In a world impoverished by disaster and the priorities of survival, we make what we need out of what we have and what we can find.

Genre is open for November. This month’s theme is Post-Apocalypse. The setting is a ring of decaying railroad boxcars in a secret canyon out in the scorched wilderness, holding everything you could need to look stylish for the Aftermath.

I welded crude goggles out of old tin cans. They aren’t fancy, but they’ll protect your eyes somewhat from the glare and the dust.

Spyralle Glare Goggles for Genre Post-Apocolypse

Spyralle Glare Goggles for Genre Post-Apocolypse

This one is called “Toma Sa” because that’s all you can read of the what’s left of the label – though there’s a bit of bar code still visible on one side.

Spyralle Glare Goggles - Toma Sa

Spyralle Glare Goggles – Toma Sa

Scrounged belts made a strap to buckle it around your head.

Spyralle Glare Goggles - Extra Virgin

Spyralle Glare Goggles – Extra Virgin

This one’s kind of pretty, I think – little floral bit left; I put it right over the nose.

Spyralle Glare Goggles - & Beans

Spyralle Glare Goggles – & Beans

Makes you wonder. What did they have WITH the beans, back then?

Spyralle Glare Goggles in the Wastelands

Spyralle Glare Goggles in the Wastelands

Filmed at the Great Fissure in the Wastelands. Special thanks to model Landru McCallen.

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A Flash of Lightning

A Tattered Page [* citation needed.] is a new event celebrating books. For each round designers create a new, exclusive design inspired by an assigned book. The event bloggers are also required to read the book and take inspiration from it. I am thrilled to be included in round 1: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

While I watched the tempest, so beautiful yet terrific, I wandered on with a hasty step. This noble war in the sky elevated my spirits; I clasped my hands, and exclaimed aloud, “William, dear angel! And this is thy funeral, this thy dirge!” As I said these words, I perceived in the gloom a figure which stole from behind a clump of trees near me; I stood fixed, gazing intently. I could not be mistaken. A flash of lightning illuminated the object, and discovered its shape plainly to me; it’s gigantic stature, and the deformity of its aspect more hideous than belongs to humanity, instantly informed me that it was the wretch, the filthy daemon, to whom I had given life. What did he there? Could he be (I shuddered at the conception) the murderer of my brother? No sooner did that idea cross my imagination, than I became convinced of its truth; my teeth chattered, and I was forced to lean against a tree for support. The figure passed me quickly, and I lost it in the gloom.

from Chapter 7 of Frankenstein

Daemon Light is inspired by this passage and several others that mention lightning.

Daemon Light from Spyralle.

Daemon Light from Spyralle.

Daemon Light is a rigged mesh attachment with scripted lightning flash. There is only one size, which should fit most avatars in the normal range of stature, and there is no alpha, as lightning can pass right through the body – and Daemon Light does.

Daemon Light also comes with a static, non-flashing version with a HUD control for glow and alpha to give photographers a fighting chance.

The Cyan color is exclusive to A Tattered Page and will not be available after the event. There are also four other colors which are not exclusive. You can find all of them at Spyralle, flashing like Tesla coils next to the stairs. There is a free demo.

Spyralle Daemon Light - UltraViolet, Red, Gold, White

Spyralle Daemon Light – UltraViolet, Red, Gold, White

For more information about A Tattered Page and a shopping guide to all the participating stores, please go to this page:

Shopping Guide:

You will also find links to the outstanding blog postings about this event. Don’t just look; read! They’re wonderful.

Special thanks to guest model Tavish Flanagan.

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Five Years

Spyralle 5th Anniversary Sale November 3 - 9

Spyralle 5th Anniversary Sale November 3 – 9

Spyralle is five years old. Every year has been better than the one before, and for that I sincerely thank the customers and fans who continue to collect this art. I try to make it different. I hope I make it beautiful.

Storewide markdown sales are rare at Spyralle because I participate in so many outside events and have a hard time fitting in a solo event on the home turf, but a sale is overdue. I need to make room for a big backlog of new work, so this is the last hurrah for many older designs.  Everything is half price or lower.

And there’s a hunt! We’ve never had a store hunt before, though Spyralle has participated in many grid hunts. It was a lot of fun to put this together, and I will be adding maybe a couple more things during the week. There are several unisex items and at least two wearable things for guys. Some of the hunt prizes are for Spyralle Studio group members only, but over half of them are hidden for anybody to find. One hint: Don’t just look on the floor!

Spyralle Studio is the store group to join, if you want to do the whole hunt and pick up any group gifts coming up. It is our policy to have a joining fee when gifts are available; in between, the group is free. Spyralle Studio will be free to join again after November 9 when the sale and hunt are over.

Infinitum textures are not included in the sale.

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When you want to look elegant and maybe just a little menacing, the Hornet Mask might be just the thing you need to complete your ensemble. The structure suggests both a restraining cage and protective armor.

Spyralle Hornet Mask - ShinyBlack

Spyralle Hornet Mask – ShinyBlack

The mask comes in three flavors - Shiny Black, Rust and Corrosion (sort of a pitted dark grey) – to cover your moods from ballroom to goth to steampunk to post-apocalyptic.

Spyralle Hornet Mask - Rust

Spyralle Hornet Mask – Rust

Use the included retexturing HUD to change the eye or the color of the little glowing baubles at the end of the antennae.

Spyralle Hornet Mask - Corrosion

Spyralle Hornet Mask – Corrosion

Spyralle’s Hornet Mask is available exclusively at the Seelie Court until November 8 and will return to the main store after November 9. The Seelie Court has gone all Unseelie for this round. Don’t worry about the giant spiders; you will intimidate them easily in this mask.

You may not be able to bite, but you can still sting.

Hornet Masks from Spyralle, by Kerryth Tarantal
Outfit: Attention! from ~Songbird~
Hair: Dura Boys&Girls #36 in Black
Skin: Glam Affair Dark Side Roza #01D
Eyes: IKON Ardent in Parchment
Pose in all three images: {NanTra} Purple Rain 1
Windlight: Insilico

All mesh and textures for the Hornet are original creations by Kerryth Tarantal for Spyralle.

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Eye of the Cyclone

Cyclone Body Adornments from Spyralle

Cyclone from Spyralle for Mystic Realms Faire

Fury drove this design and the styling. Every mesh project catches some new wind, and everything that happens goes into the work somewhere. If you just keep on going, you eventually get somewhere, no matter what wind blows against you.

Spyralle Cyclone Body Adornments Full Set

Spyralle Cyclone Body Adornments

The Cyclone project confirmed something I was already coming to understand about my 3D mesh work: I prefer to approach form from a mathematical perspective.  While I seldom have a complete mental image of where I am going, my choices along the way are not random.  It often takes two or three starts to settle on the approach that will give me the form, the movement I seek – and the chosen solution nearly always turns out to be mathematical: a basic shape manipulated, a conic section, the simplest of beginnings.

Spyralle Cyclone Headpiece

Spyralle Cyclone Headpiece

And sometimes, the simplest of endings. I delight in ornamentation as much as anybody, but sometimes it truly detracts. Cyclone went through a stage of draped chains and dripping beads and … stuff. I took all of that off. The pure form was more powerful without it.  I am more interested in power than in being conventional.

Spyralle Cyclone Neckpiece

Spyralle Cyclone Neckpiece

There is more here than meets the eye. Tiny invisible light sources in the lenses on face and chest cast a subtle glow on the skin, if your settings permit.  The lenses or eyes can be turned “off,” but the lights remain.  Their ghosts can be seen in the first photograph above.

Spyralle Cyclone Arm Ornaments

Spyralle Cyclone Arm Ornaments

Not bracelets, not bracers.  Weapons, perhaps? When an aimed elbow is not enough? But they do look ornamental in a somewhat dangerous way. The arm pieces are already mirrors of each other (and aimed so as not to put out the eye of the wearer; all others beware) but the head and neck pieces come with mirror versions, so you can go clockwise, counterclockwise or both.

Simplicity won out in every aspect of this design. I set aside metal and seams and rivets and covered the pure forms with clouds of pixel-generated plasma patterns in the restrained palette of clouds.  The eyes, like the whorls of weather seen from space. are just spirals out of one of my favorite old Fractint library fomulas, irregular and organic to the eye but pure mathematics.

Cyclone is exclusive to Mystic Realms Faire for the duration of the event.  The ornaments are available as a set or individually. Each option comes with a HUD to change textures.

Tattoo/bodysuit: Spyralle Waverider (more PG than it looks)
Hair: [Gauze] Strider
Skin: Glam Affair Rose 03 in Pearl
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes in Parchment
Poses: {NanTra} and Di’s Opera

Work with fractals feeds the skill of pattern recognition. I know this wind. It may slow me down for a while, but it did not blow me off course before and it will not do so now. I will keep coming.

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California Inspiration

At the beginning of the last week of August, 2014, I went out to California for nine days to visit and assist with preparations for a family wedding. Most of that time I spent in semi-rural Sonoma County, completely away from the internet. Late at night I would sit down and work for a while on my jewelry projects, and I found that the sights, the sounds, the colors – even the smells – of that time and place became bound up in the work – in the choice of fractals, the building of mesh forms.



Typically I begin with the fractal image and build the form around it – as in the Blossom and Teardrops series – or intentionally against it – as the hard trapezoids of the Riverbend pieces cut across the sinuous flow of the fractal river.

Spyralle Riverbend Necklace - Mojave

Spyralle Riverbend Necklace – Mojave

Spyralle Riverbend Necklace - Guerneville

Spyralle Riverbend Necklace – Guerneville

The night I arrived, we were all shaken awake by the Napa earthquake – which led me to reach out to a series of bold and broken geometric fractals I have been exploring for over ten years: the mathematics of unpredictability and sudden dislocation.

Earthquake - Napa 2014

Earthquake – Napa 2014

And then, sometimes, it is simply about the fun of surface ornamentation and embellishment – as in the Sonoma series. Just golden light and beautiful landscape and good food and fine wine and plenty of laughter with dear people under the trees as the sky turns orange and then purple and the temperature drops like a stone.



Spyralle Enamel Cuff - Sonoma Fog

Spyralle Enamel Cuff – Sonoma Fog

Spyralle Enamel Cuff - Sonoma Fiesta

Spyralle Enamel Cuff – Sonoma Fiesta

This collection – and the (somewhat tongue in cheek) setting I created for it at Jewelry Fair 2014 - are also a salute to all the wonderful little galleries and shops from Healdsburg to Sausalito where I spent entirely too much time and not nearly enough money.  I hope you enjoy it.

Spyralle’s California Inspiration collection is exclusive to Jewelry Fair until September 28. All meshes and textures created by Kerryth Tarantal.


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Can Clockwork People Have Broken Hearts?

Apparently so…

Spyralle brings you these plug-in mechanical contraptions, these curiosities, these bibelots for your amusement, puzzlement and embellishment. Find them reserved at A Clockwork Spiral until October 1. Each one donates 50% to the National Kidney Foundation.

Spyralle Clockwork Heart Brooch - Out of Order

Spyralle Clockwork Heart Brooch – Out of Order

Spyralle Clockwork Heart Brooch - Under Repairs

Spyralle Clockwork Heart Brooch – Under Repairs

Perhaps they will be offered shiny new and repaired someday, movement restored, tears dried. Ah, but clockwork people do not cry, do they?

Also offered at A Clockwork Spiral as a 100% donation to the National Kidney Foundation is a new, exclusive edition of Spyralle’s Art Deco style Inspiration wall sconce. “Manhattan” will never be sold again after this event.

Spyralle Manhattan Wall Sconce - Exclusive

Spyralle Manhattan Wall Sconce – Exclusive

Three other new colors are out at ACS, plus all the originals. The lights turn on and off at a touch and can be resized to suit your space.

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