be at all the attention she’s getting right now. It was her preference to stay quietly in the background, always ready and eager to be helpful to anyone who needed it, especially on grid hunts. But as we encounter her absence, it comes home to each of her friends and colleagues what a major presence she was.

At Spyralle, location of her own shop Tai’Dyed, I’ve set out a small gift as a memento of her creativity, spirit and generous heart. The little bird shown above is a special edition of the Little Da Vinci Bird I made and she scripted for Burn2 in 2016.  Her favorite color was purple (mine, too!), which she playfully called “purkle”.  Find your way down to the garden level and up the steps into Tai’Dyed and touch the portrait of Tai for your Purkle Bird.

In the air above the river that cascades through Spyralle, a flock of large Purkle Birds hovers ready to fly out to sea.  Beware of clicking on one – you’ll find yourself sitting on it. Guess who is responsible for that!

Fly free, Tai’lahr. We will miss you. Safe journeys!

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Shaman, Speaker – Star and Stone

Spyralle Shaman's Robe - The Dreaming

Spyralle Shaman – The Dreaming – Orion and Companions

Our world is a wondrous place. We only have to gaze upon the night sky from a dark wilderness place to know that the cosmos is so much larger than we are, so much more wonderful than we can imagine – to be awed and humbled at the beauty of it all.

Spyralle Shaman's Robe - The Sky

Spyralle Shaman – The Sky

Spyralle’s new Shaman robe is inspired, like its sister Sybil, by that awe and wonder early people must have felt, shown in their indigenous petroglyph art. Shapes inspired by their art, graven upon stone-like surfaces, transformed by color. The Shaman robe is exclusive this October to We Love Role Play.

Spyralle Shaman's Robe - The Danc

Spyralle Shaman – The Dance

The Shaman is my answer to a friend’s request for something “like Sybil but for guys” so this robe is created for male avatars. The design is a full coverage fitmesh with an alpha layer included, so it should be suitable for most male bodies. You will still need head and hands. Bakes on Mesh makes the alpha super convenient for all!

But something astonishing happened after the event opened! I noticed that a number of females were buying this robe! So all I can say is, try the demo!

Spyralle Shaman's Robe - The River

Spyralle Shaman – The River

The fractal base for ‘The River’ uses the same color palette as our Echo Lake pottery series. More colors will be added to the Shaman line later on, but these four are each 25% off at We ❤ Role Play until the event closes.

Skin, shape and eyes are from Fallen Gods.


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A Friendly Face

Spyralle Mantis Mask Leaf

Spyralle Mantis Mask Leaf

Here we are to “bug” you again with a new original wearable! Spyralle’s Mantis Mask is exclusive to Trick or Treat Lane for the duration of the event.

Spyralle Mantis Mask Sunset

Spyralle Mantis Mask Sunset

The Mantis Mask comes in four color palettes, ranging from (somewhat) realistic to outright fanciful.

Spyralle Mantis Mask Fire

Spyralle Mantis Mask Fire

The Fire version cheerfully salutes the Halloween season!

Spyralle Mantis Mask Earth

Spyralle Mantis Mask Earth

The masks make great wall decorations, too!

Trick or Treat Lane, presented by Dark Passions Events, offers tricks and treats – gifts for members of the Dark Passions VIP group. Spyralle’s gift will be of special interest to collectors of our Haze Pottery Echo Lake series!

Spyralle Haze Pottery Teapot - Echo Lake

Spyralle Haze Pottery Teapot – Echo Lake

Did you miss out on earlier Echo Lake pieces? There will be second chance to pick up most of them. Please join our in-world group or subscriber to be sure of receiving announcements.


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